Feeling guilty about calling in sick…

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pussinboots07 :  You should never be made to feel bad about sick days. Or personal days. They are yours to take. You’re boss should not have asked yu about the doctor. If you are unwell then that’s all that needs saying. 

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pussinboots07 :  I always feel weird about calling in, even when I have sick days to use I just feel guilty. 

Do you have PTO to use to cover taking today off? If so, I wouldn’t worry about needing a doctors note. When our employees call in sick excessively after using time off they are required to get a doctors note, but if we have sick time than really we can use it for whatever we want.

Obviously your company could be different but if you have an HR department there should be some policies in place for calling in sick/taking time off so I’d make sure you’re not violating any of those. 

Basically, if you don’t have a history of calling in excessively and you’re not violating your company policy you shouldn’t feel bad or worry about “getting in trouble” by your boss when you’re sick.

Feel better!

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Busy bee

Take a sick day. Your coworkers are likely going to be pretty mad if you stay there and then get them sick. 

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It doesn’t sound like you are one who has abused sick days (calling in sick when you’re not) or personal days in the past…. your boss was wrong for asking you about going to the Dr. IMO. If you were constantly calling in sick or something then that was be a little different. I’m grateful I have a boss who (pretty much) demands I stay home if I’m not feeling well. This was hard for me in the beginning because I fight through being sick a lot of the time and would feel guilty for calling in. But I have a tight-knit office and passing junk between us is very easy to do. I would feel terrible if I came in sick and got my co-workers sick as a result.

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Do not ever feel guilty for taking a needed day off, especially if you are sick. Being miserable at work does absolutely nothing for no one. Your productivity would be way down and you would have the potential to get everyone else sick which is wayyy worse than simply staying home. Get some rest and go back when you are able. 

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somathemagical :  That’s not necessarily true. Different employers have different rules about sick days and doctors. At my job, anyone who takes over 3 consecutive sick days need a doctor’s note. Additionally, my employer can request that we see a doctor immediately and not let us return to work without a note (in cases like obvious pink eye, or other highly contagious issues). 

To the OP, you’r e obviously still sick, and over-thinking this. It’s best for you to say home, and your office mates likely appreciate it as well. 

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Busy Beekeeper

pussinboots07 :  your coworkers suggested you go home because they don’t want to catch what you have! Don’t feel guilty about taking sick time, that’s why you have it. 

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Sugar bee

Companies that are weird about sick days infuriate me.

I’ve worked at a few places where it was a badge of honor to see how much you could work while sick (which I totally bought into). And then you do terrible work that needs to be re-done anyway, and then everyone else gets sick too, and then they also do terrible work that needs to be re-done, and everyone suffers and no one gets better because no one is resting so nothing gets done.

Hopefully your boss was just concerned about your health rather than doubting you, otherwise I would question whether you actually want to work for someone with so little practical sense. 

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I feel guilty everytime I call in sick— even if i’m SUPER sick. It’s natural to feel that way, but your co-workers will be thankful you didn’t come in and expose them to what you have.

Maybe your boss was just genuinely concerned by asking if you were going to see a doctor?

I work for an organization that has a “sick” phone line. You literally call in, dial “S I C K” and then say your name and date. Easiest thing ever and i still feel guilty, ha ha

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pussinboots07 :  

Sweet Bee, is feeling guilty doing anyone any good at all?  Is it helpful? To you? To your boss? To your coworkers?

No. It’s sucking up energy that your body needs for healing. And for absolutely no legitimate reason. It serves no one.

Focus on doing what you can to get well, focusing on more positive energy will help.

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As long as you don’t have a history of calling in sick when not actually being sick (or doing this routinely around holidays), you’ll be fine.  My employer has the right to ask for a note from a doctor after two consecutive sick days, so make sure you know your company’s sick day policy. 

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