(Closed) Femcap/copper IUD without having kids? HELP PLEASE!

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I’ve been on “lo loestrin fe” for a year and love it!!! it’s currently the pill with lowest dose of hormones right now I don’t have a period (do get light discharge in place of my period every other month or so) I don’t cramp I do get fatigue but I don’t eat healthy or exercise either have you ever tried this pill?

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I don’t have the copper one, but I do have the mirena. I love love love love it. I cannot recommend an iud enough. I have not had a child, and my ob/gyn had no problem with me having it put in. If you’re worried about the pain you can try the skyla, which is made for women who haven’t had kids. But to be honest, mine has not given me any pain or trouble. Having it put in took less than a minute, and it felt like a cramp, but only hurt for a few seconds. I went to class twenty minutes later with no problems. It was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

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I had the Mirena IUD inserted a few years ago and I had never had a baby. I took some ibuprofen beforehand bc I knew I would experience some discomfort during insertion. tbh it hurt, but it wasn’t excruciating. The whole procedure took about 5 minutes. The only side effect that I had was somewhat intense cramping that I experienced off and on for a few hours ONCE a month, but everyone is different and will experience different side effects. 

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futureladyharvey:  Go see another gyno. Even though I’ve never had any kids, my gyno actually recommended I get it because I’ve had so many problems with hormone BC pills. I get super psycho.

I have Mirena and have been with it for a year now. I am head over heels in love with this thing. My period has come only three times in one year (which my doctor assured me was totally normal). There was no cramping at all! I do admit that every once in a while, I feel like I get PMS symptoms (slight bloating, slightly weepy, calclium and iron cravings), but that’s it!

Seriously, get a second opinion. It’s so worth it.

And as for the pain, I don’t know what to say. I actually am lucky enough to have an extra long cervix, so I got to get a shot of local anethesia and didn’t feel a thing during insertion. Hooray!!

And thanks to Obama, it’s free! HOORAY!!

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Quick question: have you tried the progesterone only pill? I ask because many of the problems which women have on the pill are related to oestrogen, not progesterone. In addition, if you do have problems with oestrogen, you should probably change your diet, because high levels of artificial oestrogens in your food can also be problematic (for example, factory farmed chicken contains sky high levels of oestrogens).

If the progesterone only pill works for you, you an try a nexaplon implant, which is a low dose, progesterone only implant. You don’t have to remember to take a pill every day, and it’s not affected by antibiotics etc, unlike oral contraceptives.

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Gah, stupid thing won’t let me edit… I was going to say that I don’t have any experience with the IUD, but that hormonal BC isn’t all bad. It’s a matter of finding what works for you, and I don’t think that many doctors explain the full range of available BC to women. That was why I thought I’d mention the implant, just in case you hadn’t heard of it (lots of women haven’t). So you can ask your doctor about a full range of BC before you decide.

Sorry, that last post must have seemed really random and totally out of context! Wish it would let me edit…

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futureladyharvey:   I had the copper IUD inserted without ever having kids.  It’s a BITCH. It hurt so freaking bad. They had to clamp my cervix with hemostats because it was moving, at that hurt just as badly. I ended up getting the thing removed less than a year later because I got infection after infection after infection and had to take iron supplements because I never stopped bleeding. Worst thing ever for me. I really, really wanted it to work… it just didn’t. I think maybe I’m allergic to copper.

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I have the Mirena IUD, never been pregnant. Have multiple friends with IUDs of either kind who have never been pregnant. Your gyn is incorrect and I would recommend a second opinion from a different doc. The insertion isn’t super fun, but it takes all of 2 minutes. I had what felt like bad menstrual cramps for the 24 hours after, but could manage them with ibuprofen, no problems. 

FWIW the Mirena, while hormonal, tends to not have all the side effects because the hormoes are localized to your lady bits, not floating around your whole body. Might be worth exploring if you’re the type to get very heavy periods. The copper IUDs can make your periods heavier, the Mirena will stop them. I had similar problems with libido, being ‘crazy’, etc on the pill and don’t have them on the Mirena. Also the copper IUD is good for 10 years, the Mirena has to be changed every 5 years. 

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Like you, I was on hormonal birth control for many years (age 14-21) and got so sick of all the side effects I was having (No sex drive, yeast issues, depression, mood swings). I went to my doctor and asked for an IUD (Copper Nova-T). They were hesitant at first, as they’re not as comfortable using them on women who have not had children, but after reviewing my reactions to hormones, they agreed it was a better solution.

Insertion hurt. I won’t lie. It sucked, but after abour 24 hours I felt fine. I had it 2.5 years. The only downside was that the last six months or so, my periods got very heavy and I started getting a lot of yeast infections again. Luckily I was ready to start TTC at that point so it was removed (painless!) and everything was great.

After I had my daughter, I got another one. Insertion was much easier and I had it about 2 years before we decided to TTC again.

Good luck! I hope that you are able to find a doctor that will help you out.

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I am alot like you too, I was on the pill from 15 to 25 and was sick of it. My ob/gyn suggested me the Mirena iud (even though I never had kids) as a good option since I have endometriosis.

The insertion lasted less than a minute, and the cramp that followed was really bad (like a massive menstrual cramp) but I am use to cramping so it was tolerable. I hap cramps for the next week, a little bleeding and then…. no periods at all!! It’s been 2 years without periods and it is the best thing ever. Some very light spotting every now and then but that’s it. Note that 40% will see their periods stop completely, most have significantly lighter periods. Of all my friends who has it some of us have no periods and the others have periods so light they won’t even use tampons anymore.

The big bonus for me was losing all the side effects from the pill: no more mood swings, less bloating (I lost 20 pounds!!). That being said I also lost the positive side effects of it… my skin breaks out a little bit more (it reajusts but it took me a couple of months), my breast are a little smaller and I feel like my hair is different too. With the Mirena I also noticed that I am more prone to yeast infections. I just take a particular care (ph neutral soap, coton underwear) and I am just fine.

Have a second opinion and ask questions! Every one as different needs and preoccupations regarding contraception and you should be listened to!

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I don’t think your gyno is “full of shit”….they don’t reccomend iud’s for people who havent had children due to the size of your uterus. Once you’ve had a baby, your uterus is bigger and the IUD can fit much better than a pre-baby uterus. But yes, every body is different and different people respond differntly to different things.

I also do not like the hormone things. I wanted a copper IUD, beause I liked the idea of zero horomone. My doctor reccomended the Skyla, which is like the mirena but a smaller version, made for people who have not had children (since I have not had a baby). Instead of it being a 10 or a 5 year, its only a 3 year. It is a very very low dose of pergesterone only and it only goes where it needs to go (not like a pill where your entire body gets the hormone. It only releases a tiny bit right on your uterus to make it so an egg cant attach to your uterus).  

The insertion of the Skyla wasnt as bad as I thought, however I had TERRIBLE cramps for the first month or so. like REALLY REALLY bad, laying in bed, hurt to walk….etc. However, after the first month, it went away. Now, I don’t even know its there. The skyla lasts 3 years (it can be taken out whenever and you are able to get pregnant the next day), so one month of pain for 3 years of birth control ends up being worth it. I have several friends who are on the same thing who are on their second or third ones, and they swear by it. They love it. I am only a few months into it, but can already tell you that the month of pain was worth it.

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