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I am totally fine with porn and I know which celebrities my husband finds attactive — not because he drools like an animal or throws it in my face, but because we have conversations like adult human beings and it occasionallly comes up. Anyway… He’s not a pig and I’m not a prude is what I’m saying. I would have no problem with him looking at hot chicks, but would be embarassed, hurt, and confused if he Liked them. What’s the purpose? What is the point of broadcasting it to the world? It’s just immature and unnecessary.

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@bunnyharriet:  me too, i would be more embarassed than anything…. 


Best to talk to him and let him know how it makes u feel, if he keeps it up after the convo then i would say something for sure 🙂

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@MrsRugbee:  Same. (I recently sent my FH some leaked topless photos of a celebrity he really likes, because he doesn’t follow celebrity news and didn’t know they were out there… didn’t want him to miss out lol)

I wouldn’t get upset about him LOOKING at lingerie models online… I mean, they’re literally there for the purpose of looking hot. Of course they look hot. Of course a heterosexual guy with a libido and working eyeballs is going to enjoy pointing said eyeballs at them.

It says nothing about how he feels about you. I’m sure he’d prefer climbing into bed with you any day of the week.


I would get pretty upset if he was blasting all over his facebook how much he liked them, I’d feel like taking that enjoyment public was kind of disrespectful.

It’s silly to ask your guy not to enjoy lingerie models… but it’s totally reasonable to ask him to keep it private.

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If he’s going to look at it, it should be outside of FB. If I was in the same situation, I would be embarrased to know that all of my DH’s friends could see that he “liked” these pictures or whatever. 

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I love porn


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@Bebealways: agreed!

The facebook liking is really weird, adolescent and just plain rude. But I wouldn’t worry to much about him looking at pictures. 

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Aw sorry this is happening, I would be upset too! I mean I guess I would expect hm to like them but not literally ‘like’ them as in click on it so everyone can see 🙁 I would talk to him calmly and explain that it is hurting you and ask him not to display that on his facebook etc.

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I actually had a huge convo with DH about this sorta thing. He “friended” this girl on instagram and I calmly told him that it made me uncomfortable becuz of the pics she would post of herself. I know he did it because hes big into cars and shes part of this crew hes friends with. But literally there were 4 pics of her cars and the rest were all provocative. DH took what i was saying in an offensive manner I guess and it turned into this huge argument when all I wanted was for him to understand why it bothered me. Well a week later I still didnt feel the issue was resolved and we talked about it again. He reassured me that he knew where I was coming from and apologized for the way he reacted. So if this really bothers you then tell him! He should respect your wishes and not bring anything into the relationship that would make you feel uncomfortable. 

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I also find that a little weird/creepy when guys in relationships “like” lingerie models online.  I don’t understand why, his gf/fiance along with every mutual contact will see too.  Porn is different, it’s private, but it’s just disrespectful when it’s blasted on facebook for all to see. 

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@bunnyharriet:  +1

I agree – I would be embarrassed for my fiance if he was liking this stuff all over Facebook. Isn’t that what horny, immature high school kids do?

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My FH would no doubt understand – I adore looking at “eye-candy” menfolk (usually with very little clothing on) on FB.  I have two FB friends (former students) who are the ones who usually post the pics – both are happily married. Hot guys in kilts, cowboys and men with tattoos *drool*. It doesn’t mean I do not love my FH (who is definitely not in peak physical condition) or that I am moving on to porn. I just like looking at hot guys. Since FH gets upset, I try to be discrete.

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It would only really bother me because other people can see it. And it’s like Oh so and so’s fiance is checking out other girls. It’s disrespectful to you, bottom line. Ask him to please look at that in private and not broadcast it to the world.

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@Imean:  I’d say try to explain to him how it makes you feel.  Hopefully he’ll understand where you’re coming from.  It doesn’t matter if it is, or is not, a big deal to other people, you’re not comfortable with it; and everyone deserves to feel confident and beautiful in their relationshps.  Or you could always go the passive-aggressive route and just start liking hot guys on facebook lol.

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