Fifth Miscarriage

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I’m having a d&c on Friday for my 6th loss. I had five losses, my baby that was born in August, and then a loss of this surprise pregnancy. We did ALL the testing and did fertility treatments to get my baby. On paper my husband and I have the fertility of two people in our 20s (we’re late 30s) but we’re now finding we have an egg quality issue. Right now I don’t know if we’ll try again. I swore after we got our baby I wasn’t going through anymore losses and here we are again. But at least now I know where our problem is and how to improve our chances so we’ll see. 

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Helper bee

I am so so sorry you’re going through this bee. I can’t even imagine. Sending you so much love and strength during this time. While I cannot speak from experience, I think it would totally be ok to chat with your doctor. 

sending you positive vibes!!

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Adamsfamily6991 :  I think a lot of people feel nervous about taking the step of asking for answers and for many different reasons.  First is the fear of bad news.  I think next in line is the fear of no news–no answers and no solutions.  Then there is the anxiety of what goes along with the path of finding answers or what treatment for fertility issues may entail.  We hear a lot of stressful stories.  But, I also hear a lot of positive stories.  So many success stories.  I know one woman who only needed progesterone supplements.  I know another couple who had a rough road, and were even told by their fertility clinic that they were out of options and then got pregnant on their own without warning. They carried that baby to term and then sought advice from a different re and had a second successful pregnancy with no miscarriages in-between bc that re figured out what they needed.  They’re now on their third pregnancy, about seven months along 

For me, I had a lot of losses.  It took a year and a half to get pregnant with my first.  I probably had chemical pregnancies but I wasn’t tracking.  After my first I had so many chemical pregnancies that I stopped testing.  I couldn’t take it anymore.  I had some losses that were far enough along that they were not chemical pregnancies but into traditional miscarriage territory.  I didn’t go for help because fertility treatments weren’t covered by insurance and since I had a successful pregnancy I held onto hope that I could again.  I ended up conceiving my second son on the heels of a miscarriage after three years of trying.  I was just about to give up and go back to using birth control so I wouldn’t have anymore miscarriages.  Then my daughter was a surprise when my second son was only 9 months old.  Who knew I would ever have a surprise baby without trying with more loss along the way?

Anyway, I understand the pain and frustration of loss.  And just because I ended up having successful pregnancies after a lot of loss doesn’t mean that I would expect anyone to sign up for that.  I’m so grateful for the advancements that have been made in fertility treatments on behalf of couples who desperately want children and need assistance.

I hope you get answers and results.  I remember being where you are, holding my baby and wanting another.  Some people would say, but you have one, what are you upset about?!  I understand that having even just one is such a gift.  I also understand the poignant desire to have another.  Our desires are valid.  I wish you luck.  Best wishes.

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Definitely see a dr about this. Could be a blood clotting issue, egg quality issue (in which case supplements like coq10 taken for 3 months before getting pregnant are amazing), anything or nothing really. Progesterone supplements as suppositories taken with a daily baby aspirin is what helped me carry a pregnancy after multiple unexplained miscarriages. There is help out there. Best of luck 

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I am so sorry!

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Adamsfamily6991 :  So sorry for what you’re going through. It’s so hard. I had 4 losses in 2019. I had all the testing done and everything came back totally normal. I’m currently pregnant for the 5th time and 13 weeks today – my RE put me on a protocol of heparin injections, low dose aspirin and progesterone supplement. No idea if it did the trick and we’ll never know why this pregnancy has progressed while the others didn’t.

Most of the time, the recurrent loss testing doesn’t come up with anything, but sometimes they can find an issue that can be easily addressed, like a clotting issue for example.

The main things they look for are:

1. Thyroid problems

2. Clotting issues

3. Physical issues (like a septum in your uterus, or a bicornate uterus)

4. Chromosomal abnormalities in you and your partner (chromosome karyotyping)

There’s an amazing book called “Not Broken: An Approachable Guide to Miscarriage and Recurrent Pregnancy Loss” that is REALLY validating to read and talks about all of the testing and what it all means. I HIGHLY recommend it, it’s an awesome book. 

This is such a difficult and painful situation and it can be so lonely. I’m so sorry you’re going through this. ♥

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I’m sorry for your losses. I would definitely get in touch with your doctor and see if they will run a blood panel to check for thyroid issues, blood clotting disorders etc.

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So very sorry you are going through this. I have never been pregnant but I have had multiple friends with multiple miscarriages. Definitely see your doctor because each friend ended up finding out different reasons why it was happening and sometimes there are things that can really help. One had something physical going on that literally made holding onto a baby basically impossible and the doctor was able to stitch something (sorry forgot the specifics) to help and they were then successful. Others had PCOS, low fertility, etc issues that needed to be addressed.

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Need to see your doctor! I know it’s hard to take the first step but it’s better to have answers than to keep plodding along not knowing what’s going on. There’s so much that can be done nowadays with fertility. Good luck! xo

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Adamsfamily6991 :  I am so sorry for your losses. Recurrent miscarriage is so difficult. I had three first-trimester losses last year and while we did discover that my second loss was chromosomally abnormal, all of my other testing came back normal. In my case, my RE is recommending IVF which, for insurance reasons, I can’t start for another couple of months at the earliest, but I think if you get a recurrent pregnancy loss panel done that would be helpful. If it’s something treatable that is causing your miscarriages then that should hopefully turn up what it is. In my case, on top of a standard semen analysis we also did sperm DNA fragmentation and karyotyping (all came back normal, but I needed the reassurance of taking every possible test).

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