(Closed) Fiance snoring, driving me crazy

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Honey bee
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My snoring is apparently quite bad…Darling Husband is a light sleeper and often has to leave the bedroom to sleep on the couch.  He recently started wearing earplugs to bed as well which has really helped, but I’ve been tossing and turning more lately, so that’s been bugging him too.

I would try earplugs for a few nights to see if that helps?

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Helper bee

I would make sure he doesn’t have sleep apnea. You say he doesn’t have any medical conditions, but you can’t determine whether or not someone has sleep apnea without a sleep study. Which he might have already done, but it’s worth mentioning. My mom was a snorer and had a sleep study, where they discovered she stopped breathing like 40 times a minute.

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Helper bee

One of my first steps with my Boyfriend or Best Friend is to make sure he’s not sleeping on his back. If he is, I push him over onto his side and cuddle up behind him, or pull him toward me. That typically stops it.

On the rare occasion that it doesn’t work, I keep ear plugs on the window sill.

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Bumble bee

I wear earplugs bc my Fiance snores likes a train combined with a steamship. I wish I could record him on my iphone so he could hear. I don’t know how to do that.

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Bumble bee

OH my husband snores bad!!

Here’s all of what we do, he as a body pillow to keep him on his side.  He wears a chin strap, nose piece, and mouth guard for snoring (search on amazon).  And we put bergamot oil on his feet before bed.

He is so much quieter now, but it’s a ton of stuff to do. 

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Busy bee
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I agree with others.  If I can get him on his side it is much better.  I do wear earplugs and I put an extra pillow on my ear next to him.  It does help. He has said if I die in my sleep he is afraid he will get blamed for putting the pillow on my head. Oh well I am not ready to sleep in separate rooms yet so we do what we need to. 

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Get a white noise machine those things make a ton of a difference 

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Blushing bee

My husband’s snoring is crazy loud and most nights, readjusting his position only helps for a little bit. I’ve been using Macks earplugs for years and it’s been great. Although, after wearing them for some time, my ears started to get sore but that went away. Now I can’t sleep without them. Even if my husband isn’t home or when I’m taking a nap, I need them in to get good sleep. 

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Sugar bee

It’s separate rooms for us.  Either that or I would have smothered him with a pillow.

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Lol. I seem to be the only one that doesn’t mind my fiance snoring. I’m a light sleeper and some nights get pretty loud, but I don’t mind all that much. He has sleep apnea so it’s not like much will help, other than a mask that I would murder anyone if I had to wear myself. I know when he stops breathing and usually just have to brush up next to him to make him start again, and then for the snoring I do the same thing only more of a snuggle to get him on his side. That starts cute little snores in my ear that I like for some reason. Lol. but get him off his back. Don’t have issues when he’s on his stomach, the back is horrible though, so make sure to check. I mean since you’re awake anyway.

But I think that right now it’s the allergies. If it’s new and correlates with issues with allergies flaring up, then the allergy treatment is only taking care of part of the issue. Which even if they say its treating every aspect of allergy inflammation can be untrue. I’m a chronic allergy sufferer and even their oh so wonderful shots never fully helped, so I just deal. But springtime I snore as well because my allergies are at their worst. 

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Sugar bee
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I wear earplugs most nights.  He has issues that make him snore almost all the time.  I can handle it when it’s light but when his allergies and crap flare up I need the earplugs.  I’ve been trying to sleep without them so I can do it when baby comes, but it’s hard.  🙂

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I found a mouth peice on living social that works wonders (when he wears it). He was tested for sleep apnea and doesn’t have it and doesn’t sleep on his back. We tried those strips and nasal dialtors and those didn’t work either for him!

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planningaway:  Break up with him.

Kidding!  I’m a light sleeper and my ex snored LOUDLY.  Get the foam earplugs (not the wax ones) and I’d also make sure he isn’t on his back.  You may just have to sleep in another room, though… I had to do that the nights it was really bad (like when he was sick).

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For all of you who snore loudly, or who have SOs who snore, PLEASE have a sleep study done if you haven’t already.  People don’t realize that sleep apnea can be dangerous, and can cause other health problems as well, (including heart problems).  Granted, not all snorers have sleep apnea, but a lot do.  The snoring part is annoying, but it is often merely a symptom of a larger problem.

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