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With love and kindness, please take English classes. Not in language but in grammar. All native speakers had to through public education because, let’s be honest- the English language is a mish mash of many languages and dialects that as a whole is not logical to a non-native speaker. Most native speakers screw it up on a daily basis. 

I’m sure they want you to sound grammar perfect if you are writing letters for clients. That is your trade so you need to build your skill. Kudos for learning this; a really illogical language. 


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fluffy1 :  In a work environment getting the general point across is not all that matters.  It’s important that letters and emails to clients are grammatically correct and flow well. 

All I have to go on is the information you’ve given in the OP, but from that I wouldn’t say you are bullied or picked on. 

The key to fine tuning a language like english is just practice.

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It sucks, but I’m I don’t think they are doing anything wrong by calling you out for the issues.  It isn’t doesn’t sound like harassment to me (based on what you have written).

I understand your frustration- but if you are writing things that are going out to clients, I agree with your boss that the grammar should be perfect.  If you don’t want to try to fix the issue by taking a another class, then maybe this isn’t the right field for you to work in.

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fluffy1 :  aww that is a tough place. Since that is your job I would say it is very important to get everything correct but it is unprofessional of her to call u out in front of other people especially clients. In fact it looks bad on her than u, of course I do understand that u d feel really bad. In addition to improving grammar, I would suggest talking to her in private n telling her u have started taking lessons but that u would appreciate her telling u in private in case anything is wrong. Tell her u are on same side of the team n ur goals are same as hers n ask her if that is doable. Trust me this most probably will fix the situation as u are addressing the problem as well as telling her what u think (which is standing up for urself.) People take advantage when they know u will not say anything. If it does not improve after talking to her n improving grammar, then may be its time to change job.

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fluffy1 :  How is she asking? If the client has questions and they are asking her so she has to ask you then yes, it is appropriate. It is tough to answer that question without knowing the approach or tone she is addressing you.

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fluffy1 :  How is your boss bringing this up? You say in front of clients…does that mean that you’re both in a meeting with a client and your boss will bring up a letter you sent this client and go over it specifically in relation to that client/meeting? Or do you mean that you’re in the middle of a meeting and she barges in to berate you about a letter you sent that has absolutely nothing to do with the client you’re speaking to? 

Honestly, it must suck and be so frustrating. I’m horrible with languages! But no, “getting the point across” is not all that matters when sending correspondence, especially if this is in relation to clients. It may seem unfair but clients will judge you on what/how you write. 

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I think it’s rude for your boss to approach you in front of clients, if it was a big problem he should approach you in private. Do you have an HR department in your company? If the issue is bad enough I would try confiding in them while at the same time working to better my English. Good luck! <3

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Writing is hard. I know people who speak with proper grammar but can’t seem to write with proper grammar. Hopefully you’re in this case because the following tip won’t work otherwise.

The tip that I tell people who struggle with grammar is to read everything out loud after you’ve finished writing it. Exactly as you’ve written them even though it feels silly. The brain is really good about filling in the blanks when we’re reading silently, which is why you can read words that are misspelled or jumbled. It doesn’t do that for speech though so hopefully in reading things out loud, your ears will be able to catch the things your eyes are missing. 

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fluffy1 :  

Not good or professional  to call you out on it front of others , especially clients. It does  not, however,  sound like a bullying situation, not even ‘picking on’ though as I say , it seems  not very professionally  handled .

As pps have said though ,written  communication  does have to be perfect and whilst yours (as far as these posts can show)  is very good, it is not quite perfect – no paragraphs for example .

 That said, the ‘correction’ you said happened re the investigation comment is not as correct as your original , as far as I can see!   And native speakers, as for example I assume  emeraldsmiley above is, often write in less than perfect ways, either by accident or design. Though context is very important,  as you know .


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