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I’m glad you mentioned weights, because that’s exactly what I was going to suggest! I Do zero cardio, all weight training and have lost 20lbs! May I suggest you skip the cheerios? It’s all processed! Eat more dark greens like kale and drink a ton of water! Do not get discouraged! You can do it!

Edit. I’ve also kick started my metabolism by switching to green tea!

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Daizy914:  10lbs since June is awesome progress!! You’re doing something right!

If you want to see much more weightloss I would cut the cheerios and wraps and stick with salads and smoothies instead. To say you’ve cut carbs but eat Cheerios and wraps daily is a paradox.

I am obsessed with the nutribullet! I just got one and it’s easy quick and awesome- 50% leafy greens, 50% frozen fruit, water,  and a tablespoon of nuts- delicious and complete nutrition. 



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I think 10 pounds in a little over 2 months is about the speed you want to lose to keep it off.  It took me 7-8 months of good eating and steady exercise to lose 30 pounds!

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Daizy914:  If weights intimidate you, then there are better into options. I started seeing a personal trainer and about 1/3 of my workout right now is weights. The rest is cardio and resistance training. 

My training schedule right now is to increase cardio/heart rate and circuit train. That way i build muscle and keep heart rate up so I can burn more calories. 

This is my routine:

10 minutes intense cardio on elliptical

15 reps sit-ups x3

15 squats holding 15 lbs (preferably kettle bell because it’s balanced) x3

10 minute elliptical intense

15 push-ups x3

15 bench rows with free weight 10-15 lbs x3

15 tricept weight thingy (using the machine, it’s the pully with a Y-shaped rope that you pull down) x3

10 minute elliptical

stretching and then GTFO!

This way I’m doing some weights, but it’s mostly working with my body weight. It’s really easy because the weights are manageable. My trainer is obviously easing me into working with weights and teaching me the proper mechanics so I can continue to evolve in my workouts. 

Avoid those machines and stick to free weights. My trainor said that at best, you aren’t getting a maximum result because weight training is not a one size fits all and at worst you could injure yourself because many of them aren’t ergonimically designed well, especially for women. Free weights are the way to go (and they are less intimidating). I joke that anyway, my own body weight should be more than enough for me to lift until I can drop the blasted 20 pounds. 

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Daizy914:  Firtly, having dinner late will actually not make a big difference to weightloss. However, your breakfast is actually very bad carb heavy… The cheerios has lots of sugar in them as does milk actually. I would recommend you change them to oatmeal (good carbs) or natural greek style yoghurt and berries instead. Also, you should try agave syrup as an alternative to the brown sugar in your coffee. Same sweetness, less effect on your bloodsugar and less calories. I would also swap your afternoon snack to a handful of almonds as almonds are full of healthy fat (essential to burning bad fat), has 50% protein and is one of the best natural tummy fat burners out there.

I would also agree that you need to do more strenght training and less cardio. Also, when you do cardio, do intervalls instead of flat out. So 1 min walking, 1 min running as fast as you can on the treadmill or walk slowly for 1 min,. jog for 1 min, run as fast as possible for 1 min – you get the idea. You can do the same thing on a bike or rower too.

Also strenght training doesn’t have to be using weights only. Try squats, lounges, frog jumps, step ups, leg lifts etc. All simple but very effective.

My last tip is to log everything you eat using something like MyFitness Pal. It’s vital to ensure that you get at least between 1300-1800 kcal a day when dieting (especially when excercising). If you eat less than this your body will actually hold on to fat as well.


Note: I have been training 3-5 times a week, especially weight training for 9 years, lost 50 pounds in the first 18 months and kept it all off. Ahead of my wedding I used the advice above and went from a athletic size 8/10 to a super lean 4/6, losing almost 20 pounds in the process whilst only training 3 times a week. I say this to let you know that have done it myself in a very natural healthy way, with professional advice, without starving, burning myself out or comproming my health. So this advice is not just out of the blue, it’s tried and tested. I hope this helps and don’t give up! You are doing great! 🙂 

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Sugar bee
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Just a little tip, look into what you eat on your “non typical days”. It’s of course good to eat as healthy as you can for any days possible, but I think a lot of people get carried away during the weekends – thinking that they’ve done so well during the week that they don’t have to care for those few days. I remember wanting to lose some weight a while back and I thought I did so well, and nothing happened… well, all that nice weekend food and wine sort of cancelled out my good efforts during the week!

Good luck – both with becoming healthier and with the TTC when that time comes!

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Daizy914:  the cheerios and wraps are carbs. :/ swap the cheerios for oatmeal (real oatmeal, not the powdery single serve packs) and leave the wraps out of the picture. use large leaf boston lettuce instead. bread turns into sugar when your body digests it, and that sugar turns into fat.

start keeping track of your measurements–a lot of times we lose fat, but gain muscle (and i second what PPs said about adding some weights!) and don’t realize it. muscle doesn’t weigh more than fat–1 lb is 1 lb–but it takes up much less room. so, if you lose 1# of fat, but gain 1# of muscle, the scale won’t say any differently because one replaced the other…BUT, you’ll notice it in your measurements and how your clothes fit.

drink a shit ton (yep, that’s a real measurement, lol) of water; at least half your body weight in ounces. 200 lbs = 100 oz of water. also, log your food! i, as well as several other bees, use myfitnesspal.com. it’s free, and it’s awesome as a method of accountability.

i have to say though, you’re doing great! you’re doing something right! 🙂

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Daizy914:  also check out bikini body mommy (Google). She is great and has tons of video workouts to do at home. I’m bartering my training sessions, otherwise there is no way I could afford it. Basically anything you do, keep your heart rate up. When I do workout from home, I alternate squats and push-ups, etc with quick 10 minutes runs around my neighborhood. It’s the resistance/weights with the cardio that will burn more calories.

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Daizy914: to me it sounds like you are doing everything right, 10lbs is great! Have you hit a plateau right now and that’s why you feel discouraged? Perhaps mix up a few of your meals? I think what you are eating and how you are training is great, the weight training will slow down the ‘weight loss’ because you will build some muscle. 

I say keep doing what you are doing, just make sure you are eating enough or it may be harder, as silly as it sounds, the whole starvation mode thing!

Good luck! 

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10lbs is very good congrats!! The first thing that stuck out to me is the honey nut Cheerios for breakfast. Breakfast cereals have a lot of sugar and carbs; try to eat a high protein breakfast: eggs, bacon or even oatmeal(not the sugary instant kind).

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Daizy914:  unless you were extremely overweight to begin with, 10lbs in 2ish months is actually very good progress! As previous posters said, you should add some strength training and maybe tweak your diet a bit. But, don’t be so hard on yourself. It sounds like you’re headed in the right direction. 

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Daizy914:  Look up some body weight excercises.  I feel you on the weighs issue!  You can get a lot done on your own regardless of weights!  

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