(Closed) Fiance’s sister as bridesmaid?

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Blushing bee
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I included my fiance’s two sisters, but it was a logistical thing, I hadn’t planned on it originally.  It’s perfectly ok if she doesn’t stand up next to you.  Do what you are happy with, it’s your day! 

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In My Humble Opinion I think if your fiance is not insiting she be in the wedding party then there is no reason to include her.  Yes, I think in the US it is very common to have the FI’s sister as a member of your wedding party.  In my case it was important to my Fiance that she be part of the wedding, so she is….urg…  In your situation I’d say its okay to keep it as is and not include her.

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Bumble bee

Typically, I think it’s a good idea to have the FI’s sister.  If people are going to be hurt, I don’t think it’s worth damaging relationships.  Of course, if they are living in another country, maybe you won’t really see them much.

I think it’s OK to leave off the sister, if she’s a lot older, if there are several and can’t have them all, or if she’s going to be trouble.  I don’t know where she stands as  spoiled brat.  Is it just an annoyance or is she going to be really difficult?

She had previously made mention of being a Bridesmaid or Best Man.  You must have had the thought that she would have been disappointed, even if she sounded cool on the phone.  I actually think it was nice that she didn’t try to create drama when you told her.  That sounds like something sane and mature people would do.  (But it’s understandable that she feels disappointed about it.)   You already told her she wasn’t going to be a Bridesmaid or Best Man.  So how would you back track now?  She might still like being a Bridesmaid or Best Man and take you up on the offer, but she will know you ultimately don’t want her to be in the wedding.

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Bumble Beekeeper
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It is common in America to include siblings as attendants. However, it’s awfully presumptuous to just ASSUME you’ll be included as a sibling. That being said, I didn’t include my FI’s sister (she’s older, we aren’t that close, i already had 6 friends as attendants) and he decided to include her on his side after he found out she was “bummed” about not being in the bridal party. So she DID get included, just not on my side. Can’t she stand on your FI’s side? My SIl wore a black dress with matching sash to my bridesmaid dresses.

You are never obligated to include anyone, though. If you don’t want to include her, cool, just give her a nice honorary job like some readings and stuff. And, Tanya made a good point that you already mentioned it to her. I’d leave it at that. If she’s going to go excessively bad-mouthing around, well, that shows no class on her part. And if she really is just a ridiculous brat, that’s drama you’re just making sure you don’t have to deal with!

Stick to your plan (plus your Fiance says it’s ok; he could always call and tell his family to chill out if you catch grief) and give her some other tasks.

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The way you describe the situation I wonder if it was your Future Mother-In-Law who gave her daughter the impression she would (or should) be picked, and that’s why she is so disappointed? Maybe she really does understand the situation and this is getting blown out by FMIL?

Either way, I agree with above posters. It stinks that you’re in the position to be disappointing the girl, but it’s your day and your Fiance isn’t pushing for her to be a Bridesmaid or Best Man, so don’t change your lineup. And since it’s his family he should really be the one to mend the situation, not you, In My Humble Opinion. 

I would definitely try to include her in another way, though. Maybe she would like to do a reading during the ceremony? 

Good luck!

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Worker bee
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It’s totally up to you!  If you don’t have her in your wedding party you can have her play a role in the ceremony (reading or something like that).  I think that she just wants to be a part of the party and is not really interested in standing up for your marriage and that is why she is not a BM!

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Bumble bee

It is common to include siblings but you arent obligated to do so.  Just think carefully about it, if it will create some bad tension between everyone I might just ask anyways.  Its your decision though so if you know what you want and that doesnt include her then you dont need to.  Do you have any brothers that your Fiance would include as groomsmen?  PS welcome to weddingbee!

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Helper bee
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I say it’s completely up to you. My brother just got married and his wife asked me to be in her wedding. However, I got engaged shortly after she did and will get married 6 months after their wedding and I’m not asking her to be in my wedding. I love the girl, but I just want my closest girlfriends up there with me. Do what you want – it’s your wedding 🙂

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Helper bee
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I think its totally up to you and ok for her not to be a bridesmaid. If you include all other siblings except her, then I think it could border on mean, but it doesn’t sound like you’re doing that 🙂

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Helper bee
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I think it’s completely up to you as well. My husband had my two brothers as groomsmen, but because he was very good friends with my older brother first, and became good friends with my younger brother as a result of us getting married. They’re like the 3 amigos! But, I’ve also had friends who are not having their significant others’ siblings in the wedding. It’s your wedding and your choice.

I’m not sure what type of ceremony you’re having or if you’re doing any readings, but perhaps you can include her in that way?

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In my opinion, you should have the people that are closest to you be in your wedding party. It doesnt sound like you and Future Sister-In-Law are very close so you shouldn’t have to include her. On that note this is coming from someone who got guilt tripped into including my future sister in law. My fiance’s sister was Maid/Matron of Honor because we are very close, but I was not planning to include his brother’s wife. We aren’t as close, they live halfway across the country, and don’t really have the “means” to afford being in a wedding. However, his parents kept asking us to include her, and when my fiance asked his brother to be best man, she assumed that she was going to be a bridesmaid. So we felt gulity and asked her to be a bridesmaid.

I knwo these are very different circumstances though. Since you already explained to her that she was not in the wedding party, I think it might create more problems (not to mention set a dangerous precedent) if you gave in to her, and Future Mother-In-Law now.

Best of luck! I understand what a difficult situation it is!

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I am having my Future Sister-In-Law as a bridesmaid but she got married a few months ago and didn’t ask me to be one of her bridesmaids.  I was a little insulted, seeing as I had gotten engaged before her (though getting married 4 months after) and had already asked her to be my b-maid but, to be honest, by not asking me she saved me a ton of money so I didn’t take it too hard 😉  Anyway, my fiance was a groomsman so to keep me occupied during the wedding day while he was busy with groomsman duties, Future Sister-In-Law asked me to be her personal attendant.  I thought this was a total -ahem- BS job but I put myself to work on the day of… helped bride get dressed, helped bmaids do their hair and makeup, etc..  This might be a good job for your Future Sister-In-Law if you want to include her but not as a bmaid.  Good luck!!!

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