(Closed) Fiance's Family breaking us apart…. any ideas?

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purplehibiscus:  This man allowed his brother and nephew to beat you up, and then tells you to come back and “get over it” if you want to be with him? Run, don’t walk, away from him and his messed up family. You deserve to feel safe and loved, not bullied at every turn.

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First off you do not need to stay in that house. Do you have any friends to stay with? Is he/you able to rent a small apartment for a while? Are you willing to perhaps rent a room from a homeowner?

I had multiple problems with inlaws – I had one very unpleasant situation where I had his mother and grandmother screaming curse words over the phone (FI was on phone with them but has a disability and was unable to respond correctly, they heard me “parroting” in his ear and he handed me the phone to try and calmly talk to them but they lost it on me). After that my fiance was very firm with his family that it was unacceptable and even though they wouldn’t apologize I had to just move forward.

It certainly is possible for a man to make a drastic change like this, especially when his fiancee was assaulted in the current living situation. If people didn’t change like that then everyone would still be living with their parents until they were thrown to the curb.

I think I agree that you should try to get over it and allow it to wash over. This does not mean that you forgive the brother for his actions nor do you forget. It just means that you address the situation in the way that you need to, accept either the apology or lack of one and then try to not let it control you. You will always remember the incident but you can learn from it and move forward with your life.

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there are too many people in the house. even though you miss your bf, isnt your life drama free from chaotic and toxic mess. dont go back errors from my android.  i commented on a similar thread a few days ago, but the bride to be never said anything about physical violence that is why i told her in that situation to stay there. physical violence takes things to a totally different level, imo.

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purplehibiscus:  its not his family that’s breaking you apart. Its your Fiance. He ALLOWS them to do all the crappy things they do. In one word, your Fiance is a coward. Period. Any man that can watch his woman get physically assaulted, then tell her to get over it, is a loser. You deserve more. 

Move on and leave this family to their enmeshed mess.

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Dump him.  That is one fucked up family that you do not want to marry into.

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Wow. That is insane. If that ever happened to me, my Fiance would drop that family member out of our lives forever, regardless of consequences. 

If he can’t stand up in your defense when you have been physically assaulted, then in what other future situations will he also fail to have your back??

You deserve a partner who would never tolerate that, and who would never expect you to simply “get over it” and put yourself back into that situation. You have every right to not “get over it”. Drop this dude. There is no good quality that he could possibly possess that you could not find in someone else +100.

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Pardon my french. Why the F*CK did he not defend you!? Now he expects you to “get over it” OH HELL NO.


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What the fuuuu?! How is it even an OPTION for you to move back with this man and his crazy family?

I hope you pressed charges like shit against that crazy brother and his son. I hope they both have criminal records now. Can you even imagine the kind of person you have to be to team up with another man, your SON, who you are supposed to be setting a good example for, and go beat up a woman?!

The fact that your boyfriend not only is related to these people, but apparently is still in contact with them and thinks you should move in and live alongside them, shows he has already driven many hundreds of miles in a fast car down the road to Crazytown.

Time to cut your losses and find a man who treats you right!

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I agree with the overall consensus.  If you stay with him, and marry him, you will be dealing with this kind of bs for the rest of your life.  And DEFINITELY do not go back and stay in that house!  And I agree with you that it is unlikely that he will be able to really separate himself from his family after 44 years… The entire situation is problematic to me.

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Sorry honey, I’m willing to overlook some level of crazy in a significant other’s family, but this situation is just crossing a line.

Think about one year, five years, ten years down the road. Even if you keep contact to a minimum, you will still have to see his family members at some point. Assault is something that people just don’t get over. You will always remember that when you see them, and it will be a consistent, tiny nagging friction in your relationship. I realize that this sounds extremely pessimistic, but I know that’s what would happen if I were in that position.

Family aside, your Fiance was completely out of line telling you to get over it and refusing to stand up for you. If he’s not willing to put your needs first to get into a living situation that at least makes you feel safe, then how can you trust him to have your back in anything else related to his family?

I’m sorry, but that’s a dealbreaker for me. Don’t spend the next five years living in fear of his family and that d-bag of a brother of his. No one deserves physical abuse like that, but even worse, no one deserves a partner who won’t defend them from abuse. Get out now and take care of yourself first!

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