(Closed) Fellow Cat people! I got Kittens!! HELP!!!

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  • poll: 1. Should I go the 4th of July? 2. Should I bring them with me to visit family and boyfriend?
    1. Yes, you can leave friday. 2. Yes, they will be fine. : (4 votes)
    8 %
    1. Yes, leave Saturday morning. 2. Yes, they will be fine. : (6 votes)
    12 %
    1. No, stay home. 2. Yes, they will be fine. : (23 votes)
    45 %
    1. No, stay home, 2. No, don't take them travelling ever. : (9 votes)
    18 %
    1. Yes, you can leave friday. 2. No, don't take them travelling ever. : (2 votes)
    4 %
    1. Yes, leave Saturday morning. 2. No, don't take them travelling ever. : (7 votes)
    14 %
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    If you call some local vet’s offices or your local shelter, the people there are likely to have good suggestions for pet/house sitters. Often vet techs will do some pet sitting on the side, and people who volunteer at the shelter are great because they have a lot of experience with kittens and cats.

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    I have two fur babies, ages 6 yrs and 8 yrs. One cat doesn’t mind a ride in the car as long as Mommy is holding her but the other cat can’t stand it. Poor baby is a nervous wreck . His trips are limited to the vet’s office and back. I don’t know if I would leave them in a big house alone at a young age. You never know what could happen once you close that door and walk away. Maybe start off when they are a little older by leaving for the day in a smaller room like a bed room with a shirt of your’s to snuggle up to and see how they do. Most cats don’t take to sudden change to well. I could never leave my babies for more than a day without having someone I trust to come over and take care of them. My Aunt is a cat lover, Thank goodness. Good luck and congratulations on your new little bundles of joy.  You’re going to make a great Mommy. 🐯 🐯 

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    Definately do NOT leave them behind when they are so young. When kittens are young i used to lut them in our bathroom for the day while i was at work (with a bed and litter etc) but doing that for 3 days isn’tgoing to work. 

    Later on its best to leave them. I’ve left my cats alone for a week at a time. My cats are in and outdoor and i leave food for them 24/7  they eat when hungry -not when i feed them like others. 

    However my parents take their cat to their holiday home all the time. I guess later on it depends on the animal. 

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    agree with PPs that you can’t leave them overnight by themselves just yet. 

    I’m going to disagree with PPs about trying travelling with them though as my first baby loved the car. With him I never made it a big deal or stressful; I just used to pop him in my car with his kitty litter and toys and take him to stay overnight at my boyfriend and Mums. he wasn’t an immediate natural but it didn’t take him long to be very used to it. He would just sit in the front passenger seat like a human. I leave my three alone overnight or so now but I’m just about to start trying to train them to be ok in the car in preparation for a 4 hour move i’d prefer not to sedate them for

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    I recommend a pet sitter as other posters have. Where I live animals need to be attended to at least once every 24 hours. If not you can be charged. 

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    I think that getting a pet sitter for your trip would be beneficial to you and your pets. When considering future travels, see how your pets do in the car and around new people. My cat has a unique personality, but I took him everywhere when he was a kitten (12 weeks to six months) and I have a large family. He got lots of exposure to new things as a baby and now as an adult cat is very sociable and well behaved. He likes traveling in his kennel. Cats are resilient animals; as long as you use good judgment and keep your cats’ best interest in mind given their temperaments, you should do no harm.

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    willow_1960:  My cats are adult but I still wouldn’t leave them home alone for that long. I’m a worrier and would worry that the auto-feeder broke down or that they would knock their water bowls over and end up with no water. I would make arrangements for a friend or proffessional to check on them each day, failing this I would have to stay at home.

    To the second question I think its fine, in fact the sooner the better – if you can get them used to travelling and being in the different surroundings while they are young they are much more likely to adapt. If you leave it until they are adults they will most likely react badly. I think its best to try it out and gauge theie reactions, if they don’t like it all (be it the car or being in the other houses) then you may have to review.

