Fiance said the funniest thing in his sleep

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Worker bee

keikochan :  haha that’s hilarious

One time, I knocked the remote off the bed and my ex was like, “what was that?!” I said it was the remote. He very dramatically put his hands on his head, screwed up his face in pure misery and wailed, “oh my goddddd, I can’t believe this is happening!” Then he fell back asleep while I sat there open mouthed.

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These are gold 😂 My fiancé said I freaked him out one time by randomly starting to laugh-cackle and when he asked me what was up I said it was breaking news that it was funny that Guinness cans have widgets in them.

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Blushing bee

LOL  I once woke up to my boyfriend scrubbing the floor  I asked what he was doing he said he was cleaning up a spill. Then climbed back to bed and continued his asleep. There was no spill haha

Lol he also used to go get me Tupperware containers too and bring it back to my nightstand  and I’d wake up to it there confused and amused and he wouldnt remember doing any of this.

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Sleep talking husband last night asked me, “why aren’t you using the synthetic one?”

I have no idea what he was talking about.


I’ve also been gently woken up by him telling me “wait right here, I’m going to turn off that flashlight”

First off, it was 3am and I wasn’t going anywhere 

Second, the “flashlight” was the light to the internet router that has been in our room for a year and only seemed to bother him that night while he was sleeping.

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My fiancé once told me very concerned that he couldn’t believe I let the gremlins out. He didn’t remember the next morning but boy did I not want to be involved in that dream, that movie scared the living daylights out of me when I was little hahah

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Lol so funny! Once my dh woke me up asking to order a ham and cheese croissant.. i said what? You’re sleeping and then he said ok just with cheese.. 😂

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…what was he going to do with half a baby???


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My mind just goes to recipes…

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Just last night my Darling Husband woke up and stood gazing out our bedroom window closest to the bed. It woke me up so I just gently said, “Hey babe come back to bed.” 

“Somethings out there, can’t you see it?!”

“Hey shhh, don’t yell. Theres nothing out there, your sleeping, come back to bed.” 

He comes over to the bed and still on his half puts both hands down and like stands over his side and says “You shut up and don’t tell ME to come back to bed when theres something outside!” and he’s making pointing movements. 

I knew he was sleeping but I like tapped his hand and scolded him for telling me to shut up and he huffs and crawls into bed and just says “I can’t believe you didn’t see it” and passes out… the end. 

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Busy bee

I’m the sleep talker, and apparently I told him to not forget to bring two girl scout cookies from work. I don’t remember this at all until he texted me about it later that day and brought some home. I was confused for a long while, but wasnt complaining lol.


I also laugh in my sleep. Like, out of breath, crying laughing. When he wakes me up, i immediately just say ‘you had to be there’ and fall back to sleep. Allegedly. 


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Man some of these are funny but sleepwalking/talking creeps me out though!!! I sleepwalked when I was little and my fiance sometime says I talk in my sleep. He said I once raised my arms straight up in the air and then lowered them down. It was really creepy to hear that about myself. Ughghgg

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