(Closed) finally got a tattoo … but experience sucked!

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Helper bee
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I love it! I’m sorry you had that kind of first experience, that guy sounds like such a jerk! I hate when people act like they hate their jobs, it’s like.. I’m sorry you aren’t having a good day but don’t punish me for it! Luckily it was a quick tattoo! I think it was good they were talking to you to try to distract you, and I watch NY Ink all the time and the artists talk to their clients the whole time, so I know he didn’t say it because you talking makes him not able to tattoo.

Don’t let him take away from the happiness of your first tattoo though, it looks great! It’s exactly like something I’d want.. except for my first tattoo I got a huuuge one across my side. I didn’t have a drawing and just tried to explain it to the guy, and when he drew it huge I was too chicken to tell him that’s not exactly what I had in mind. Oh well.. But congrats on your first tattoo! =]

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Helper bee
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It looks very nice and you aren’t too red which is good.

It doesn’t look like he messed up on purpose or anything. You could have sued him for something like that so I doubt any artist would do that.


If you ever intend to get another tattoo I suggest you meet the artist first.


At the tattoo shop I used to work at, the artist always talked to his clients before, talking to them for several minutes before they sat down in the chair especially if they were a first timer.


He would also offer a numbing cream (a cream that you put on about 20-30 minutes before you get the tattoo done) to numb the area so it wouldn’t hurt as much.


It just sounds like you got a mean, nasty tattoo artist. Very unprofessional.

Yes it is annoying when the people wriggle and the artist does have to sop and tell you to please not move, but not the way this guy did to you.


I love your tattoo, it looks like it’s healing well and the main thing is just to keep putting the ointment on it and not to pick at it when it gets itchy.


And if you ever want to get another tattoo and are willing to come to Brooklyn, send me a message and I’ll hook you up with my artist. He’s sweet, kind, an all around amazing guy and pretty well known in the tattoo industry.

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Bumble bee
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Yeah tattoo artists can be arrogant dicks. I’ve had one artist who absolutely sucked as a person, another who thought he was God’s gift to women (apparently he had no mirrors in his house) another who was cocky but awesome at his job and only one who was down to earth and normal. It’s kind of like guys who play guitar, it can go to their heads haha

Glad you love your tattoo!! Next time you get one go in in person and meet your artist, talk to him for a while about the design and feel him out (ie decide whether or not you can stand being in the same room with this person for an hour while being poked with a hot needle haha) before committing 🙂

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Helper bee
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It looks great!

Tattoo artists seem to be hit and miss — my first tat was done by a guy that seemed normal, and had actually done a peircing for me before, but I realized he was sort of odd the longer I sat in the chair. He bugged me a bit about how I wanted a black and white tattoo, not colour, and then at one point actually stopped in the middle of tattooing me to stare me down and yell at me because I made a comment about cops not being as scary as some people think they are (both my parents are police officers).

My next tat was also from someone who had pierced me before but he was WAY better, making conversation the whole time, and ensuring I was comfortable.

I think the best bet is to get reccomendations about artists themselves, not just shops, from people who have tats you admire.

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Sugar bee
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you have every right to be upset. I would call and complain as well.

ive been to quite a few shops and I agree that its really hit or miss as well.

I did however find the most awesome shop ever and will ONLY go to them from now on. They are the most kind hearted, super professional, very welcoming place ive ever been to. I highly suggest that you take your time and look around and visit shops before you pick one!

Dont feel pressured into anything. Find the place that makes you super comfortable!

Your tattoo looks fine btw! just be sure to take good care of it! 😀

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Blushing bee

I’m sorry you had a bad experience, especially on your first time getting a tattoo done.  I have a lot of tattoos, one of them being almost my entire back. Hopefully what you felt from the experience won’t deter you from getting more work done in the future.  Also, everything that I can see in yours looks good, expecially considering it is so new.  The idea of him doing something to mess with the integrity of the tattoo is a craaazy idea.  Artists (especially those at ones at reputable shops) stand behind their work so wouldn’t do something to jeopardize their personal reputation or the reputation of the shop.  It sounds like the guy you had do yours was older and gruff, and there are plenty out there like that. As other posters have said, it is commonplace to meet with the artist first so if you don’t like him, you can find someone else.  And honestly, it was very nice that the guy allowed your friends to be with you as it was being done. I’ve never been allowed to have anyone be by me just because it is distracting for everyone.  If your friends were trying to calm you down and made you laugh or anything, any movement you make can lead to a problem if the ink is being put in.  

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Sugar bee
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Looks great! Curious as to where you went, haha!

The place I went to in Pgh to get my first tattoo wouldn’t let me talk to the tattoo artist personally to discuss my design. It was really weird. The guy at the front desk listened to my design idea, went to the back to discuss it with the artist, brought out a drawing, I told him what I wanted changed from the drawing, he took it back and talked again, etc, etc, etc.

The actual artist was very nice and understanding about it being my first time, but the shop had a weird procedure with design and I wouldn’t go there again.


EDIT: And don’t feel bad about moving. I nearly passed out because I forgot to breathe!

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Busy Beekeeper
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His ass is on the line if he permanently marks you wrong from your moving and also distractions like talking may disrupt his concentration. Normally,  a good artist will be pleasant and personable- sorry you got a dud!

It looks great!

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Blushing bee

The instructions they give you are just guidelines. Remember everyone’s body will act differently.  Bottom line, if it starts to be itchy, hydrate it.  The goal is to keep it moisturized so it won’t peel.  The longer it goes without peeling, the longer the ink will stay in your skin.  Don’t pick.  Don’t scratch.  

I’d say too since it is on your shoulder, be careful of bra straps, tight shirts and purse straps etc.  You don’t want any rubbing over the area.  When it does start to peel, there is no reason to freak out even though the skin that is flaking off will have the dye in it.  If you get any big sections of skin that come out, and it scabs, you always can have it retouched. 

Side note: some people really don’t like a&d ointment.  There is the notion that it can react to certain dyes in a negative way.  What i found best for my own healing was alternating between the ointment and the aveeno lotion with the green top. I put the ointment on maybe twice a day but put the lotion on it whenever it started to get itchy. Hopefully this helps.  I know how anxious people get with the first one. 🙂

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Busy bee
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I had to hear about anal sex and pain tolerance when I got my first piercing… I was 13.


Cute tat, though!

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Bumble bee

Nope, you look good!

But yeah, he’s an asshole and honestly, I wouldn’t have said anything while it was going on, either because I would have worried about the same thing!  You did good, though!

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Bumble bee

Sympathies!! I have two tattoos…my first one I had a crappy experience because I came in with a sketch of an idea and he talked me into getting my sketch and not putting any of his own thought or design into it (annoying). My second tattoo is a huge piece on my ribcage of a poem and that artist was getting mad at me because I would wince and I was involuntarily shaking and he was like “STOP MOVING!!”  

Omg it was awful. My tattoo is amaze balls though, I wish they were more like the guys from NY ink, Miami Ink, La Ink, ETC. Lol. Tainted by TV maybe?? I don’t think so…I don’t see why they have to have an attitude. Ugh

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