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Busy bee
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Mine doesn’t want to wear a ring once we’re married mostly because like your Fiance, mine has job duties where wearing a ring could be hazardous.  We have talked about getting a tungsten ring because if he isn’t going to wear it often, why spend the money.

In all honesty, I don’t care if he wears a ring or not.  He’s definitely NOT the type of guy to wear jewelry.  And outside of putting gel in his hair he doesn’t put a great deal of prep work into getting ready.  I think him wearing/putting on jewelry would just seem weird!


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Bumble bee
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Back when Fiance and I exchanged promise rings, I would be hurt if he forgot to wear it out. He didn’t wear it home, which I was fine with, because neither did I, but when he went out and forgot, it really got to me. He never forgets now (he still wears it), probably because of my many breakdowns and final outburst!

On the flip side, I know that if I sometimes forget to put my engagement ring back on after cooking or showering, he gets very quite. Or, if he sees me slip into the room where the ring is, I know he’s a bit put out that I forgot.

I’m pretty sure he’ll wear his wedding band even when we’re home (I wear my engagement ring all the time, except for cleaning and showering), but sometimes he’ll have to take it off for work (his preference, since we works with a lot of tools), which I’m fine with…as long as he remembers to put it back on.

I know I (and probably FI) get perturbed when the ring(s) isn’t/aren’t worn because of the meaning behind it. And then the money-minded part of me thinks, “Hey, we (or I) spent a lot of money on that ring, so it better be worn!”

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Busy bee
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Mine won’t, but that’s because it’s too dangerous for his job–he’s a heavy equipment mechanic and it’s far too dangerous to wear jewelry.

I am more than fine with him not wearing one, I don’t want him to get hurt!

He’s psyched about his ring though–will wear it for special occasions I guess.  Fits his personality, the gears even work!

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My Fiance doesn’t have an engagement ring.  He’s not a jewelry person, so I’d planned on buying him something HE wanted instead when we got engaged, but when it came to that point he laughed and said not to…he felt silly.  His wedding ring, however, it will bug me on one level if he doesn’t wear it if he doesn’t have a valid reason…but if he does I can deal

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I’m not sure if my Fiance will wear his ring once we’re married but because the Fiance is an engineer, he might not wear it at work.  He will be getting a tattoo on his ring finger as well. 

@sehrler:  We were looking at the Kinekt ring, too! Let me know how the ring fits and if you had any problems.  I couldn’t find anyone who bought it recently to ask.

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Blushing bee

I’m still waiting for my SO to pop the question, but we’ve already discussed rings and have picked our bands. We definitely don’t share a love for bling, and he either wanted a plain band or to get his ring finger tattooed. Luckily, we did find a ring. I know he won’t wear it while he’s working since he a mechanic, which is fine by me. I do believe he’ll be wearing his band in the future, otherwise I know he would have insisted on not getting a band at all. However, if he did decide at some point that wearing a ring isn’t for him, I suppose I can deal with it, but it would bother me a bit. 

@sehrler:  Ah, that’s so awesome! I’ve been wanting to get this for my SO since it fits his hobbies and profession so well! Unfortunately, he pretty much hates jewelry. So, I feel like I would be more excited about the ring than he would if I gifted it to him, lol.

 @MerryWidow: This. I was thinking of getting him something as well whenever we do get engaged. Most likely these european rims for the car his rebuilding. I love shiny jewelry, and he loves shiny things in an automobile related form. He would probably appreciate it more, lol.


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My Fiance has an “engagement ring”…well really we got matching stainless steal promise rings with our names engraved on it years ago and he never takes it off (corny I know, but thats what happens when you are young and they have a ring booth at Six Flags lol). Hey, at least we didn’t get shirts with each other’s faces on them right? Not yet at least…lol

He is very excited about his wedding ring but sad to see his old one go. He wasn’t always this way though. He hated the idea of rings for men wedding or not but warmed up to his promise ring after a while. First it felt weird with it on, then he felt weird without it. They just need time to adjust I think. His tungsten wedding ring is thicker so it will be the same song all over again!

He also felt weird that people would ask if he was married and he would reply “no I’m engaged” and they would be rude about a man wearing a ring before he was actually married. Now he just doesn’t give a hoot what they think!

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Mine wears his but he has forgot it at least 3 or 5 times.  He takes if off to shower or wash his hands.  He always realizes it on the drive in or shortly after he goes to work because he goes to play with it and it’s not there.  

It bugs me a little but not really too much, sometimes it slips his mind.  When he does forget it he always goes and gets it to put it on when he gets back home.  He also sleeps with it on.

He’s not a jewelry person and a few days after he got it he said “what if I got a tattoo I can’t forget it and I can’t take it off.”  I hated the idea because I really don’t like tattoo but more so that I love that our sets sort of match and other people seem to think its kinda neat too.  To me its weird for one person to have a ring and one to have a tattoo, unless theres a work related safety or practical reason like PP’s have said.  I told him that we should either both have tattoos or both have rings.  I think I appealed to his crazy OCD because he just nodded and said okay but I do still worry a little that one day he’ll come home with a tattoo…


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i gave my Fiance a promise ring on our one year anniversary, and he gave me two rings at two different times. I gave him a ring that was 1.5 sizes too small, so he wears it around his neck now on a long chain that he never takes off except for showers. he even wears it at work, and that speaks volumes to me.

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Bumble bee
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We aren’t married yet, but Fiance has his wedding band. I sometimes find him wearing it around the house and I just chuckle to myself. Once we get married I don’t think he will take it off unless he is sleeping, showering, or at the beach. I love my ring but take it off a lot at home if I’m just relaxing.

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