(Closed) Feeling like a loser…college taking so long to finish.. :(

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Girl you need to get over thinking like that! Some of the most intelligent people don’t have advanced degrees or degrees at all. Don’t worry about trying to keep up with and impress others. As long as you’re happy, healthy, and you’re moving forward towards your goals that’s all you can ask. Time flies, you will be there before you know it. 

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@MrsTee:  don’t feel bad! I’m 25, graduated in 2006, have 2 associates degrees. One I don’t use and one I’m using now (early childhood Ed.) I’m in the process of getting my bachelors in EVe but won’t be done until next year and I’ll be 26! Don’t worry! Also, don’t worry about what you friends husband is doing or isn’t doing. Focus on you. I sometimes will be on Facebook and realize that ALL of my friends have graduated college and are teaching or are on to big kid jobs, I will too get upset. Then I snap out of it and realize that its not the end of the world! You are still young and you WILL finish! It’s hard not to compare ourselves to others but it really is the worst thing you could do! So stop fretting, breathe and realize you’re a smart, bright, gorgeous woman with her entire life ahead of her! You’ll finish college soon enough! Good luck!

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@MrsTee:  Taking time and making good decisions, that are right for you, will save you time in the long run.  You’re being very wise and mature, it sounds like.  I bet a bunch of those friends who are done their degrees are going to end up doing things totally unrelated, and be jealous of you for taking your time and picking what you really want.

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@MrsTee:  Don’t. Give. Up! I’m a nurse and it took me 4 years to get my Associate Degree (2 for pre-reqs, 2 for nursing program) since I had to work and was raising kiddos. I graduated in 2000 but went back in 2010 to start the bachelor program online and I still have 5 classes to go. You are doing it on your timeline, no one else’s. Just keep going, girl! 




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Please don’t feel like a loser!! 

Everybody is different. There is 1000 times more information that you have to learn in college now than when the “4 year degree” set up was set up decades ago. Just be proud of yourself that you are in college!! Please don’t give up. You will eventually graduate, and then you can be very proud of yourself that you finished. No one can ever take that degree away from you. 🙂




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I graduated in 2008 and had to leave school my junior year because I couldn’t pay for it any more. I will be starting back in August. I’m currently working full time and so will only be able to take a few classes at the time. On top of that I am switching majors and adding a minor. Same boat. We’ll make it. Wink

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1) cut frenemies out. Those relationships are energy drains. If your friend doesn’t otherwise behave like this except for this one instance, tell her nicely that it makes you feel like she’s talking down to you, and a real friend should understand. 

2) my best friend didn’t go to college to get her nursing degree until her mid-late twenties. She’s now in a nurse practitioner program and working a nursing job she adores. Everyone is really proud of her. It’s worth the time and work, and no one will look down on you for it. 

3) I graduated high school in 2006. I graduated college a few weeks ago. Unlike many people, I graduated with an academic background and degree that is exactly in line with my future goals in a field that I love. Yes I took longer than my friends, and I remember hearing everyone from my highschool class graduate college. Hell, two of my close friends graduated from grad school the same week that I graduated from undergrad. BUT, I have two bachelor’s degrees, a very high GPA, and fantastic TA and research experiences that are still paying off. I wouldn’t change that for anything. The point is that you need to remember the positive things that make your experience right for you, instead of feeling like the grass is greener on the other side. Some of your friends probably wish they went to school for something more respectable like nursing, or regret getting a degree they’re not passionate about.

It’ll all work out in the end, be patient and enjoy the ride. 

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@MrsTee:  My friends and I laugh and say we are in the six year plan. People who finish in four years spend all there time concentrating on that with no breaks and usually don’t change there mind. I changed my mind from nursing to pre-med and I had to basically start over! 

Don’t worry most people take 5 to 7 years! 

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@MrsTee:  i graduated high school in 1997 and college in 2003. i dropped out for year after my sophomore year. i changed my major about 6 or 7 times. i graduated though. almost everyone i know did it in 4 years (my sister being one of those people) so i felt dumb for awhile but then i just didn’t care. i did it on my own time and that’s what worked for me. you aren’t dumb. don’t put yourself down like that. you’ve had life stuff to deal with. you’ll get there. 

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@MrsTee:  I was in university for nine years, with one half-year break.  I’m still struggling to get my business going, after four years from finishing my MSc.  But I know, once things take hold, and take off, I’m going to be happier.  Keep at it, and work hard!

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@MrsTee:  I feel that way sometimes too. I graduated from high school in 2010, so I “should” have completed 90 units by now, yet I’ve only completed 30 (now I’m working on a career diploma and am about to start a pharmacy tech program). It’s a combination of me taking my time and taking time off so I don’t get overwhelmed, work, my car breaking down, and failing/withdrawing from a few classes that weren’t going well.

There is nothing wrong with taking more than 4 years to finish college, and it doesn’t mean you’re not smart! There are many smart and successful people who didn’t finish college at all. Bill Gates dropped out! I also have quite a few friends, most of them very intelligent, who are 24 or older and still haven’t finished college. Sometimes you get a hard class that you just can’t pass, or sometimes life gets in the way of your goals. It doesn’t mean anything is wrong with you. You’ll get there! Just think of how relieved and accomplished you’ll feel when you finally finish. Smile

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Dont worry about it-  I’ll be 25 when I finish due to switching majors and schools but I am happy I finally found something I’m passionate about and that will lead to a fulfilling career.  And anyone who does not fully support you isent that good of a friend and you don’t really need around anyways

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