Feeling really shaken up for causing car accident

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Forgive yourself.  Accidents happen.  Use this as a learning experience for future drives — you can’t be impatient!  I’m glad that no one was injured and it seems like a fairly minor accident, so forgive yourself and learn from this experience.  This is why we have car insurance. 

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Take a deep breath. It was an accident. A minor one. They happen. The most important thing is that no one was hurt. 

It’s also important that you are able to see exactly what went wrong, why it happened, and that you are accepting responsibility for it.

Be thankful that it was minor and that no one was hurt, and learn from it. ❤️

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You made a mistake and you know where you went wrong. You need to not beat yourself up. It could have been much worse and you were all lucky no one was hurt, or worse. Hindsight is wonderful and torturing yourself with guilt won’t change what happened. See it as a learning experience and use it to become a better driver.

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Honestly, this is really the best possible outcome for any auto accident – no serious injuries and the person who was at fault reconsidering how they were driving so that it doesn’t happen again. I don’t want to say that you shouldn’t be so hard on yourself because auto accidents can be very serious and can cause enormous damage and loss of life. But if you learned something, this will serve to make you a better driver for the rest of your life. You did NOT hurt anyone, and inconvenience is a small price to pay. Perhaps next time you want to condemn yourself for what happened, consider instead how lucky you were and remind yourself that this was a learning experience and that you won’t make the same mistake again.

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most people have had little fender benders.  No one was hurt.  That is the most important thing.  The other driver yelling was likely a reaction to the fright of an accident, but I can also tell you that you did the right thing.  You stayed, apologized and spoke with the police.  It will be fine.  

One other thing, NEVER ever admit to fault at an accident.  Always check if others are ok if it is possible to do so, but NEVER say it was your fault.  This is important for insurance, lawyers and court deisions if anything should ever happen.  

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I think small accidents like this early on in someone’s driving career can be good for them.  Major accidents don’t happen because someone is a terrible person, they happen with regular people get cocky or get lazy. 

What’s done is done, no one was hurt and that was the main thing however going forward you need to be more careful take more time to look before pulling out.

After I first passed my test I left the handbrake off my mom’s car and it rolled down the street into a hedge.  At first we thought it was stolen because we looked out the window and it was gone!  This was literally the first time I borrowed her car and I was freaking out, but it was just a hedge, not another car or a person!  After that I have always checked at least three times that I put the handbrake on before getting out of a car!

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you made a mistake and no one was hurt. It’s okay! Breathe 🙂 Just be more careful next time. 

I was in a really bad accident just last month because the guy driving the semi truck behind me on the freeway was texting and not paying attention in stop and go traffic. He slammed into me from behind going 50. I broke my nose. It was awful and I’m still dealing with the mental and physical side effects from that crash. So many accidents would be avoided if everyone would slow down and pay attention. I was young and got into an accident like you did because I was in a hurry and thought I was invincible. In a way this is a good thing for you because you’ve learned to be a little more careful. Don’t beat yourself up though! This happens all the time unfortunately and you seem genuinely sorry. 

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Accidents happen- the most importnat thing is that nobody was hurt and the damage was minimal. I am sure you can take lessons from this and will become a better driver because of it! Don’t beat yourself up- it happens! Especially when you’re a new driver. 

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Cars can be replaced. People can’t. So not a bigge. Everyone was ok. Don’t feel bad about saying you were at fault too if I understand the situation correctly  I think you were at fault so insurance would have concluded the same thing most likely anyway in the end. Feel grateful that everyone is ok and what a lucky woman you are to be supported so wonderfully by your family and friends

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 Accidents happen! No one was seriously hurt, forgive yourself and move on. This is also a lesson to be more mindful in the future.

However, as PP said, NEVER admit fault in an accident, even if you were clearly at fault. Never even say sorry. This can all be manipulated by lawyers and insurance agencies against you.

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Ok, you poor kid. You learned something very important: never be impatient while driving. It’s a life lesson, remember it always.

Accidents happen. Luckily no one was hurt. In the future remember a couple of things. Always have the police come and make a report. And never say it was your fault. If it was, they’ll figure it out but don’t make it easy for them. This is coming from someone who got in an accident, the misogynistic police officer who came out said we were both at fault, my insurance appraiser came and evaluated the skid marks which showed the other driver was lying. Result? My rates didn’t change. This cop was on par with the dingbat who told me not to stop at a crosswalk. I had been letting a family cross when some guy plowed into me. This after the town made a big deal about drivers must stop for people in the cross walk.

Driving can be a real pita, but just keep your cool. Breathe. Relax.

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Ram1 :  Forgive yourself, learn from your mistake, and move on!  To date, the only car accident I’ve ever been in was due to a distracted teen driver that had been texting.  Thankfully no one was seriously hurt and we were all just sore.  

To this day, I am still kind of thankful it happened.  After the initial shock wore off, all I could think of was thank goodness this was a very minor accident for that teen girl to learn from.  We were at a standstill in freeway traffic and it could have been SO much worse.  I just hope that she learned her lesson and put the phone DOWN when she’s driving.  No text is worth it.  

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Ram1 :  If it helps, I used to work in insurance, and accidents happened very often. Minor or major accidents. The biggest thing is just getting thorugh the claims process, because it can take a few days or a few weeks or more. But even drivers that have been driving for 25+years get into accidents, they are just that, accidents. 

You didnt do it on purpose, it can happen to any of us at any moment. Im just glad youre okay. 🙂

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Please take this as an opportunity to learn from your mistake. It was pure luck that you didn’t injure someone badly. I’m glad everyone was ok.

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