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@bkrocks13:  I think it’s great that you are being so proactive.

If you foresee serious issues with your partner’s potential fertility, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with having him undergo a semen analysis even before you TTC. They are not expensive and it will either confirm or rule out any issues he may have, possibly giving you early options.

As for you, I think you should start charting to get a feel for what your body is doing. Many women have discovered issues that could seriously affect getting pregnant by charting before they TTC’d (like short luteal phase, delayed ovulation, etc). It is really astounding what you learn about your body just by charting, and it sounds like it’s something that could really help you.

Good luck!

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It’s worth asking about. I’d just schedule a yearly exam for both of you and he can bring it up with his doctor.

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@bkrocks13:  It’s very confusing, for sure. What does Darling Husband think about it? Some guys are very hesitant to go for testing because bad news can have a strong negative effect on their sense of identity and self-worth. It can be a very treacherous minefield to navigate, and often takes a lot of time to do so.

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@bkrocks13:  I don’t see what the harm is to ask. I didn’t wait the year to get tested because I knew I had issues. I would advise you to ask about genetic testing specifically for blood clotting disorders if miscarriages run in your family. a semantic analysis is also very inexpensive and easy to run. 

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@bkrocks13:  Because of a situation that happened in my family, I would suggest that your Darling Husband talks to his doctor and ask if he he couod have the testing done.

My cousin’s Darling Husband had leukemia when he was a child and he was told that he has high chances of either being completely infertile or having serious fertility issues. He was advised to go for testing before they start TTC. That was over 2 years ago and he still hasn’t gone because he is too scared to find out. Meanwhile, they have been either TTC of NTNP for those two years not knowing if they can even conceive naturally. I can understand that it would be scary and heartbreaking for them to find out for sure that he is infertile, but what they are doing is worse I believe.

So I think for your ease of mind, if they will allow your Darling Husband to do the testing, do it.

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I would lie my ass off and consider the basic testing from the get-go. Semen analysis is usually $75 – $150 even without insurance coverage; all of the basic blood work for you could run several hundred dollars (they may rule out some; I know mine wanted to do a1c, but I’ve had that done somewhat recently, as well as LH testing based on ovulation tests).

I’m in my mid-20 and my husband’s 30. We’re in our 10th cycle trying to conceive, never had a whiff of a positive. We just found out after using two at-home sperm counts that he apparently has a low count (now we’re moving onto the official SA).

We didn’t have any other sign that anything was wrong. But timing would’ve worked out so much better had we known this from the beginning. It’s heartbreaking to be my age and to take *this* long – using OPKs from the beginning and timing sex perfectly – and not be pregnant. Every month is a damn bottle of wine, a box of tissues and the shittiest Lifetime movie I can find.

It’s a very helpless feeling. I already know I’m out this cycle and I’m not going to get pregnant until we get moving on an SA and treatment for him (we’ve since started doing the at-home crap…making sure he eats better, takes a multivitamin, etc.). Basic crap that he should’ve been doing from the start. Not that it’s all in his control – there may well be an underlying condition too.

So, absolutely, do it from the start. And if fertility problems run in your family and there may be fertility issues with him, most clinics WILL investigate even if you haven’t been trying for (X) months. If you do encounter resistance, remind them of your concerns…or go to another doctor and lie your butt off.

For me, it’s worth it.

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@ElbieKay:  I disagree. My OBGYN was open to any testing I may have been interested in and fully explained all my options. 

@bkrocks13:  I would definitely start getting checked, if that is what your heart is telling you. I support it. We are exactly where you are, except I’m older (36), never pregnant and Darling Husband has a child already. But I just wanted to know if there were any issues. I was open with my dr and she reminded me that while dr’s consider infertility after a certain amount of time, she was supportive to my being curious and wanting to know. It’s your body after all!

I just wanted to make sure I was healthy, is all. I wanted my health to be my advantage. So in turn, I will be taking a test that tells the health of my ovaries and then I will be doing genetic testing b/c of my age…that was actually something she did suggest. 

Best of luck. I think it’s very wise to do all of this now…getting ready for baby isn’t an over night thing. It’s a process! 🙂

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Sugar bee

If you aren’t going to do any interventions, then I don’t really see the value in knowing if anything is amiss.

It will just add stress knowing that your odds are low, but still being something you desperately want. 

Now if you were open to some kinds of treatments, then I’d see the value in knowing.  Because you would change something.  But if nothing is going to change either way, adding stress will only make things less likely to happen.


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@andielovesj:  agreed

i don’t see the purpose in fertility testing if you aren’t willing to do anything about it. I also think it’s kind of jumping the gun. You can’t plan for EVERYTHING. Sometimes you just have to go for it and see what happens! You haven’t even tried to get pregnant even for one month it sounds like. 

Not to mention stressing about all this stuff won’t help you ttc

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@bkrocks13:  I saw some of the earlier comments about genetic testing, and I thought I’d chime in and say that might be a great idea for you based on the risk factors you mentioned. I did one of the newer genetic tests last year, and it was super easy. They drew blood at my gynecologist’s office and sent it off for analysis. That’s it! And it was covered by insurance so my cost was only $99. That test covers hundreds (I think) of genetic conditions, and if both partners get tested they can tell you your odds of having a child with any one of the conditions. 

As for your main question, that’s a tough one. We haven’t TTC yet either, so I’ve wondered whether we might have problems or not. I don’t think I would want to do any tests right off the bat, because I want to enjoy at least a few months of carefree TTC. But I could definitely understand wanting to be proactive and doing testing ahead of time. Good luck either way!

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You can probably get genetic carrier testing at any time (like Counsyl or others) and have insurance cover part with out of pocket expenses topping out at $99 per test. Other tests and fertility testing in particular you will have a more difficult time getting approved for without demonstrating difficulty first. Your husband, if his tests are a simple matter of blood draws, may not have an issue.

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Quite honestly, I wish I had looked into it prior to ttc.  If you can find a dr willing to test you, I can’t see at all how more information about your (and his!) body works.  

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