(Closed) FI Can’t Walk 1 Day Before Our Wedding…

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Buzzing bee
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I’m really sorry to hear about this. But your wedding day will still be amazing. Don’t stress too much. I’m sure he can limp down the aisle and dance on one foot. I know its not ideal but it will all work out and one day you’ll look back and laugh at it.

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Busy bee
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Put streamers on his wheel chair!!  Because no matter what happens he better be at the end of the isle ready to get married!  Its definately a dumb move that boys do.  Be mad for a little bit and then figure out how he is going to get where he needs to go.  That is the important part.

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Bumble bee
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How is he supposed to walk on the beach, stand for hours for pictures, nevermind DANCE WITH ME


Considering the extent of his injuries and keeping in mind that it was an ACCIDENT, I think you should have a little bit more empathy for your Fiance. It sounds like he’s probably in pain right now, and you are mainly concerned about YOU. Yes, it sucks. But you can’t change it. I suggest getting some crutches and keep it iced. Maybe ask him how he’s feeling instead of being so angry at him.

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Busy bee
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I’m so sorry this happened! I’m sure your Fiance feels sooo sh*tty about it too and realises just how upset you are! It seems like guys don’t get it, till something bad happens, eh? I know my Fiance will be out towing cars, and fighting fires up until 2 days before the Wedding, which I’m fine with but there’s always that murfy’s law. I’m sure everything will still be amazing! You might have to tweak a few things but make sure he get’s to the ER so it doesn’t get worse and nothing get’s infected.

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Busy bee
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OK, so boys & men are kinda stupid. I bet if he had foresight like we women do (which seriously men just don’t) he would have realized that sitting out 1 game of basketball could really save your wedding.

Now, take a deep breath. Its not that bad. Ten years from now you’ll laugh, and hit him on the shoulder, roll your eyes at what a goose he was.

Go get some cruches for him to use to get around -they can be tossed for the ceremony & church. Heck, you could even have chairs for the ceremony as is very common in many religions (and will save your feet too!) -Otherwise he can just hold one cruch on the side the camera can’t see. 

Bring ice packs so he can ice in between when he gets the chance.

You’re dance will have to be different, but I think its still doable if you go highschool prom style (which is seriously cute BTW).

Your wedding will be beautiful even if Fiance was a goof. I’m sure he feels really bad and embarassed.

As an asside, I was in a wedding once where the bride broke her arm two days before the wedding -she ended up in a full L shaped cast…and they didn’t have white casting just purple & zebra (wedding colours were navy & brown). So, all her wedding pics have a beautiful purple cast in them (and she was pretty uncomfortable towards the end of the night)  Not what she invisioned because she couldnt exchange rings (or wear one), hold her flowers, and was too sore to dance….but she’s married and that is really all that matters…and you will be too!!!


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Helper bee
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I have a disability that makes it difficult to walk or stand.  this is what I do / am doing.  Make sure there is plenty of ice available to numb the pain. Call the airport ahead of time and tell them he will need a wheelchair.  They will wheel him through security and straight on the plane then back off.  Get him some crutches, so he can keep off the ankle while it heals.  Get him pain relievers, tylenol, vicodin (dont take these together) and some anti-imflamatories, alleve, or ibprofen.

The day of the wedding ice him down and give him some alleve and tylenol or vicodin.  Hopefully he can limp down the aisle and stand on one leg during the ceremony.  Shorten the ceremony if possible.  Plan the day so he can sit most of the time.  If you get him a tall stool he will be able to sit tall next to you for photos and for socializing.  For photos he can stand on his good leg for short periods of time but walkng will be difficult.  Walking on the sand with crutches in mostly impossible. The guests can come to him to say hi.

You can still do the first dance, just sway while he stands on his good leg.  He can crutch around the rest of the time.

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Bumble bee

I can see that being very frustrating!! My SO just *had* to play football the night before my best friend’s wedding and chipped his front teeth off! Thank goodness for the emergency dental department…. I was pretty choked with him and it wasn’t even for my own wedding! angieox’s suggestions are great! He knows it hurts you but all that matters is that you are marrying him-gimpy or not!

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I bet that even if he shouldn’t he’s going to walk and dance on that thing with no issues, because just as he got injured being ridiculous today, he will also be ridiculous enough to injure it more to make your day special ๐Ÿ™‚ Sounds terrible when I read it back, but you know what I mean. Just make sure he starts drinking as soon as the receptions starts to ease the pain LOL

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I have to agree with @mwitter80 He’s gonna do all those things on the Big Day b/c he loves you and he wants to.

That and he’ll probably be so happy that he doesn’t notice as much.

a little off topic but kinda relevant to pain…. The shoes I wore the day of were FABULOUS I loved them SOOO Much…. come to a couple weeks later when i wear them again and they are killing me… even sitting down they’re hurting my feet.

My conclusion: I musta been REAL happy on the Day of b/c my feet didn’t hurt at all

I’m sure you FH will be that happy too… Take plenty of Ibuprofen for the inflammation (you can take up to 800 mg at a time 3 times a day) and keep it as elevated as he can whenever he can…. obviously not in flight but when he can

((hugs)) the day will be great! ๐Ÿ˜‰

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Honey bee
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try really hard to not think “what if…”

you’re going to be married at the end of the day! It’s going to be ok! 

In fact, it will be beautiful, and I am sure you will look back on this and laugh someday!

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Honey bee
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Fiance twisted and chipped a piece of his ankle the day before a big golf trip.  His ankle was just as you described your FI’s – but he sucked it up, limped the whole weekend and golfed anyway.  He got an xray, and since it wasn’t fractured, they put a tensor bandage on, iced it as much as possible and away he went. I’m sure your Fiance will make it ๐Ÿ™‚

EDIT: I just re-read what I wrote, and I hope it didn’t sound rude, I was just saying that if they want to do something, they’ll suck it up!!!  Good luck!

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Sugar bee
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it could always be worse! at least it was an accident that will go away. Not something terrible where he can never walk again!

try not to stress about it, i mean in the end its not a big deal if he can walk or not. you guys love each other and are sharing that with everyone that day.

My mom told me on her wedding day she was about to walk down the aisle and dad was over an hour late… she started freaking out thinking he got cold feet and ran. His car broke down on the way to the church, he climbed underneath to fix something, dropped the wrench on his face and busted his eyebrow open. Had to go to the ER to get stitches, ON HIS WEDDING DAY!!!! HAHAHA

hope that made ya giggle ๐Ÿ™‚

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I broke my foot the day before a big presentation at a national conference… So after icing it all day and night I had someone go to a drugstore and pick me up an air cast/bootie for a broken foot and ankle.  While I was in some (dull) pain, it was very managable and I had no problem during the hour-long presentation.  They hide well under pants and do and amazing job at supporting the ankle!  Good luck!

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