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In this job market he would be silly not to take it.

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Tough decision with TTC but the pay increase sounds so worth it, and youve been long distance before so you know you can cope. You sound mostly for him taking the promotion so I say go for it! And that sort of pay rise is life changing!

Another option is.. I dont know about your current job situation but that amount of money is so substantial, could you potentially leave your job and travel with him for the two years? Obviously this depends how much you earn, how much you like your job etc… but if you dont enjoy your job or were planning to leave for children in the future it could be worth condsidering!

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peonytuliplove:  I could only wish my Fiance was in your FI’s position. The job market is way too unstable right now to turn down opportunities like that. My Fiance has been unemployed for going on 3 months now and lemme tell you, it’s incredibly stressfull. Count your lucky stars and take the promotion. 

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peonytuliplove:  This is obviously up to you. You’ve done long distance before, how did you feel about it? Are you ok with doing it again (mostly) for two years? If you get pregnant, are you interested in being mostly a single parent for the first few months at least? Or are you willing to delay TTC for those couple years? How much would that $20k help you? Do you need the extra $20k to live the lifestyle that you want?

If I were in your position, I would not want him to take the job. Provided that we could still live comfortably without it. But I’m also pretty opposed to having an LDR, which you have obviously done before. I’ve always been of the opinion that happiness is more important than money, so if my Fiance and I were living comfortably anyway and he got the opportunity to get that promotion, I would not want him to take it, unless it was his absolute dream job or something, because I know that that situation would make both of us pretty unhappy to be apart most of the time.

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If it were me, I would do it.  It might be impossible to TTC while he is working that schedule though and if having a baby is the most important thing to you right now, then it probably won’t work out.  But the increase in money and a job that he would love would make it really hard for me to allow my husband to say no to it.

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peonytuliplove:  I know so far the replys have been in favor of your Fiance taking this job.

I’m not going to say he shouldn’t– but I would ask you to ask yourself what’s more important to you.  $20k more a year is awesome- and there’s so much you could do (whether it’s save, invest, house, travel, etc…..) with that money.

That said, if my family (in this case you and FI) was already set with thier finances and enjoyed thier job, I might hesitate.  It’s only two years of substantial travel- but it’s two years of 75% travel.

I think there are obvious reasons that both choices are great.  Just really put yourself in that situation before you say YES- so you don’t regret it.

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peonytuliplove: I would take it because if he turns it down, he may get passed over for any other promotions since they think he’s happy where he is. 

Pay rises are usually a percentage of base. so 20k this year. Assuming a 3% raise each year for the next five years, that 20k is more than 23k and the total forgone income is well over 103k. 

103k would put quite the dent in student loans or start the college fund for the child you plan to have.

two years is a long time but it’s worth trying since it’s not long in the scheme of a lifetime together. There’s also no point in daddy tracking him until you actually concieve. Hopefully it happens quickly but you never know. 

taking a job like this now before a child is the best time to do so. 

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bitsybee:  This is a very important point about potential to be passed over in the future.

Concerning the pay raise, how much does $20k extra mean to you? If he is making $30k now, it’s a huge jump. If $300k, not so much.

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peonytuliplove:  Honeslty, I would NOT want my husband to be traveling that much. If he’s only home 1 week a month, you only see him a total of 12 weeks out of 52 per year? That seems crazy to me. I understand that 20K is A LOT of money, but I would rather have my husband around. 

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2 years goes by fast and I’m assuming they will not reduce his pay when he settles into a less rigorous travel schedule. So for the 2 years it would be $40k more in your pockets before taxes but if he stays with the job for 5 years, that’s $100k. Even better if he is earning airline miles and hotel points = free vacations for you two.

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Unless you are right now struggling financially, the jump in salary cannot make up for all his traveling, especially if you were previously long distance and now wanting to TTC. There are a lot of little moments of spending time together as a couple that you’ll miss if he’s gone that much, and if/when baby comes, you’ll all want to be together.

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That is a LOT of travel for just 20k to me.  I think I’d prefer my husband home and forgo the money. I would not be able to go for something like that, especially if TTC depending on how old you are.  If I was 32 and starting to TTC,  there is no way I would give up 2 years.  If I were 22, then maybe

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I am in a role like that.  I would encourage you guys to think carefully about how much you really can do.  Also, during that week would he be allowed to work from home or need to work from the office?  If it’s from the office, I would say “hell no”. 

Being gone that much impacts your life in ways you  cannot imagine.  My travel is Sun-Fri for a few weeks in a row followed by a week at home (usually home on weekends.  THAT is hard enough.  There is no way I would be gone for 3 weeks in a row unless I was traveling internationally.

Please feel free to PM me if you’d like specifics, but I would strongly advise against this substantial of a life change for $20k more.

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