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    willow_1960:  PPs probably answered your questions already, but I think I would cancel the 4th of July trip. You can hopefully still get a refund on your reservations, but I wouldn’t leave them alone at their age. My Fiance and I are also looking to be kitty parents soon, but we had similar concerns about leaving them alone when we go away and they are still young. Luckily, my parents live in the area, but we’ve decided to wait until the summer travel season is over for us.

    For the second question, I think you’d be totally fine, but it depends on the cat. For example, one cat I had growing up was fine in her cat carrier in the car (we had to do a hurricane evacuation once and she was fine…we had a halter and lease for her also) but she obviously didn’t like it. Our next cat growing up was horrible in the car and would get sick and everything….but he was a very sickly kitty in general and always grumpy anyways. My parents’ current cat, however, LOVES the car. I know it’s not safe to travel with them not in a cat carrier, but he totally would and have no problem. He will sit on your lap as you’re driving and peer out the window…overall he’s just very curious about the whole thing.

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    willow_1960:  If it were me, I’d only go out for a few hours at a time. I remember when I got my two girls and I would even stop home at lunch during my work day to check on them (I’m close so I was lucky to be able to do that!) I really babied them and spent all of my time with them for the first three months, but maybe I’m a touch crazy! I even made my Boyfriend or Best Friend (now FI) come over to my house to visit me instead of going to him!

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    willow_1960:  It is not ok to leave them that long on their own even with an automated feeder. They are too young, they will still be settling in and you disappearing for three days could be very very stressful for them. The most I leave my cats alone for is one night and generally I am back before lunch time the next day. You should either arrange someone to come and look after them or cancel your trip.


    I hate to be rude but it sounds like you have bought two kittens without doing any research and it seems like untimately they will inconvinience your lifestyle. My pets happiness and comfort at paramount to me, my plans are always made around them.


    As for taking them when you go and visit people, I would not do this, travelling and taking them to a new place is stressful. I would never stress my cats out like this.

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    Some cats are better travellers than others.  If your life style has you taking plenty of weekend trips to visit family, it may be worth a try getting them acclimated to the car.  I have a large carrier that takes up the back seat of my car and both my cats ride in it.  They’ve been on many 14 hour car rides.  They can get cranky near the end, but they are absolutely fine once they get out.  

    As for leaving cats alone at home, even as adults I am 100% against it and do not understand why so many people think it is ok.  I have a pet sitter come twice a day when I am out of town and can’t have my cats, once a day would be the minimum.  For such young kittens I would consider a pet sitter that stays in your home if you can’t take them with you.

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    I do think that they are too young to be left all weekend, but it sounds like you’ve decided to get a pet sitter/someone to check on them, so they should be fine.

    Our cat is an adult, now, so we leave her alone for up to 4 days when traveling. (She has an automatic feeder and we make sure the litterbox is pristine and her water bowl is full. We also take off her collar so she can’t get caught on anything while we are gone.) Our cat does fine this way, but hates car trips in her carrier, so it’s better to leave her in our case. Either way, I don’t think you being gone some weekends will be a huge problem with cats once they are older, and it may make more sense just to leave them in their familiar environment.

    Enjoy the kittens – they are so much fun at that age!

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    I wouldn’t leave kittens that young alone for a weekend. We traveled with our kitten a couple times to family holidays. Now that she’s 9 months, Ihave no problem leaving her, but when they’re that young, then can get into a lot of trouble.

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    Adult cats are perfectly fine being left alone for a weekend with food/water and clean liter boxes. I’ve never left kittens that age alone for that long, however. So i’m not sure about that. You can always ask for recommendations on a petsitter from friends/coworkers or even your local vet. 

    In the future when they’re older, I would leave them home for trips. Cats tend not to like to travel and would rather hang out at home while you’re away then be forced to sit in a car. 

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