(Closed) FI is terrified of me when I'm asleep.

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@ZebraPrintMe:  Haha oh my goodness, you DO sound scary to sleep with! SO hates sleeping with me because I breathe so loudly, but at least I don’t do this! hahaha.

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I’m fairly normal but FH does a few things. He has very vivid nightmares that make him whimper or freak out and I have to wake him up or he will start thrashing. He used to talk more in his sleep, once he talked to me like I was one of his students, he said ‘take this and put it on the shelf’ with his hand held out. I said ‘take what?’ ‘Take this and put it on the shelf!!’ I grabbed his hand like I was taking it and he said ‘very good!’ Then laid back down. 

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Haha! I’m like you too! 

The first night Fiance stayed over i elbowed him in the face…..



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That “silence and darkness!” Bit had me laughing out loud. That’s hilarious.

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These are so funny and a little bit scary, too! Fiance and I don’t live together and we’ve only slept in the same bed once. In my defense, it was a tiny twin bed but apparently I kept flipping and flopping until he was teetering on the edge of the bed. After a few times, he went and slept in the other room. 🙁 

Another time, he started drifting off to sleep during a conversation we were having. I was trying really hard to follow what he was saying but I felt really confused. He started out talking about helping his brothers with a project, then about superheroes, then telling me, “You see, the problem is….the problem is………the problem is……” and ending with “be be be be beef meatloaf…” 

The funniest thing is that I didn’t realize he was asleep until the meatloaf part!

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Ok this thread has me literally laughing out loud.




Well, I have a rather embarassing sleep thing, I was really young, probably like 10…and apparently I peed in the garbage can in the kitchen, mid flow, my mom came out and asked what I was doing..I told her I had to pee.


The other, I was probably 13…I was on vacation in Cape Cod with my great Aunt..I told her ‘I need the blue shoes!’ 


^ I chalk the above up to Ritalin/Adderal..I took it until late Middle School.  It stopped after that.


I’m a very light sleeper, so sometimes I wake up to my own voice after talking in my sleep.


My husband kind of coo’s like a baby in his sleep…especially when on his back.  It’s pretty weird.


I’ve also had orgasms in my sleep. It’s only happened a handful of times though. Pretty awesome.

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Sometimes I have some really interesting conversations with DH when he’s asleep. He was a sleep walker runner as a child so it’s not really surprising.

He usually gets super irritated and cranky and says things that don’t necessarily make sense. He doesn’t even remember talking with me the next day and if I repeat to him what he said he’ll get really embarrassed and apologize profusely for being so rude.

If he was actually conscious when he was talking to me like that I’d probably be pretty pissed, but since I know he has no idea what he’s doing I think it’s pretty funny most of the time. I’ve literally been like, “You won’t even remember this tomorrow so don’t even bother,” a few times before.

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A few nights ago my SO sat up straight around 3am, and kept repeating my name over and over nervously until I woke up. I looked over at him and he was staring up at the ceiling and said “Do you see that?!” I was confused but awake now, and said I didn’t see anything. He kept repeating “It’s a yellow orb! The yellow orb, up near the ceiling! Are you seeing this?!” I asked him if he had just woken up from a bad dream or if he was still asleep and he sort of laughed and said “Can’t you see I’m wide awake?! How could I be asleep if I can see the yellow orb?!” 

AHH! It freaked me the heck out. He carried on for a few more minutes acting like I was delusional for not being able to see this ‘yellow orb’ and finally decided to give up “Fine! If you’re not even going to try to see it then I’m going back to sleep.” Uhhhh…okay? Obviously he didn’t remember a dang thing in the morning and thought it was hilarious. I, on the otherhand, am still a little freaked out 🙁 

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I know I snore and I know it drives my fiance crazy, but in my opinion, he’s the worst one out of us.  He talks in his sleep and makes other weird noises.  Sometimes I walks around the house, but not often.  One I remember waking up at 4 in the morning cause I was freezing.  My fiance wasn’t in the bed and our back door was wide open.  It was also early March in Canada and there was still snow on the ground.  I looked in the spare room cause he sometimes sleeps there when he can’t stay comfortable, but he wasn’t there.  I started to panic that he may have decided to “go for a walk” or something in his sleep.  I started calling his name and eventually he came up from the basement asking why I was yelling at him.  He had no idea that he’d gone into the backyard for a smoke and then gone to sleep in the basement, leaving the back door wide open lol.

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@BelliniChic:  Haha! Yeah it was really creepy! I said his name three times, and he didn’t respond at all… But then I said “sweetie, what are you doing?” and he said “laundry” and then came back to bed. I guess he was dreaming about watching the laundry machine or something? Haha

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I’ve done the creepyass thing where I shoot straight up from a dead sleep, turn my head slowly, stare at DH, then lay back down. More than once, apparently.

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@Jellybones:  “she punched me in the nose and went to sleep” BHAHAHAHAHAHA!! 

I don’t do anything weird, except talk, a lot.. 

Fiance on the other hand… (Backstory, he’s super into motor sport, has raced in some form or another since he was 14) makes broom broom noises in his sleep, like a little racecar. It’s super cute. 

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I was on medication at one point that causes night terrors, and talking in sleep, and I think I may have punched him once while asleep. It could be medication. Or maybe you might find something that can prevent them? Try melatonin for more restful sleep, its an over the counter natural suppliment.

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@ZebraPrintMe:  Haha your poor FI!  If I fall asleep on the couch and Fiance tries to take me to bed I’ll kick him as hard as I can and not even realize it until he tells me the next day. 

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