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Honey bee
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We had a similar dispute and ended up with a tiny one, just because it’s more common where we live and we found the one we liked and he happened to be small. 

Cockapoo? No shedding, medium size, pretty smart due to the poodle, great for running with if you want to do that. My friend’s got one who’s great. 

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Bee Keeper
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Small dogs have much less maintenance in comparison to large dogs.  And the fact that he said it wouldnt be a “real dog” is rather insulting to us small dog owners.  If you have allergies most of the dogs that would work are smaller anyway.  He cant expect you to spend most of your days doped up so he can have exactly what he wants with no regards to you.

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Buzzing Beekeeper
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Instead of BUYING a dog, go to your local shelter and adopt one.  Then you can see which dog’s personality you like best…and maybe you’ll be surprised!  Or, go for a medium sized dog.

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My DH feels the same way as your Fiance. Isn’t the easy solution a medium sized dog? Pit bulls aren’t exactly tiny.

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We got a medium sized Labradoodle. This might be a good choice since your Fiance likes labs but they don’t shed so it would be great for you. The medium size will be between 35-45lbs (with the females tending to be smaller).

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Helper bee
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I have both a 100 lb labrador retriever and a 6lb York Shire Terrier. I love them both dearly but the lab is 100% more fun than the yorkie LOL. Having a large dog is almost like having another person there. She is my heart, soul and world.

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Helper bee
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We have 2 pups, and for you I would recommend a mini or medium goldendoodle. Ours, Archie, on the left is only 40lbs, doesn’t shed at all (I have asthma and allergies too and have NEVER had a problem) and has the sweet, fun personality of a golden without the hugeness! I’ve always had big dogs and DH had a small dog growing up and we both are so in love with this dog.

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Sugar bee

Oh, a Pembroke Welsh Corgi acts like it wants to be large dog and kind of looks like a mini German Shepard but is a smallish dog! They’re sooo cute. My baby Bacon is just 7 months old so he hasn’t fluffed out yet and has 5-7 lbs to gain. He is so smart (already knows sit, lay down, speak, shake, spin, roll over, and play dead) too. He sheds like crazy with the changing season though. Here’s a few of my little fellow:

Also, a day spent running around the apartment tires him out pretty well. He also goes jogging with me sometimes, but doesn’t really keep up. And trust me, he is a “real” dog – he barks, pees, poops, and eats like one!

Edit: I just wanted to add that a poster will write about small dogs barking all the time. My Bacon only barks when he is scared, wants attention, or wants to go outside. He never barks at people or other animals. I guess he is more of a medium dog with short legs than a small dog though.

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Honey bee
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It depends on your lifestyle 

If you are busy and are not outdoorsy type, a small dog might be best.  They tire easily so a 30 minutes walk around the subdivision is PLENTY for them. 

If you like hiking and being outside, a large doing is better. They can be out all day long and still keep up with you.  They will be exhausted that night but thats good. A tired dog is a happy dog. 

We have a lab. He is ALOT of work. Hes still fairly young, but i cant imagine having a small dog.  We take him for hikes almost every night in the summer and he goes swimming in the river.  I go jogging with him as well. We are a very outdoorsy couple and a small dog just wouldn’t suit us. 

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Busy bee
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Ok if you’ve seen any of my dog-related posts you will know I am super biased but have you considered a corgi? I’m a big dog fan myself but when I finally talked my SO round to getting a dog we had to be realistic about size as we have an apartment. We also have rabbits and guinea pigs in the flat which I was not wiling to put at risk from a terrier which ruled those out, leaving us with not much choice in the small dog category.


I started doing research and realised a Corgi might actually be the compromise we were looking for-they were (and still are in places) used for herding cattle so don’t have some of the more undesirable (for us anyway) characteristics of a dog that chases to kill, and really have a lot of personality that easily rivals a bigger dog such as a lab-ours in particular is NOT a shy, retiring type and she will walk and hike as well as the larger dogs, I’ve taken her out with my friends collie and lab and she keeps up easily-only needing a bit of help over large obstacles, but she gives it a go first!!


Most people who know corgis say they are a big dog wrapped up in a small package-they have a ‘medium’ sized body (she fits coats and harnesses the same size as cocker spaniels for example) but just shorter in the leg 🙂 

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Buzzing bee
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We were the opposite, I wanted a big dog, and Fiance wanted a smaller one (or none at all, he was perfectly happy with cats). We ended up adopting a 15 lbs cockapoo. By weight, she’s smaller than I thought I would want, but she has a larger frame (significantly bigger than my 15 lbs cat). I now think she’s the perfect size. She can play and run with us (she’s fast!!), fit comfortably on the couch next to us, and not do as much damage or reach as many places as a bigger dog.

So I think your guy is being very narrow-minded, especially if you have a legitimate reason like allergies and apartment living to want to go smaller with a dog. I second what PPs said about looking into a poodle mix to avoid shedding (I love it!!!), and put your foot down with this “but I waaaaaant” attitude. A labrador or golden retriever in an apartment with an ellergic person is a joke. 

(Also, as 

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@peachacid said, you should try to adopt. Many people don’t even realize that shelters often have young puppies, and individual personality is much more important than a breed personality profile when it comes to choosing your own pet.)

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Busy bee
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It could be much worse… FH wants a mastiff…. as in a 200 lb dog! Only dog I’ve ever owned was a teacup chihuahua who weighs 3.5 lbs haha I’m a cat person and I also don’t believe in buying when theirs dogs that need to be adopted so it’s a battle.

I think I figured out the solution to my problem though… Mastiffs are soo expensive so if I let him stick to his plan of buying one I won’t have to worry about it for awhile because we can’t afford one!

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Bumble bee
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I love small dogs. I would each make a pros and cons list (being honest, not just because you want one over the other!) and talk about each point. Here’s what mine would look like:


Small dogs – pros:

less poop, live longer, less food to buy, less space required (depends on breed, but just on average), potentially not as destructive, not as loud, REALLY CUTE!


Can’t rough and tumble with them, can’t go on long long walks/in the woods, more delicate, may not be as friendly around children, potential to be yappy/nippy.


Also there is some research that says that larger dogs are more likely to have costly medical problems as compared to small dogs. http://www.mainstreet.com/slideshow/smart-spending/10-dogs-priciest-vet-bills

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