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  • poll: What has been your experience TTC
    Not infertile (achieved pregnancy in < 12 months TTC) : (46 votes)
    39 %
    Active TTC < 12 months : (14 votes)
    12 %
    Active TTC > 12 months (no formal diagnosis/not been to specialist) : (6 votes)
    5 %
    Infertility Diagnosis : (24 votes)
    20 %
    Secondary Infertility : (4 votes)
    3 %
    Infertile and achieved pregnancy with ART : (7 votes)
    6 %
    Infertile and achieved pregnancy naturally : (5 votes)
    4 %
    Other : (12 votes)
    10 %
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    Helper bee
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    We’ve been on our fertility journey for 18 months now.  My old RE recommended going straight to IVF after my second lap for endo last April.  Since then, we’ve done 4 retrievals, and now have 8 banked embryos.  I had a third lap for endo 2 months ago, and finally, we are getting ready for our first transfer!!!  It’s scheduled for the first week of June.  

    Its a tough journey, one that very few can empathize with.  Many people have sympathy for you, but I’ve met very few people that really show empathy and an understanding.  It’s quite isolating.  

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    I chose infertile and achieved pregnancy naturally before I read your edit. My Darling Husband and I had been trying since July 2017. I have age related infertility (high FSH, low AMH) and my husband has a low sperm count. We had a failed IVF cycle in January. We decided to wait until the end of May to start a new cycle.  I missed my period in March and I’m currently about 7 weeks pregnant. It’s still early but I had never had a positive pregnancy test before and I didn’t think it was possible without IVF. 

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    Honey bee
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    anev :  Mid to late May – waiting on AF right now so we can do a couple weeks of birth control before starting injections.

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    Helper bee
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    Really intereting thread.  I chose secondary infertility.  At 36 I got pregnant with my son on our first month trying and had a super easy pregnancy and delivery.  Fast forward to 38 and we tried for 8 months, had 2 CPs and then decided to see a specialist.  I was diagnosed with a slightly underperforming thyroid and, within 6 weeks, the meds worked and my thyroid is now <2.  This is our first month of trying “natural but monitored” and I’m hoping we won’t have to resort to IUI or IVF but who knows.  

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    Helper bee

    anev :  I’m in New Zealand. The government will fund two IVF “packages” each consisting of oocyte collection and fertilisation, transfer, freezing/storage and then any subsequent transfers until a live birth. I’m probably looking at 2020 to get to the top of the wait list

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    Sugar bee
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    anev :  1000000%. All the support and guidance we could ever need. It’s nice to know there are people who are going through it with you or have been in your shoes….even if it also sucks to know there are others going through the motions with you. 

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    It took 2.5 years of TTC to get my son. Found out I was pregnant 4 days before our first appointment for our first IVF cycle. Natural conception. It took 6 months to get our daughter 

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    My Darling Husband and I were able to concieve and have our first son on our own after 1.5 years and our first pregnancy ending in miscarriage.  We tried for over a year to have a second child and ended up at the infertility clinic with a diagnosis of male factor infertility.  We were told it would be very unlikely to conceive naturally and they said we could try IUI but the chances weren’t great.  We moved on from IUI after 1 failed cycle and did IVF which resulted in only one normal embryo.  We transferred that embryo and I am currently due with my second son July 10th.  I would love a third, (I always wanted 3 children) and I had dreams of having a daughter, but this is likely our last child unless some miracle happens, as we are fully out of pocket for infertility treatments and we would have to do another full IVF cycle since we didn’t get any extra embryos.  We really can’t afford to pay for treatment while having 2 children in daycare and we are not young enough to wait until the boys are older.  I know we are so lucky to have a son and another on the way, but infertility is such a thief (time, money, the family I envisioned).  However it has given me strength to push for what I want and to be able to be of support to other women going through it as well. 

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    Busy bee

    anev :  Thanks for starting this thread! <3

    My dh and I have been diagnosed with infertility (thyroid issue/over 35 for me and MFI for him). We’ve been trying since June 2018 and we are soon approaching the 1-year mark. We have had 1 failed IUI and will start IVF treatment soon. We have no insurance coverage for IVF and are fully paying out of pocket. 

