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Busy bee

I get that feeling a lot too. We are thinking of getting engaged soon and all these size 3 and 4 fingers upset me. I am a size 55(UK) so I think that’s around 7 in US.

I quite often get self conscious about my height (175cm, 69kg aiming for 64). Some girls are so small and I feel like a giant sometimes. But the most important thing is that my boyfriend thinks I’m tiny. He’s 191cm. Being tall has it’s perks though. 

By the way, I absolutely love your ring. Three stone has a place in my heart, it’s so flattering I can’t even!

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Busy bee
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I’m just shy of 5’11” and a size 22, curvy but proportionate hourglass (I actually love my figure: I work out a lot and am toned). My arms and hands and fingers.. my torso as well (my legs are actually a regular pant – I don’t wear a ‘tall’! but I have long hips) are pretty long. I have the largest hands on a woman I’ve ever seen. I’ve held up my hand to women who are well over six feet and mine are always bigger, even to big football players over 6’4″ and my hands are comparable. It’s always kinda funny, if not weird.

I notice it only when around women with very dainty, slender, smooth-skinned hands. Mine are veiny and just… long. Not manhands at least, just large  — just shy of 10 inches from the tip of my thumb to the tip of my pinky, when outstretched. And I wear a size 7 (middle and index are size 10 though, mostly because of the knuckles).

I play violin (and a tiny bit of piano), too. There’s speculation that my Mom and I have such long lengths because Marfan’s syndrome runs in her family (my cousin had it), and sometimes that can appear as related quirks in other people (Mom had scoliosis). I can do weird things with my hands, like a *really* wide Dr. Spock ‘V’ and laying my thumb against my forearm. I do them less now because I’m no longer trying in vain to impress kids in the cafeteria (ahem).

I like them though – they’re quirky and still in proportion to me and my personality!


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You all have such pretty hands!

I’m 5’4, currently 165lbs, shoe size 8.5 and size 5. My hands are really small though! I 

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Sugar bee
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I’m 5’8″ and about 155lb now.  I am pretty muscular with a medium built, size 8 usually but sometimes a 10.  I’ve never been “thin” and have always played sports so I have a more athletic built.  My ring size is a 6 but I prefer my rings sized slightly bigger, like a 6.25 or a 6.5. Even when I was 10lb heaver, my fingers were the same size, and even in high school when I was thinner, they were the same size.  It’s really weird. I was sure when I lost weight (still trying to) that my fingers would get smaller.

I am the tallest of my friends and I admit, sometimes I do get envious of their long thin fingers.  I think years of playing travel softball stretched my hands and fingers out.

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Busy bee

I’m 5’9 and slim. I wear a size 4. My feet are size 10.

My ring size is a 7.75 and my fingers look proportionate to my hands. I have bigger than average hands with long fingers and they are fit since I’ve played piano for years. My fingers look proportionate and I’d say elegant…they look very similar to OP’s.


I feel like ring size doesn’t matter that much. On this website I’ve seen fingers ranging from very thin to more sturdy of a lot of sizes. I hope no one gets mad at me for saying that…but I’ve been surprised at how similarly proportioned fingers of different sizes look!

Obviously smaller fingers still have the advantage of more finger coverage, but I mean that in general it’s hard to guess finger size from just being presented a photo of someone’s hand because most fingers just look proportionate.

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Busy bee

karrotcakes:  From one 175 cm woman to another, keep in mind that many of the shorter women would give a lot to be as tall as you are. I hear that a lot from shorter women. Being tall definitely has its advantages.

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Busy bee

anabee323:  I hear you fellow mother bee (since were so tall hehe)! I hear the same thing a lot too actually. But there’s something about standing next to a petite woman that makes you feel less feminine sometimes. 

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Busy bee
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2ndchance :  I’d say you’re lucky to have fingers better built for oboe. My ring size is a 4 on a good day and I have very double jointed fingers. Long fingers and small hands. I reach an octave plus 2. I have arthritis, tendonitis, and carpal tunnel after growing up playing oboe.

I’m 5’4″, size 6 shoes, and a xs in most clothes.

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Blushing bee
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I’ve often wondered about this. 
I have tiny gypsy hands in comparison to the rest of me. I’m about 11 stone (size 12/14 UK), 5 ft 5,  and have size 4 fingers, and size 5.5 feet. I often feel like I look like one of those cartoon characters thats really round but has weeny feet and hands.

I wish the rest of me was as petite as my hands!!

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Busy bee
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I’m about 5’3″ weighing somewhere around 130lbs (give or take cause I haven’t weighed myself in awhile) and I have astonishingly large fingers for a girl…I wear a 7.5 ring. My dad has super big fingers though, and my mom isn’t crazily petite either, and both sides of the family are big-boned, so that’s where I get my fingers from. The only plus is that my actual hands are pretty normal/average sized. I’ve always been super embarrassed of my “man hands” for my fingers. I try to remind myself that these “man hands” do a lot for me though, and how they physically look wouldn’t give me any extra abilities ….

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Sugar bee
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I’m 5’6″ and wear a size 14/16 currently with an hourglass shape, I have very small childlike hands with super short fingers that are a normal size (5.75). 

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Busy bee
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I am 5’2, wear size 4 and sometimes a 6 (US/CAD sizes) and my feet are a 6.5/7

i wear a ring size 4.5 and it spins a bit when I’m cold so I could probably have gone to a 4.25 but I didn’t want to chance it getting stuck on my finger when I get hot haha 

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Helper bee
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I’m 5’10” and around 150lbs (I’m a little “fluffy” right now, I feel best at 140-145) and a size 6, size 10.5 shoe and my ring is sized at a 4.5. But I’m small boned with narrow shoulders, super long limbs (I wear a 36″ inseam) and in turn, super long fingers. I didn’t know until I got engaged how small my fingers were and they shrink up even more when I’m cold (which is all the time) ๐Ÿ˜”๐Ÿ˜”  

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Helper bee

This thread kind of made me laugh because I get so much crap from my SO about my hands in a fun way but still.

I am a size 8 Australian US 4, 59kgs or 130lbs

I am 165cm in height and wear a size 39EU shoe my body shape is banana/apple.

Do I feel proportionate gosh no, but I think I am that age where I just start embracing for my body for what it is because at the end of the day you always want what you don’t have.

My ring size is a size 6.5 and I have short fat and stumpy fingers thanks to my mother and they are positively unattractive but I do workout so I don’t know if that helps in making them fatter/thicker haha I am not sure. I was always so jealous growing up of all my friends super thin fingers as their costume jewellery would never be able to fit my voluptuous fingers ๐Ÿ˜›

I felt so normal after reading this threa ๐Ÿ™‚

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Helper bee
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I’m 5’4″, size 4, pear shaped. My ring size is a 7. I feel like my fingers are way too fat for my body but there’s nothing i can do about it sooo….I deal. 

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