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What a great story Ginger! Love to hear about how others met. Here’s ours:

2004, ALCS, Red Sox vs Yankees. Yankees up 3 games to go to the world series… well we all know what happened, the Sox made a huge come back and went on to win their first world series in 86 years. Meet Justin, Sox Fan, and me a huge Yankee fan. I was up at school near Boston and he was a local. We met and fell in love over our baseball rivalry… if we can make it through that, I think we can make it through anything! I think he was in love the second I could name the entire yankee line up hahaha 🙂 Though were not having a full on yanks/sox wedding we are doing a yank/sox rehearsal dinner and wiffle ball game.


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We met at the dog park! He has a siberian husky and I have a rhodesian ridgeback I (or now I guess WE have both). We lived in a suburb of Houston and were the only “young, non-married” people at the dog park so we started chatting…3 years and living overseas later we are happily ever after!

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You both have cute stories.

I saw McGroom at work one day didn’t know who he was, name, where in the 5 buildings he worked, how to find him again, but I knew he was my husband. Fortunately, my best friend worked there for 10 years, so I called her, explained what he looked like, and she told me he worked right near her, so we schemed. I’ve never schemed for a man before; I just couldn’t help myself because he was my husband. Anyway, I found out that he wanted to go on the company whitewater rafting trip, so I got the CD and delivered it to him. We talked and then nothing…for a whole day, so I found a reason to email him. We emailed back and forth meanwhile I’m relaying everything over email to my friend. I mixed up the emails and sent one meant for her to him. He responds “I think you meant this for your gossip troupe,” and I thought I’d just lost my husband. I say nothing and he sends me an email telling me to ask him out, but I’m too embarrassed, so he does it for me. We go on some lunch dates and finally a dinner date with the best first kiss ever. Then he tells me he wants to be able to date other women. No way! Less than a week later, he realizes he wants to date just me. And once we go on the company rafting trip, he got the first incling that I was the one. Now we’re getting married there and rafting the day before.

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@Ginger  Wow, our stories are so similar. My husband bought the townhouse next door over three years ago. We talked only a few times here and there for a few months and then Labor Day 2007 we talked for four hours straight outside during the evening. We went on our first date about two weeks later and the rest is history. He always used to call me “The Girl Next Door”..hehe  That’s neat how our stories are so similar. I can say one thing-it was an easy move next door for me. 15 foot walk!

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@Habibah14: I met my soon to be Fiance at a baseball game also, although we root for the same team.

I’ll try to set the scene and tell the story as short as possible. It was a gray and rainy day. A friend was going to the ball game that night and I told her I wanted to go also. She said it was fine if I joined her. Then, in drunken stupidity the week prior, I invited another friend to go with (I was already crashing her plan and here I was bringing someone else). So anyway, my friend B had never been to a baseball game before. Since it was gray and raining I tried to cancel and tell him we’d go another time but he told me how much he really wanted to go. So, I find cheap tickets (not always easy to do for the cubs) and go home after work to change. By the time I’m ready the sun had come out and it turned into the perfect night for a baseball game.

B and I spent most of the game wondering so I could show him Wrigley and we were trying to sit in the sun. Finally after the 7th inning we went to go find the friend who was the first one going to the game. There are no seats right around her so we sit at the front of the section. My (now) bf and his friend are sitting behind us. His friend is wearing a Packers jersey (anyone from Chicago knows that this is WRONG on soooo many levels). So I have to say something. Boyfriend or Best Friend defends his friend (he is also a Packers fan). Well, he starts making fun of me and saying I don’t know bball (I do!). We make some stupid bets about the game. When it ends, he tries to give me his number. I tell him “no way, but you can take mine”. He does, and we start texting regularly. Go out the first time a few weeks later and have been together ever since. Just waiting on the ring now (it’s being made) until we are officially engaged!

Yay! Sorry – that was kind of long. But it’s such a random story. I can’t help but think how lucky I am that I went to that game. Otherwise we probably wouldn’t have ever met.

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This is going to be crazy but my Fiance and I met on Facebook. No joke. We met through that Are you interested app. We started talking as friends and found it interesting that my daughter and him shared a birthday! After a year or two (can’t remember how long we talked) we finally decided to meet and have been inseperable since. He is my best friend and I wouldn’t change a thing about our crazy story! Oh and he is crazy about my daughter and they love that they share a birhthday, they call it Awesome Day. LOL

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I met my Fiance via an online computer game.  Basically we were in the same guild (kind of a big group that does things together in the game) but since he was in the Netherlands and I in Florida, we’d only say hi to each other here and there.  One day we decided to go kill stuff together for a little while and it turned into hours and hours…but mostly chit chatting.  That turned into talking on an instant messenger when I woke up in the morning and he was getting home from work, then webcam.  Finally a mutual friend in the game (a real life friend for me) told us to meet.

Since he’d always wanted to go to Florida, he came to visit for a month.  The moment I saw him at the airport and hugged him, I knew that he was the one.  No ifs, ands, or buts.  Six months later I moved to the Netherlands and the rest is pretty much history!

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