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@ktbrady: Wow, okay.  First off, did you consider making a homemade pizza together?  First, it’s fun.  Second, it will teach him to cook.  Third, it’s way more healthy!!  Have him pick his own toppings.  As far as Italian cooking, you can do healthy options with pasta.  Like pasta with roasted asparagus in parm with lemon, olive oil and fresh parsley.  Do you think he’d go that route?  At least to start. Tell him to give it a try. Maybe you can get his veggies to him in the form with brushetta.  All though these are not the “healthiest” items, they are better than a crappy delivery of pepperoni pizza.  How about a healthy omlette? Or just egg whites?  Oatmeals with fresh fruit? If he is loving his bacon, pepperoni and other processed foods, just have him read the horrible medical findings with those foods.  Or have him watch Food, Inc. or something.  Now he is 30 yrs old and our bodies start to age and it’s important to keep them healthy (and I know you know all of this!).  I would start with basic pastas to at least get him away from the other stuff.  Everything homemade can be made healthier (tacos, ect.).  He almost seems like he’d do great on a raw food diet… because he doesn’t like things mixed together.  I’d start with Italian Rices, too (Arborio).  And maybe just start addling little things in like garlic, chives, ect.  Does he like sweet potatos?  Those can be amazing. 

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I try to make normal things that I know my hubby likes, but sneak in healthier versions. Like I’ll use whole wheat pasta instead of regular. Or for taco’s, I’ll use ground turkey or chicken, whole wheat shells, low fat cheese, fat free sour cream, etc. Most of the time he doesn’t even notice that it’s different.

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Folks have already given you some wonderful suggestions and I’d like to add in one more. THere’s a cookbook out there that has recipes in which you sneak in veggies. Like cauliflour into mac n’ cheese and such. Could something like that work?

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Honey bee

grate carrots and zuchinni into everything. It helps cut down calories and adds lots of nutrition

meatloaf use real lean beef and grate finely shredded carrot and zuchinni-

simmer them in pasta sauce 

in meat balls

Mix 1/3 mashed cauliflower with the mashed potatoes

And honestly… he needs to eat vegetables. Try making them different ways and make him take one bite before he eats anything else when he is hungry.  My FH now eats a lot of different stuff this way.

Try roasted asparagus with a bit of parmesean, roasted onions with garlic, stir fried red peppers with a spicy garlic sauce etc.

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If he likes Italian food and breakfast food, maybe he’ll like a couple of my favorite health standbys.

Eggs in Purgatory / Shakshuka (this has like 8 different names but is easy, quick, and tasty.  I made it last night.  want more now pls)

Sautee a couple of cloves of garlic in olive oil for a couple of minutes.
Add 1 can diced tomatoes.  (muir glen fire roasted are super tasty but anything will work)
Let simmer on medium-low heat until it thickens and if you move the tomatoes aside with a spatula it takes some time for the liquid to fill in.
Make 4 “holes” in the tomatoes and crack an egg into each one.  Cover and simmer on low to medium low heat several minutes until whites are solid.  I crack the yolks on the ones for my fiance and don’t on the ones for me, so mine are runny. Either works, depending on your preference.
Serve with bread.

I usually make a veggie side to go with it.  Generally garlicky sauteed spinach (sautee lots of garlic (3 cloves or so??) in olive oil, add 1 bag spinach slowly and stir until spinach is cooked.  Sometimes crispy roasted broccoli (I’ll explain below).  But the tomatoes are pretty healthy and you can serve with whole wheat bread if you want.


Another egg-based meal that can be shoved FULL of vegetables.  It’s pretty easy and free-form.

Sautee garlic and shallots (if I have on hand)
Add veggies and sautee (spinach, mushrooms, broccoli, sundried tomatoes… whatever)
Add 6-8 beaten eggs and cook on low heat until top is only slightly runny but eggs are mostly solid
Top with parmesan cheese (or asiago if on hand) and throw under broiler for 2 minutes or so

You can either serve with bread or add leftover pasta with the veggies.

Roasted Vegetables

Preheat oven to 400 degrees.  Take broccoli, brussels sprouts, cauloflower… whatever you like.  Toss with olive oil, salt, pepper, fresh minced garlic, and a touch of balsamic vinegar.  Make sure veggies are DRY before tossing with oil and spices or they will steam instead of roast.

Cook until golden and crispy on the edges.

OK, now I am really hungry and need to go eat my lunch.

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Sugar bee
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Does HE want to eat healthier? I ask because it seems like you’re going to an awful lot of effort and he’s not helping out at all. I don’t know that I would have the patience to baby my Darling Husband like that and try and cajole him to eat healthy foods. But at the same time, of course you want him  to be healthy. So it’s a catch 22 I guess.

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Honey bee

Wow thats tough. My Boyfriend or Best Friend is actually the total opposite, he loves every food ever invented.

So are you looking for healthy, easy meals that a picky eater would like? Here are some suggestions:

  • whole wheat pasta w/ turkey meatballs
  • turkey burgers with oven “fries” (just slice up some potatoes, use 1 or 2 tbls. of olive oil, and any seasoning you feel like)
  • Home made pizza with wheat crust-you can hide some veggies in there too
  • Eggplant parm-you can bread and bake the eggplant so you get the fried taste without the fat, and use fat free cheese
  • tacos with ground turkey

I’m hungry right now.

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I tell you what really got my Fiance into cooking healthy receipes and coming up with ideas of his own – a copy of Men’s Health magazine. I personally think it’s pretty silly and full of boys toys and cliches but it does have a lot of good stuff on fitness including about 10 receipes in each issue. The Fiance actually ended up getting a subscription for the whole year.

We eat mostly seafood and fish in the house so I’m afraid I don’t have many good suggestions. How about a classic omelette? Healthy, full of protein and you can mix it up with anything from feta cheese to veggies to ham, serve with a green salad.

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Turkey burgers are fab. The trick is to not make a fuss about the ‘healthiness’ of whatever you are serving. Look for delicious things that also happen to be good for you and he wil eat. Don’t try to turn an entire meal into rabbit food. Additionally, I’m not the biggets fan of salads but I love saureed and grilled veggies, especially asparagus. Good luck.

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I get a lot of my recipes off of cookinglight.com, and they do healthier version of “comfort foods.”  You could try poking around there.  Fiance loves the recipes that come from that site. 

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i make healthy substitutions, like low-fat cheese, wheat, and turkey instead of beef. fi knows, but that’s because we do the grocery shopping together. sometimes he’s resistant at first (especially with wheat pasta), but he always comes around. also, ground turkey is cheaper than ground beef — win win!

we eat a lot of beans and sweet potatoes, and there are so many things you can do with turkey. i think the biggest thing is to stop buying junk food. have you tried slowly adding in new dishes?

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My fiance was a really unhealthy eater when we first got together because he was brought up on processed sh** food! His family ate out for every meal but breakfast and still does so, which explains why they are all really overweight and unhealthy.

My best advice to you would be to not try to force him to change; he needs to want to do it for himself. I used to give him such a hard time, and I think it actually turned him off to eating healthier. He decided after being sick of feeling lethargic all the time that he wanted to change, and he lost more weight and became healthier than he has ever been because he’s the one that got the ball rolling, not me or anyone else. 

When you cook, make the healthy stuff that you are into; if he refuses to eat it, then that’s the decision he’s making. He’s an adult man and you shouldn’t have to puree fruits and veggies and coax him into eating whole grains. It’s like hilsy85 said- do you really want to be five years into your marriage and still have to be mixing together healthy options for him?

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