(Closed) finally pregnant but is the baby ok?

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It sounds like the doctors have already tried to reassure you that everything looks fine at the moment. They would know better than people on a message board. During pregnancy, the uterus is stretching. That stretching can feel like cramps.

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Chanel87:  Congrats!  I am 10.5 weeks pregnant with my first.  My cramps have gotten better, but when I was between 5-7 weeks, I had a few night where I woke up with really bad cramps.  I was convinced I was miscarrying.  So far, everything is ok with my baby.  I think some cramping is definitely normal.

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Numbers can be different for everyone. My first draw was 4+2 and was 539 I’m awaiting my second results any minute now. The important thing is that your numbers double properly in 48 hours. I believe at 864 for your first draw would make you 5-6 weeks based on the reference I have from my lab. However my last period was 8-23 and I ovulated 9-6 I’m pretty sure. I’m due 5-30.


i think the important part is the doublingnof numbers 

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Chanel87: So the 846 is the level of hcg, a hormone that starts showing up in your blood after implantation. It should at least double every 48 to 72 hours.

At my first test, 1 day late, I was only 14 – they weren’t even sure if I was pregnant or on my way to miscarriage. 3 days later, I was at 112, 3 days after that in the 400s then in the 800s. 

My thoughts are a number in the 800s at 4+2 means your embryo implanted and snuggled in a while ago. Cramps without bleeding aren’t a huge concern, I don’t think. I was super anxious with my first pregnancy. You will feel so much calmer once you see a heartbeat, and then once you can feel the baby’s movements. Just try to stay calm. I found it helpful when I would start freaking out to say to myself “I am making up a story in my head.”

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Chanel87:  Your number is good, but really, the number means nothing if it’s not compared to a second draw as what’s more important is that those numbers are doubling aprox every 48 hours. Your doctor most likely won’t bother checking the doubling time if everything appears normal and you have no history of issues. What’s important to know about a number in the 800’s is that most likely would not show up on an ultrasound. You have to be at least 1500-2000 to be able to see the sac in your uterus which I’m guessing is why your doc checked your levels in the first place. Since you are experiencing no bleeding and cramping is common in early pregnancy, I don’t think you have a reason to worry. I had an ectopic and it did not hurt until I was 7 weeks and had internal bleeding. I hope this helps calm your nerves. No matter what, whatever happens is going to happen so try to relax and enjoy being pregnant! Congratulations!

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Chanel87:  I think your fine….sometimes people get cramps and feels like normal cramps right when they get pg because of the body getting into mode. As long as your not bleeding. 864 is a nice high number… you are well within range ….the ranges can vary for each person because it doubles every 2-3 days. For me I had a scare because when I went to get my levels tested for the first time I was about 4.5 weeks too and my number was only 239 🙁 the doctor was like “oh wow thats not good for this far along, I’d liek to see at least 500″…. me = freaking out! He told me it was best to wait a full week to get tested again to see exactly what was happening (I wasnt having any cramping or bleeding or anything), anyways…. I waited until the next week and when I got my appt it was actually 8-9 days after the first test and my levels had gone up to 6000! All was well and Im currently 19w today!

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The first number really doesn’t mean much, you have to have the second number to make sure it’s doubling. Cramping is very normal in the early weeks as the embryo implants itself. I hope everything continues to progress normally, congratulations on your pregnancy!

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By The Way, I’d confirm with your doctor that Tylenol is a-ok to take.  (There’s so many Do’s and Don’ts for pregnant women it’s ridiculous and Google gives so many different answers, so I always think asking a real doctor gives you the best peace of mind!)   

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I had achey mild cramps during the day too up until 6 or 7 weeks, and also noticed that they got better if I drank more water.  Most of mine would go away within 10-20 minutes, so I didn’t really worry about it (period cramps were in the 4-6hr range). 

I think a lot of that is normal; keep in mind how much is happening inside you…your body is going to be doing things it’s never really had to before, so it’s all new and feels different. 

Also, as for waking up in the night, this might be weird but think about whether it’s actually cramps.  It might be gas or your bladder.  Idk if it’s like this for everyone, but my bladder gets positively painful if I “hold it” for even half the time I used to, and manages to produce cramps that are quite uncomfortable.  Same for gas; constipation is pretty common in pregnancy, so make sure that isn’t the cause. 

Fx your numbers come back nice and doubled 🙂 

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Cramps are totally normal in early pregnancy! I found that mine were worse if I was dehydrated or exerting myself more than usual, so make sure to drink lots of water and take it easy. It’s also perfectly normal not to see anything on the ultrasound at 4w6d. And 864 is also in the right range. Hang in there and do your best to enjoy it and not worry – you’re pregnant! 🙂

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I’ve been using Glow Nurture app to track all the symptoms I’m having (about 5-6 weeks right now).

It’s great because if I don’t drink enought water, it will remind me to keep hydrated, and if I put in that I’m feeling cramps, how they are, etc, it will link to articles and information on what’s changing, what’s normal and why.

It’s a great app!

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