(Closed) Finally Broke with MIL (Update-Part 4)

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Your Mother-In-Law sounds like an absolute nightmare! I don’t think I’d have the same amount of patience that you’ve shown!

It’s good to know that Fiance is on your side through this though. Has he spoken to your Mother-In-Law since this? Hopefully being told off is enough to snap her back to reality and realise she can’t control you like that.

Anyway, hugs.

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@megz06:  Hugs to you!!! I cannot even imagine the undue stress they are causing you during what should be an exciting time in life. I’m so proud of you & Darling Husband for having the conversation with the IL & sticking together as a team! 

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@megz06:  I’m really sorry you guys are still dealing with this. I will say that your Darling Husband does sound like he did the best he could this time. Being caught between your parents and your spouse is never an easy thing to deal with, especially for people who aren’t that assertive.

Keep up with the therapy sessions. It will help both of you continue to find ways to set boundaries with his family and it will give you a healthy and safe environment to discuss these things.

I also recommend not contacting Mother-In-Law and Father-In-Law until they contact you. And when I say that, I mean contacting them about pretty much everything. When they do contact you, your Darling Husband needs to continue to be assertive and firm on the boundaries. If they continue to push back against them or they become verbally abusive, then limit the amount of contact they have with your son for a period of time.

Things are rough now because you are attempting to change the status quo and they like the way things have always been done. It will continue to be rocky for a good amount of time. Stand firm and do not allow them to treat either of you in such a manner – I can guarantee that if they treat the two of you this way they will eventually treat your son that way too.

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So I just read through every update you have on this situation, and all I can say is HOLY CRAP. She needs to be told. I commend you on your patience through what has to be the most stressful time in your life. Expecting a baby is supposed to be the most exciting time of your life. What I’m reading is absolutely ridiculous. She needs to let go. Now.

OP I really hope everything works out soon 🙁

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It is clear what resolution you want (less time with the in-laws and no guilt tripping) and what Mother-In-Law wants (more time, and what seems like a lot of control) but what does your SO? Not just in terms of everyone getting along but how does he truly feel about the amount of time and effort you put into seeing your in-laws? He seems to be swayed by whoever he is talking to, especially after he suggested bringing the dog with even after the horrible scene with your Mother-In-Law. 

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@megz06:  Oh my goodness, thanks for updating us. I’m really impressed with the way you handled yourself, and your Darling Husband too – it must be really hard for him to see the most important people in his life so unhappy with each other! Your Mother-In-Law is being really unreasonable, but based on what you say about her relationship with your Father-In-Law is like, it’s not surprising she doesn’t know how to handle hearing things she doesn’t want to hear like a rational adult.


I hope your Darling Husband and you managed to come up with a clear plan of action that you’re both comfortable with! *hugs*

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@megz06:  I am sorry you are going through something so crazy when you’re pregnant! I would say just focus on yourself, the baby and your Darling Husband. Right now, the baby in your belly is priority; so you need to do whatever you need to be healthy & be in a good place, waiting for the LO’s arrival. 

Have you gone to the therapist since? What did he/she say now that you’re at another standstill? I wonder if at this point you guys all need a 3rd party to step in to mediate, because obviously no one is going to cave (and you definitely shouldn’t!) 

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OMG, do we have the same MIL?  Seriously, my Mother-In-Law is a similar-type nightmare and just *thinking* about her right now is making my stomach hurt and my heart race.

I don’t know if anyone in your life has said this to you, and I’m sorry it’s coming from a random stranger on the internet, but I want to say I am PROUD OF YOU for standing up for yourself and your family and what you need.  

Hope your convo with your husband went well.  Many hugs to you.

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Sorry you have anxiety but you all need to relax and you especially need to cool off for the wellbeing of your child, nothing wrong with someone touching your belly esp the monther of your husband…this situation sucks but its not all them if you need distance from them your SO will support you most likely. Save therapy for when your child is born and your anxiety is lessened getting on this way will just make things worse. Good luck. 

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@megz06 has anything else crazy happened with your Mother-In-Law since this?


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Okay, I am coming from a place as a woman who grew up in a house of yelling. Bad, bad, yelling. My family life is wonderful now, but my parents both grew up in loud violent households, so that was the only way they knew to parent. 

Anyways, I think this is also very important: He seems to be swayed by whoever he is talking to

When you come from a house like that, it’s a defense. You will say or do whatever is needed to stop the noise. You learn to read people, read between the lines, and know what buttons to push to just make it stop. 

For myself, to this day, I can’t stand yelling. Any loud, sudden noise, makes me panic. I think coming from a household like your husband did – you either become a yeller, or a shusher. He seems like a shusher. 

I would do whatever you can not to get loud and yell when you are arguing – because likely he is going to do the same thing, agee to whatever he has to in order to make the noise stop. Step away for a few minutes, calm down, and then go back and talk calmy about your emotions. He will be more likely to really listen than to try and just figure out the quickest way to stop the yelling. 

It sounds like he knows his family boundery lines are a problem, he just can’t se a straight path to untangle it all. I think seeing a therapist is a great idea – which I know you have already done. 

If I were in your shoes, I would stop visiting. If your Darling Husband chooses to go over alone, that’s on him. But you should not have to subject yourself to that. And I would make it known now that they are welcome to come to you and see the baby, but you will not be bringing the baby into that negative environment. You and your family deserve better.

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