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@miss-spunkin: I didn’t experience this with CD because we decided not to do it (although I think it’s wonderful, I just personally couldn’t do it).  However, even though I’m not that far along and it’s way in the future, we’ve experienced this with people when we say we’ll make our own baby food when it comes to that point.  We’ve gotten a few “We’ll see how long that lasts!” and one person saying “Why would you do that?”

I realize we’re doing things a little differently than the people we personally know but it doesn’t bother me anymore since I know it’s the right decision for us to at least try it. 

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I am sorry that happened.

I’ve just started letting people know that we are CD and have had mixed reactions.  

For me I have noticed young people are really excited and older people think I’m ‘nuts’ and may laugh about it.  If it is an older person, you can emphasize that it is a very popular choice for this generation of Moms and that cloth diapers have really come a long way.  Mentioning that is is a really common choice for a lot of the new Moms these days (really: look how many bees are using CDs!).  

I find that if I explain the difference based on a ‘generation’ thing, then they understand.   Same goes for ‘finding out the gender’.  ‘Their’ generation didn’t find out, but ‘ours’ is.   

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Oh, whatever. I called my husband “honey” at Thanksgiving and everyone started saying “Oh haha, she still calls her husband honey, that wont’ last long!” I just smiled, ok!

I made all my daughter’s baby food, people said “You’ll be giving her jarred in no time!” nope, I didn’t.

Washing diapers yeah, it’s a pain, but at least you’re trying. You have to get used to these comments as a new mom. I think sometimes people think “She thinks she has it all figured out, just wait!” and in some ways it’s true, new moms do often have a lot of preconceived ideals they swear by before they have children, and they have to go through trial and error to figure out what’s actually going to work. But that’s your journey to make, it’s part of the experience.

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I had the same reaction when I told people I was going to give birth drug free, but I did it. Same reaction about breast-feeding, still doing it. Same reaction to CDing, still doing it. Ignore the nay-sayers.

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We got laughed at in our birthing class of all places when we voiced our choice for cloth. We ended up not doing it for daycare reasons but I have several friends who have gone the cloth route and it really isn’t that big of a deal! Cloth diapers have come soooo far since we were babies (my Mom cloth diapered me and all my siblings). 

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People suck…don’t let them affect whatever decisions are right for your family…lots of us get that same remark…my son is 15 mos & we stil CD…of course we do use sposies sometimes, too, but I don’t really take crap (ha!) from anyone about it.  I’m all…oh, you want to increase the likelihood of your kid getting asthma, infertility, etc.?  Oh, good for YOU.


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Yeah, I know how you feel.  Even my mom, who is the most liberal progressive hippie person who I know thinks were kind of nutso for cloth diapering.  She told me that we’re going to have way more issues with diaper rash.  (Obviously she has no idea what she’s talking about b/c the statistics show just the opposite, as long as we use a gentle laundry detergent.)  Us cloth diaper ladies just have to band together to show the rest of the world that it’s possible.  The way I see it, you’re going to be doing plenty of laundry anyways, so what’s one extra load every few days?

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I think it’s sad when people do that “oh you’re going to try something new/you’re excited about this stage of your life??!?!?!?! That won’t last long!!!”

Can you imagine if you got an admission letter to a college and everyone was like “pffff!! College! That won’t last!” or “hey you’re married? See how long it takes before you can’t stand it!”

Just such a weird freaking thing to say. I get a lot of comments about home birth, breast feeding, making my own food, CDing but honestly we are SOOO broke we have no choice haha. To each his own. A very sweet girl I work with said to me “When someone says something negative about something nice in your life, it indicates to me something that they feel they’re missing in theirs” which is a good point. Just do what you want and who cares how they diapered their kids? You deserve to find out on your own in your own way what the best option is for your family.

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I am sorry you are feeling down! Your family should try to be more supportive and I would hope that in time, they will see you are serious. You are making a good decision for yourself and your baby, and something that you out a lot of thought into! Good for you and I hope in the future your family comes along!

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When our Moms and some of us were born, there were NO options for diapering, so everyone used cloth diapers. Its nothing new, but there have certainly been many stories about how so many had to be thrown away,smelly diaper pails and wicked rashes from the rubber pants that had to be used over them. Why else do you think people poo poo it? Disposable diapers were like a miracle product for many of us, so for anyone to want to revert back to the ‘old days’ will almost always cause some comments.

You’ll have to grow a thicker skin, since you’re bound to hear many more pearls of wisdom from the older generation along the way. Do it your way and be happy with your decision. You aren’t the first nor will you be the last to be treated like you know nothing. We’ve all been there. 🙂

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I got the same reaction at my baby shower today about both cloth diapering and natural birth. They were all telling me how there was no way I could do either and a bunch of stuff. I just kept my head down and smiled and didn’t say anything. My mom still doesn’t get that cloth diapers aren’t white squares and diaper pins anymore.

It is really annoying though.

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@ItWasntMe: LOL obviously by this thread, no mother can win. Gave your kid disposable diapers? YOU’RE POISONING THEM!

Trying cloth diapers? PEOPLE ARE JUDGING YOU!

That’s why I share as little info with people as possible pertaining to my parenting choices. It’s a two way street moms, don’t smack down other people’s choices, don’t feel the need to defend your own.

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