Fetal HR normal at 8 weeks but didn’t increase from 7 weeks?

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I have gad so I know all about how much the anxiety can affect you. I agree with the other bees about seeing a therapist.

When I was in labor and during the hospital stay after, a nurse said something to me that still sticks with me 3 years later. It’s my mantra now as I have severe medical anxiety. She said, “Sansa, if I’m not worried, you’re not worried”. It helped and her words still stick with me.

The medical anxiety is under control but my thoughts are still there. Just the other day I had a sharp pain in my shin bone and my mind said “great. I was JUST talking about having another baby, and now, BOOM, bone cancer… how horrible” I can hear what my mind is saying now that I have therapy under my belt. I can hear the thoughts, and now they have become flashes in my mind that fade as quickly as they pop in, instead of all encompassing worry and anxiety and panic.

It’s tough because you have to advocate for yourself, and now, your baby. But what do you do when your anxiety convinces you that everything is badly wrong, that you’re dying, that you’re losing the baby… that’s when you stick with doctors who you trust, doctors who are patient and kind with you. Your trust in them will help you immensely.

Good luck, and be open with your doctor about your anxiety, they can help you, it’s going to be a long pregnancy with the anxiety!

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Bee, I have bipolar disorder with paranoia and anxiety, so I’m saying this in the most loving way possible. You need to get in therapy immediately. All the extra stress from your anxiety isn’t good for you or baby, and there will be sooooo many more things to stress about between the rest of your pregnancy, giving birth, and raising a small human. I was able to get therapy and medication from 16 weeks, which helped calm my anxiety and paranoia enough that I could push down irrational worries and instead focus on when something was actually off (like when I had preterm contractions). My doctor told me to find one thing that I was happy about every day, which helped ground me when I started feeling overwhelmed by anxiety.

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I agree with the others that this anxiety isn’t good for you, but even more importantly, it’s not good for the baby!  Your job right now is to make a safe, warm, welcoming home for your little baby to grow and be nurtured.  Flooding your body with cortisol and other stress hormones is detrimental to the baby.  It seems like on all your posts, you just ignore everyone’s well-intentioned and kind advice to get at the root cause of your anxiety rather than focus on “fixing” or “understanding” these “problems”.  I really hope you think about seeing someone to help you work through this.  

I’m 8.5 months pregnant and like the others have said, for the whole pregnancy there has ALWAYS something to stress about if you let yourself go there…. and I’m sure it’s a million times worse when it’s an actual living, breathing baby!

Here’s one of many links about exposure to cortisol in the womb: https://www.webmd.com/baby/features/stress-marks#1

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hey bee- have you joined our may babies Facebook group? you’ll find it a welcoming and supportive environment and it sounds like make you need some extra support with ladies going through the same stuff as you. I am working so hard this pregnancy not to be anxious – trust me, I get it. but if the Dr isn’t worried, please don’t worry either. the calmer you stay, the less cortisol and the lower your blood pressure and pulse- all super important things for keeping baby happy and healthy. 

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Everytime I go in my baby HR is different. Per the doctor as long as it’s a strong heart rate they’re not too concern. Keep in mind that I’m consider High Risk so I see the DR every week for an ultrasound, and the baby HR is always different. 140 one week 170 another week.

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zebra10 :  Conngrats on a great ultrasound! It is a big milestone! Babys heartrate will change throughout pregnancy as others have said . As long as your doctor isnt worried you shouldnt worry! Trust me they would tell you if they had any concerns. I know you conceived through ivf and so did I so I get the all the extra anxiety. I really do but as others have said pregnancy comes with lots of things to worry about.  Worrying wont change what will be. So the best thing you can do is try and find ways to stay relaxed and calm. I know that is easier said then done. Other wise you will have a long miserable pregnancy.  Whether that is talking to a therapist or whatever helps relieve the stress!! Sounds like all is going well with the pregnancy!! I think you could even mention to your doctor all the anxiety you have been having and they may be able to make some recommendations. No sense being anxious the whole pregnancy! You went through a lot to get here! Try and enjoy it!! Good luck!! 

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