    It’s been an isolating experience to say the least, especially dealing with other friends my age getting pregnant with seemingly no issues. Since we started trying, seven friends/family members have announced pregnancies. I’ve felt anger, fear, sadness, and all the stages of grief during this process. But what I’ve also realized is you have no way of knowing what struggles others have faced to get pregnant. Sure there are the “got pregnant in the first few months of trying folks”, but during Fertility Awareness week and month, a surprising number of friends have posted about their struggles and successes with infertility treatments. I think the most important lesson I’ve learned is that you are not alone. It’s not just you. Knowing that makes the process less scary and isolating. Honestly, the infertility boards here and on other sites have been a godsend. Good luck to everyone on their fertility journey. 

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    I chose other because it took us 14 months to conceive and my doctor had referred us for more testing because it had been more than a year, but we didn’t go ahead with it. I hated getting the “infertile” label immediately slapped on just because it had been a year – really added to our stress. 

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    Helper bee

    anev :  Firstly I want to tell you what a great idea it was for you to start this board! I think it will help many people not feel so alone (though the infertility boards here are so supportive). 

    As for my story, it took my Darling Husband and I 14 cyles to get a BFP. We started trying in December 2016, though we were NTNP for a couple months before that. I was temping, using OPKs, prenatals, etc… After about 6 months of trying I got worried, and consulted with my GP after what I thought was a likely chemical pregnancy (she agreed). She sent me for some basic bloodwork, and it turns out I was subclinically hypothyroid, which is not an issue unless TTC. I was put on medication, but it took about 4 months to get the dosage correct, and my TSH levels where they needed to be. At the 1 year mark, my doctor sent me for additional testing, CD3, CD28 bloodwork, and my Darling Husband had a SA. Everything came back normally, so we were referred to an RE. 

    However the waitlist for the RE was very long, so we just had to wait for them to call us to schedule an appointment. On my 14th cycle of actively trying, I got a BFP, I was scared due to the previous chemical pregnancy. I told my Darling Husband, and that same week we got a call from the RE clinic, who wished us luck but told me if I miscarried to call them and my referral was good until the end of 2019. I kept POAS almost everyday until week 9, my Darling Husband thought I was being crazy, but it was all I could do to ease my anxiety. I even bought a home doppler, and tried for over a week to hear the foetus’ heartbeat, when I finally did. I had my first ultrasound at 11w4d, and everything was alright. I am currently 15w1d, and everything is going well so far. 

    I am very aware of people’s struggles with infertility, have talked to many friends, opened up about my loss, heard about others’ losses. You never realize how many people have struggled, have had loss after loss, unless you start talking about it. I am very open to people about my journey, therefore if they just want someone to listen to, they may open up themselves. I admire the strength any resiliance of people struggling for years, because the emotional turmoil is real and not public enough. No one should ever ask you when you will have kids, it is something you should choose to speak of, but no one else should be entitled to ask about your reproductive plans. 

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    Busy bee

    anev :  I selected the first option because we got pregnant in 6 months but had two miscarriages prior to finally getting our rainbow. Seems so quick now but going through it felt like an eternity, my heart really goes out to those struggling with infertility,

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    anev :  Wow, a six month wait after TTC that long is brutal. Sending you good vibes for your appointment. I hope they are able to help you quickly. The dexamathasone was to help elevated DHEA-S from PCOS; apparently this is a somewhat experimental treatment. I do suspect autoimmune issues though wih endo and other things. Apparently the dex helped because I got pregnant, but it made me CRAZY like I hear other people’s stories about being on Clomid. And thanks! I’m hoping to get a good earlier ovulation going too. I’ve O’d super early once (ended in CP) and then the rest of the cycles I can confirm O it’s closer to CD21-28. I know that’s too late for healthy conception in most cases. 

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    I chose other. Annovulary cylces got pregnant with #1 thanks to clomid. Currently pregnant with #2 naturally second cycle after my period came back. 

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