(Closed) Feeling worn down, need support and help with motivation please!

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Sugar bee

Awwww…I completely understand. The bad part is, with working out, it is sooo easy for bad habits to become habitual again. If you dont work out for a little bit, then it gets so much harder to go and the cycle continues.:)

I read an article that truly gets me going and I hope to encourage you. The author cites, and I agree, that motivation is overratted.  Instead of seeking to be motivated, seek to be disciplined – kind of like the way you had to do all that work to finish your PHd. You have to discipline yourself to do it no matter how you feel. The problem with motivation is that it is based on feelings and comes and goes. 

I would encourage you to thinking about working out as you thought about attending classes. If you dont go, you will get an ‘F’ and we all know that that’s not good.  You can do it.  Just make up your mind to do so and let working out be a non negotiable.

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Creiddylad:  can you add any variety to the things you’re eating? I am also trying to tighten up before my wedding events kick off in a few months (bachelorette etc) and I have had to get very creative to keep from getting bored with my meals and pig out on some sugar. I am concerned to read that you’re always hungry though – what sorts of things are you eating and how much/how often? I know that with my protein and veggie-heavy diet, I often don’t feel “satisfied” (I really love chocolate), but I’m not actually ever hungry.

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Creiddylad:  This sounds like I could have written it!! I have been feeling the same way. Also started my weight loss/workout plan in January, and have lost 6-7 pounds so far…hoping to lose another 5. I started out doing workout videos at home for the first 6 weeks, then I got bored of them. I took a break for about 2 weeks and it was SO hard to get back on the workout wagon after that. Now I’m back to working out, and I am alternating the home workout/running/going to the gym. This has helped keep me interested so I don’t get bored! I think it’s OK to take a break for a few days to a week if you are feeling in a funk. For me, working out during my time of the month is always a challenge because of cramps and bloating. Don’t be too hard on yourself if you have to take a few days off.

As far as eating, I try to eat 4-5 small meals a day so that I’m not feeling as hungry. I find that if I eat the same amount of calories in 2-3 meals a day, I get hungry in between the meals. Also, remember to reward yourself with little treats every now and then!

To keep myself motivated, I: 

-Look at pictures of people whose bodies I want. This sounds weird but it’s helpful! Try Pinterest or bodygallery.com

-I look at my before photos and my progress photos. This has helped a ton!

-Try on dresses in my closet that have always been a bit too small. And putting them on and having them fit or NEARLY fit is a great motivator. πŸ™‚ 

Good luck! You can do it!!

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We’re in the same boat, sister! My wedding’s in June and I’ve been trying to lose the “last ten pounds” for a year, and it’s feeling to be so hopeless. I go to the gym about four times a week and have been trying to cut down on portions. I basically feel hungry ALL the time. It’s horrible. The only thing that keeps me motivated is a picture of myself in my dress when I was a lot heavier. The very thought of walking down the aisle looking like a giant whale spilling out of a white lace dress scares the hell out of me and is my #1 motivator. I don’t want my future husband to remember me that way…or for all my guests to tell me I look fat. I was at my cousin’s wedding this past January and one of my relatives told me I looked overweight. It’s a horrible feeling, believe me. 

So I’ve been cycling and taking weight lifting classes. When I’m too busy to leave the house, I do the 30-Day Shred. My weakness: FOOD. Argh….

Good luck! I hope you’re more motivated than me because I keep falling off the wagon. 

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Creiddylad:  I’m sorry you’re in a slump, I hope things look up soon! 

I think what you should do depends a lot on your personality, so I’ll let you konw what works for me and maybe some of it will resonate with you.

I love to-do lists/check lists so I’ll put exercise on and that really motivates me to get that done every day. 

Little exercises work well for me to. I try to bike to yoga when I can to squeeze in a little more exercise. I’ve also started standing while I work and I love it. That might not work in your situation, but it could be worth a try. We have a high bar and I just put my computer up there and am able to read, type, watever without any problems. When I’m just reading I can also do a few “push ups” against the counter or hold other yoga poses for a little while. This helps me not get bored, strengthen my muscles and I assume burn some calories (though I don’t have any evidence of that).

Mixing up what you’re eating could help you not be hungry. Of course vegetables aren’t calorieless, but they almost are. You can pretty much eat as much broccoli as you want, or whatever vegetable it is that you love. Be careful with the olive oil and cheese on them (a little is good, but a lot defeats the purpose). You’ve been doing this for a while, but it might take a little more time for your taste buds to adapt. We phased out eating meat at home a few years ago. At first it was a struggle, but not we don’t care at all. 

I often find that once I get started exercising I feel great. Before hand I’m like, what if I just stay in bed, that would be nice. But, itjust takes that one burst of will power and I’m good to go. Also, I don’t do well with the disipline thing. It makes me grumpy to do things I really dislike all the time. I bike, I do yoga, I like to hike sometimes, so I do those things. I hate running, so I don’t do that, and I think that’s ok.

Also, I understand how discouraging it can be to lose weight slowly (I’m 5’2” and I could probably lose 5-10 pounds, but since it’s so little, like your weight, it seems very stubborn). Focusing on how I feel when I’m living healthily is really powerful for me regardless of weight. 

Good luck!

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Creiddylad:  I understand how difficult it can be trying to juggle responsiblities between home and school. I try to look at going to the gym as a prerequisite to my other responsibilities. If I don’t go I don’t have the physical or mental strength to do everything else I need to do each day. I don’t ever regret going once I finish my workout. I think looking at it as an essential part of taking care of yourself helps with motivation.

Have you ever considered trying a class? What about downloading some new tunes for motivation?

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@ Creiddylad: Haha, funny you should meniton My Fitness Pal. I used it religiously last summer and managed to lose 10 lbs in two months, which was great. I was counting calories and working out like a fiend. Then work got in the way and I started to travel a lot…so when you travel and are forced to eat out, it’s hard to really know how many calories you’re consuming.

I forgot to mention this website that’s kinda neat…it helps you visualize what you would look like if you get to a certain weight goal. I think it’s pretty motivating to see what your body can look like when it’s compared side by side. “Before” and “after” images help me see the light at the end of the tunnel. Check it out: http://www.modelmydiet.com/

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Creiddylad:  ooh, that time of the month is just evil! Not only am I moody, but I am also ravenously hungry all the time. Instead of fighting it, I just up my protein intake – i let my portion control slide a little bit and have that second piece of chicken. I also keep packets of instant miso soup around – a cup helps me to feel satisfied for a while even though the sodium isn’t that good for me. Better for me than a bunch of cookies or a handful of chips though. πŸ™‚ this had been a long and miserable winter – hang in there! 

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Motivation is hard sometimes, especially in the doldrums of winter. Adding even more veggies in your diet could help maintain the right calorie balance – I realily like broccoli, cauliflower, Brussel sprouts, or green beans roasted in the oven with a lot of garlic and a little olive oil and Parmesan. It’s SO good and rich tasting, and quite low in calories. You can eat a big plate alone for lunch or dinner and it’s like 200-300 calories and super satisfying. 

Jealous about your pants – I’m having the exact opposite problem this winter : / Good work!

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