(Closed) FI just told me he HATES my hair curly… help!

posted 8 years ago in Beauty
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    Do I make him happy and go with what he likes? (straight) : (35 votes)
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    Do I go with what I wanted to start with? (Curly) : (29 votes)
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    You need to update your poll so it has two options to choose from.  I think it’s pretty awful that your Fiance told you he HATES your hair when it’s curly.  I have curly hair that I sometimes leave natural and sometimes straighten and I would be pretty pissed if my husband said that to me!  I think you should wear your hair however you are most comfortable.  On the day of your wedding I really don’t think he’ll even notice your hair and it certainly won’t detract from how beautiful you look.

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    Aww man…Are you sure he hates all curly styles or perhaps just one particular style?  If he truly does hate all curly hairstyles, then I wouldn’t wear it curly if I knew he absolutely hates it. How did you find out that he hates it, anyway? Could you show him a few other curly pics and see what he thinks?

    @Moose  I agree that isn’t a nice thing to say! I tell my hubby things I prefer and whatnot, but I don’t say, “I hate this….I hate that..”  Not so nice!

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    What is your hair naturally? I have wavy/curly hair and have asked Fiance which way he likes it best for our wedding (curly or straight), and he says he likes both so he can’t decide. I can’t imagine how I’d have felt if he said he hates one or the other!

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    Men are so weird about our hair! Why?? I tell my fiance that he only cares about my hair so much because he is bald and has to live vicariously through my hair! Lol!

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    Maybe you could do something like loose curls instead of tight ones?  Maybe what he’s thinking is he hates ringlets or something?  Mrs. Pencils hair was super curly – I doubt he would mind if you did something similar.

    I think it sucks he said he hates it when your hair is curly, but I know my husband hates my hair straight, which is why I curled it for our wedding.  I wanted to look as beautiful as I could for BOTH of us.  I think you’ll be fine doing something like Mrs. Pencils hair though.  Don’t fret!

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    I was going to wear my hair 1/2 up & 1/2 down with curls in it. Then I asked my then Fiance how he likes my hair best & he really likes it straight. So I wore it straight & am SOOO glad I did that :). However, I like my hair better straight anyways so it was a win-win. Plus, I did my hair myself (I’m used to straightening it) & my bridesmaids helped me put my veil & tiara thing in my hair so it saved me $$ instead of having to pay someone else to do it.

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    your fi sounds like a JERK for saying that.

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    I would go with what makes you feel beautiful, at the end of the day, you’re the one that has to handle your hair, not him

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    I wouldn’t do anything that I knew my Fiance HATED. If he doesn’t like ringlets then do a wavy style as a compromise. I like the idea of my hair curly but then when I see pics I think it makes me look older (eww).

    How do you normally wear your hair? You should probably just do a better version of that – I think too many brides try to do something different and then they don’t really look like themselves in their photos.

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    I have naturally curly hair, and my SO let me know that he prefers it straight.  But he would never say he HATES it curly.  He might very well hate it curly (he probably does hate it curly), but he wouldn’t ever say that to me because he knows it can be a pain in my butt to straighten it (especially if it is going to be humid out).

    I would show your Fiance some options for hair for your wedding day and get feedback about what he likes/doesn’t like and make a decision from there.

    My SO did tell me he HATES wedding dresses with spagetti straps, so I will respect that and not even try on dresses that have them when we get engaged.  I do want to try to look my best for both me and him on the wedding day, and even though your Fiance may have been a jerk to comment on your hair with such intensity, he probably just wants to see you at what he thinks is your best.  I think you should make an effort to be sure he likes what your hair looks like on your wedding day.

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    Meh, I don’t think he is a jerk for saying he hates it curly. I mean, would you rather him NOT say anything before and then sometime late when you are looking back at the wedding photos him saying “I wish you would have made it straight. I can’t stand your curly hair.” I’d rather know upfront to avoid it.

    Yeah, I wouldn’t go anything my Fiance disgusts even if I want to do it. I bought a pair a fringe wedge sandals that I ABSOLUTELY loved! Wore them one day with everyone saying how awesome they were…then my Fiance said he hated them. The went to the consignment shop the next day. He also did that with a pair of sailor pant style jeans that I loooooved. Since he hated them though, they went bye-bye. I don’t want my fiance looking at me with any kind of disgust, so why would I purposely wear something he hates just because I like it?

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    Maybe ask him to elaborate a little? Or show him a hairstyle and ask him what he thinks? I know you don’t wnat him to know what you look like on your wedding day, but you also want him to think that you’re beautiful on the day too!

    I do think it’s kind of weird that he said he hates it curly. My husband says he prefers mine one way or another, but never hate! Sorry he used such a strong word!

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