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Sugar bee
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It looks like you might have to risk an argument to get your point across. This woman should NOT be invited to your wedding when she blatantly disrespects you and your relationship. I think you might have to just put your foot down on this and tell him, point-blank, “No.”

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Busy bee
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Flip the situation for him – ask him how he would feel if you wanted to invite a guy who hit on you frequently even when you had been with your now Fiance and wanted to you cheat. What if this guy frequently tried to get you to break up with him etc. Would he be comfortable inviting this person?

Or you could say, if there was someone you were really uncomfortable inviting, I would not push the issue. Why is this more important than my feelings?

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She tried to get him to cheat on you with her??  Umm…yeah.  There’s no way this woman should be at your wedding.  As Statutory Grape said, she completely disrespected you and your relationship! It’s completely understandable that you wouldn’t want her there and your feelings are completely valid.

I don’t see why this has to turn into an argument…if roles were reversed and you wanted to invite a guy who had once tried to hook up with you then I can’t see your Fiance being thrilled with having him there.  The bottom line is that her presence will make you uncomfortable. Be honest with him about your feelings and it doesn’t have to turn into a fight. If an argument ensues then I again agree with Statutory Grape you need to put your foot down.

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Buzzing bee
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I may reconsider who you’re marrying. He sounds like a jerk if he really is inviting her- she doesn’t sound like an excellent friend. If my friend bashed my significant other and tried to get me to cheat- I’d say they crossed the frienship line. This is one of those things where you should even have to ask.

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Bumble bee
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There’s a woman that did the same thing to FH and our relationship. She then bashed me in front of his co-workers who constantly ask him about his “bridezilla” yet they still want to come to the wedding? UH NO. At first, we were inviting everyone we could think of, then as the comments and what-not got worse we decided to have a family only event. I don’t need any more drama. 

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Blushing bee
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My fiance and I each ended up vetoing one person that the other wanted. I think it’s totally fair for you to have veto power for situations like this. I would never invite such a person to my wedding.

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Buzzing Beekeeper
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He doesn’t want to hurt “her” feelings?! WTH?  He sure doesn’t seem to care about stomping all over “your” feelings for the benefit of his “friend.”


Ugh.  I’d be giving serious thought to whether this guy is going to make good husband material.

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Buzzing bee
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Maybe he doesn’t realize by trying to look out for her feelings, he’s hurting yours? Ask him what’s more important to him– that her feelings aren’t hurt or that yours aren’t.

To me, this wouldn’t even be a matter of discussion. She was cruel to you for years and then tried to get your FH to cheat on you!? It’s outrageous that he would even think about inviting her.

I agree with @Statutory Grape: that you may have to risk an argument at this point– you don’t need the added stress of her attending your wedding and your FH essentially choosing her needs over yours. Crazy.

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Bumble bee

The wedding isn’t about HER feelings.  Since she seems to despise you anyways she shouldn’t be that upset at not being invited. 


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Blushing bee
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Wasn’t there a situation like this a couple of weeks ago where a girl wanted her friend at a wedding and the groom didn’t want the friend there?


Anyways, I think that this is something that ought to be argued with your fiance. If this was some petty stuff I would say to find a way to deal with it BUT the occasions you have mentioned, that horrible first year and those comments that woman said after your father died…I would say something to my fiance. You don’t have to take that crap.

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Helper bee
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@Winter12: But FH seems sort of, firm, on this. At least for right now. I may be able to talk him out of it before we make our final guest list revision.

Don’t cave on this one…she sounds like a horrid person to the core ever since you were kids! Who in the world says that you are out for attention when your dad dies?!

You fiance should go out of his way to make YOU happy and not worry about some broad’s feelings that was rotten to you. In fact, he shouldn’t even be talking to her if she is this disrespectful and evil to you and your relationship!

If he still hold firm and insists on inviting her, then I say give him back the ring and have him give it to her!!

(Sorry to be harsh but situations like this really make my blood boil!)

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Sugar bee
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@Rocketdog: Actually, that’s what I’d do if he wouldn’t budge, too.

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Blushing bee
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Wow. I really feel like he is just trying to start an argument with this one, you need to tell him that if he wants her to be there then there won’t be a wedding…it is disrespectful to you for him to invite her. This is supposed to be one of the most wonderful days of both of your lives and if she is there then you won’t be thinking about anything but how much you dislike her and wish she would spill something on herself and leave…

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