(Closed) Finally a BFP !!!!!! :D please tell me step by step what I need to do now?!

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MrsxWBee:  I’m sorry I can’t give you much by way of advice on your next steps (will be TTC in July this year), but wanted to send a big CONGRATUALTIONS! This is very exciting!

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MrsxWBee:  Congrats! I’d call and make a dr appt, and then maybe just buy/take a book out from the library. There’s way too much for us to list on here. Best of luck!

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  1. Make an appointment with your doctor to confirm pregnancy; either your gynecologist or your primary physician
  2. Once confirmed, your primary doctor might suggest ob-gyn’s or you may find one that you like for yourself
  3. BREATHE (lol)
  4. Go to your nearest store and maybe start looking over prenatals (for now, just to be safe).  You can always get a better one later, but for today, just get ONE!
  5. RELAX (lol)

The next steps will come naturally, like when is the best time to reveal to your Darling Husband and family.  For now, please focus on the life inside of you.  Breathe and relax.  Congratulations again!

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I called the midwife clinic that day because I’d heard they fill up fast.  Then I downloaded a few apps (I like the ovia one best and it has a pretty good searchable food guide).  And I bought a book. (The mother of all pregnancy books… I think it’s Canadian tho.)


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Sorry not any tips as still ttc, going through IVF process at the moment. Just wanted to say a massive congratulations to you and your husband… Keep us updated on his reaction πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ xxxxx

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MrsxWBee:  Celebrate! After my BFP, I made an awesome breakfast and then my husband and I went skiing. I was already taking prenatals. I waited until I was six weeks along then called the birthing center to make an appointment with the midwives- they scheduled my first exam for 11 weeks. It was pretty chill……huge congrats to you!!!

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MrsxWBee:  Congrats! I just went through this about a month ago so here’s what I did..(some may not apply to you, but I hope some of these help)


1) Call your OB and make an appt. They usually take you at 8-10 weeks unless you’re high risk but they do fill up fast.

2) Call your insurance provider if you have questions about what’s covered and what’s not (we wanted every possible ultrasound but we knew it would be about $250-$300 each time so we made sure it was completely covered so I could request it if it wasn’t offered)

3) If you’re not already taking prenatals, find one you like. I was pretty nauseous after week 8 so I have one that has iron and a higher level of folate that I take when I’m ok and the gummy kind that’s iron-free when I can’t stomach the “better” pill.

5) I stopped drinking alcohol, coffee, eating raw sushi and unpasteurized cheeses the day I got a BFP. I also modified my workouts going foward (no more bikram yoga) But that’s a personal choice.

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MrsxWBee:  Congratulations! That is such a dark line! Please celebrate and enjoy this time.

 I would call your OB/GYN and let them know you are pregnant. They will give you an estimated due date and when they want to see you. Doctors differ depending on your age, risk factors, and a whole bunch of things. I saw my doctor for the first time at 6 weeks, but some see you as early as 4 weeks and others as late as 12. I had an ultrasound at 6 weeks, 7 weeks, and 9 weeks. They also do them at 12, 20, and 36 in my office. Some just get 12 and 20.

I would stop drinking and smoking and cut back on caffine. Also avoid unpasturized cheese, big fish (fish that eat other fish), and deli meat. Try to eat lots of veggies and take a prenatal vitamin.

Then, step away from Dr. Google. It will only serve to scare you. I only mention this because it is really tough to do– if you eat a turkey and brie sandwich, you and your baby will likely be fine. If something goes wrong, the sandwhich is not to blame πŸ™‚

Lastly, be forgiving to yourself. There may be times where you can’t keep healthy food down or you are gaining weight way too fast. You are doing what you need to do for your baby. Enjoy every moment and have a happy and healthy pregnancy!

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MrsxWBee:  First, CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!

Second, I’m cracking up at your post because I felt a lot like you did when I got my BFP. I spent SO much time researching every little detail about TTC that when I actually did get pregnant, I had this “holy shit what do I do now” moment. I imagine that I will feel the same way in 8 months, haha — I will have spent so much time researching pregnancy that there will be a moment of panic when I get this baby home and actually have to, like, care for it. So your concerns are totally relatable πŸ™‚

My advice is to call your doc’s office first thing. So many of the questions you have can be sorted out with a quick phone call to your doctor, so don’t stress too much. But here is the main list:

  • No alcohol / tobacco / drugs, duh. And no OTC meds until you get that list of approved ones from your doctor.
  • Get on a prenatal vitamin with folic acid right away, if you weren’t on one already.
  • Limit or cut out caffeine. I cut it out between my BFP and first appointment because I could not get a straight answer on the phone, and I was miserable for those 4 weeks. After my first appointment, I learned that I could have a small amount and still be okay, but it’s fine if you want to err on the side of caution at least at first.
  • No raw / undercooked seafood, meat, eggs.
  • No deli meat or shady pre-prepared chicken salads, etc.
  • Wash produce really carefully.
  • And avoid unpasteurized cheese. Don’t worry, at least where I live you have to try REALLY hard to find any, so most dairy is still totally fine. 

And lastly, make your husband buy some sparkling apple cider so you two can have a toast — you’re pregnant!!!!!!

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MrsxWBee:  Oh, and as far as what you can/can’t eat, can/can’t do while pregnant, almost all of those recommendations are overly cautious, so do not freak out or beat yourself up if you did something on your doctor’s “no” list unknowingly during the early days. As my doctor put it when I was asking her a million angsty questions about the food list: “Listen, some women are drinking and smoking during pregnancy. They are obviously not worried about deli meats. And people have been having babies since long before doctors had these recommendations. Just do your best and accept which ways you personally can minimize risk, and which ways you can’t.”

Should you start training for a marathon right now? No. But are you made of glass all of a sudden just because you’re pregnant? Also no. Use common sense, listen to your doc, listen to your body, step away from the internet, and enjoy this time πŸ™‚

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Congrats! Call your OB (be advised your first appointment might not be for a couple of weeks, depending on how far along you are.) Start prenatals ASAP, if you haven’t already. (I found taking at night was better, due to morning sickness.) Check out what not to eat lists online- lots of solid info at babycenter.com.  I liked “Mayo Clinic’s Guide to a healthy pregnancy” vs. “What To Expect”- not so scary (my OB actually told me to “stay away” from What To)

And treat yourself to a pregnancy magazine- I liked Fit Pregnancy.

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MrsxWBee:  You’re welcome! I’m 10 weeks 3 days, and just heard the heartbeat for the first time today πŸ™‚ 7 weeks will be a great time, it should be easy to pick up the heartbeat visibly on the dating ultrasound!

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Yay! Congrats!!

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