(Closed) Fellow renters: What does it take for you to complain to property mgmt?

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Blushing bee
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Honestly…It takes a long time for me to complain about other tenants, especially for noise and that kind of thing. I have called once, and it was a weeknight and they were throwing a party below us. I was going to go talk to them about the noise, but there were a ton of people there so we left it up to the courtsey officer. But if its a weekend and not too late then we just let it go.

But in this situation I would have called the first time they “blocked” the street. This is not just an inconvience but if there is a problem it also can prevent emergency personell from responding. This presents a liablity for not just you (assuming you have renters insurance) but the apartment/condo complex and management who can receive a huge fine. But about the time I could not get home, I would have called management, the courtsey officer, and a tow truck. It is not fair to you who pays rent to live there to not have access to your home because of inconsiderate neighbors. Yes you could get home this weekend (barely…) but next weekend you may not be so lucky.

Hope This Helps

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Sugar bee
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I’d complain. I live in a condo with a super strict HOA and it really helps keep people from getting out of control. I seriously have some awful neighbors who leave trash everywhere and just don’t care because it’s a condo and we have cleaning people in the common areas.

My HOA fines for everything! It’s only $50, but still, it’s enough to keep people in line. (ie, take bags of trash to the dumpster, not the hallway, don’t bang up the hallways with an unauthorized move, pick up dog poop, etc).

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Buzzing bee
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I’d complain. Fiance and I rented our condo before we actually purchased it. For what we were paying, damnit I was having a say in my living quality.

Speak to your building manager. Seriously, it’s their job to make sure tenants are happy.


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Helper bee
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It takes a long time for me to complain to management.  I have only done so once and it was on a day when I was being completely ridiculous and I just called to whine about people letting their dogs crap on the sidewalk.  Not like there was anything they could do about it, but some dog’s shit had ruined my new boots!  Nowadays I would only call if my neighbors were consistently partying and blasting loud music all night long.

I think your reasons for complaining are legit.  It would be one thing if there was one car in the street every now and again but it sounds like they are blatantly disregarding the rules and doing so on a regular basis.  Not cool!

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Sugar bee
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I feel your pain. We had across the street neighbors who were CONSTANTLY having parties or I guess they had 2 cars for every person living there. They would park in the street, block our driveway, park in front of our house- it was horrible. I would complain, there is no need to block the street when they have a driveway and numerous other parking options. maybe you will get lucky, my horrible neighbors moved this weekend, I love me some karma! 

ETA: We are not renter so we have no one to complain to, but if I did have that option I would have taken full advantage of it. 

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Honey bee
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I would’ve called to complain about that as well.  Like @dallasbride2012: said, it created a dangerous situation because emergency personnel wouldn’t be able to get down the street either if they needed to.

I generally don’t complain about anything, the only time I called the association was because my upstairs neighbor’s water heater blew and flooded my house.

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Buzzing bee
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It takes a *lot* for me to complain – I have some spectacularly impolite neighbours at the moment but haven’t bothered to complain, because for the most part here, landlords don’t do much if the tenants in question pay their rent and don’t trash the place. I mostly just seethe inwardly until they stop doing whatever they’re doing to piss me off and remain satisfied that I’m a good neighbour, at least. And count down the days (56!) til I’m moving into a building where the landlord runs a thorough credit, criminal and rental board check before renting.

Since you have an office that presumably collects complaints about this kind of thing, you might as well call and file a complaint – then it’s on record that X number of tenants reported the same issue with regard to these tenants the next time they do something like that.

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Sugar bee
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When we lived in a condo I complained about one neighbour, once: they had a huge bernese mountain dog that they would let run around off leash in the building, and on the grounds. Our dog has severe anxiety issues with other dogs and this dog would just run right over, despite my telling them several times to please keep their dog away because it was overwhelming for our 25 pound dog who is already nervous to have a 200 pound dog come running at him, especially when he’s stuck on his leash.

In your case, I would complain: it’s a hazard and if they are letting guests do it too then I bet it will only continue. It’s possible they don’t know the rules, but honestly, it’s their responsability to learn them when moving into a condo community.

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Sugar bee
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Yes file it. I own a condo with neighbors and I always thnk of them before I do anything. These people need to learn to respect the fact that they have neighbors! It’s beyond rude what they are doing!

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Blushing bee
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my FH is a property manager at 2 apartment complexes and I think you should complain unfortunitly it doesnt take much for people to call here… my FH gets calls EVERY day of the week and at all hours of the night for the stupidist things


3am thursday *ring ring*

“-apartment name- this is matt!””

“yes can i borrrow a wrench?”……Seriously?!?!

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Bumble bee
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I think I’d complain in your case–and I really always feel guilty complaining to management. 

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Busy bee
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I’d complain. I don’t generally complain. I broke down once, and that was because in a previous apartment our upstairs neighbors were playing dance dance revolution at 2am. The pounding was so hard it was making cracks in our ceiling and I was worried our ceiling fan would come down! This was after we nicely asked them to jump around less, or at least limit it to daytime/early evening hours.

Now we live in a great town house. We have neighbors only on one side, one lives in the downstairs unit and one lives in an upstairs unit above her. The downstairs lady is nuts.

We were not moved in for 3 days and she complained about us incessently. First she didn’t want us to have a fire bowl, something I cleared with the property manager first before buying. Then she said our cabinets in our kitchen were too loud, and would bang psycho like on the wall when I would go into the cupboard for tea (it was 7pm on a Saturday!). So we installed buffers to make sure our cabinet doors were quieter. Then she complained that we needed to take down our bird feeder because it would attract wild animals (…WTF).

She never comes out of her apartment, and has all her windows and doors stuffed up with towels. It’s very very weird. Fiance and I are super quiet, we work 50+ hours a week, no kids, no pets, don’t smoke and I keep a very nice home. So she’s just wacky. We go to bed at 10 every night and haven’t even had anyone over to visit! I can’t imagine the whining I’ll hear when we finally have guests over some evening. Ugh.

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Honey Beekeeper
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I pay a fortune in rent, so I complain about everything and anything.  It takes very little for me to get down there and complain about things – as long as it’s under their control.  I don’t complain about the newborn next door crying because, honestly, they can’t control it and it’s only audible because everyone’s windows are open.  But if it’s legitimate, I complain.  We had a wasp inside the other day, complained, and got the whole place inspected by an exterminator to make sure there were no leaks.

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