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Blushing bee
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Hummm… I was going to start making a list but here is what I have been wondering:

  • Can I continue to run?  How far along can I run?
  • Can I continue with my home improvement projects?  (e.g. is painting with a mask ok?)
  • Can I eat fish?  What fish should I avoid?

That’s all I’ve wondered so far!

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Honey bee
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Here’s the list I brought: 

1) How often are each of the partners on duty, and will I have a chance to meet all of them before I deliver?

2) What is the C-Section rate at your hospital? (ideal 10-15%–World Health Org)

3) What will we owe you?

4) At what point after 40 weeks do you induce labor with drugs?

5) What do you consider a high-risk pregnancy?

6) Will I have the freedom to walk around? Drink? Eat lightly if I’m so inclined? Choose whatever positions I prefer during labor and birth?

7) What do you recommend for pain in labor?

8) How many ultrasounds should we expect to receive over the course of our pregnancy?

9) Is there someone I can reach if I have an emergency after business hours?

10) What is your general philosophy of pregnancy care, including labor and birth?

11) How much time do you allow for each prenatal visit?

12) What will be covered during prenatal visits? How will we spend our time beyond necessary physical care? Will there be time to ask questions? Address concerns about my baby or myself? Talk about emotional issues? Nutrition?

13) Which prenatal tests do you routinely recommend?

14) What kind of childbirth classes do you recommend?

15) In 2006 I had a colposcopy and cervical biopsy performed. Will this affect my pregnancy, and if so, how?

16) If my pregnancy becomes high risk, what changes might I expect in my prenatal care? Can you give me an example of when you might manage my care jointly with a perinatologist or transfer my care to another provider?

17) Will you meet me at the hospital to check me when I first arrive? When I’m admitted? Sometime later? Who will be in charge of my care if you’re not there?

18) What do you think about routine continuous fetal monitoring, IVs, and other interventions? Does hospital policy require any interventions routinely?

19) Does hospital policy limit who’s in the room with me for labor and birth? Are siblings welcome? Are you comfortable with this?

20) Is an anesthesiologist available in the hospital around the clock in case I want an epidural or need an emergency c-section?

21) Will I be separated from my baby after the birth? If so, when, why, and for how long?

22) Can my baby room in with me if I choose this option?

23) Can my husband stay overnight with me?

24) Will you, or someone on the staff, provide breastfeeding support?

25) Would you be willing to put off clamping the umbilical cord until it stops pulsating?

26) I get migraines a few times a year. I‘ve gotten two since we getting pregnant. Is there anything I should or shouldn’t take for these?

27) We are due to travel to England in May. Do you think this will be alright?

28) Hair dye?

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Helper bee
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I haven’t had mine yet. I will in 8 days!!

  • Sex during pregnancy. Is it okay? When does it not become okay?
  • Peppermint tea is a question I have. Is a 10oz. cup of black tea okay to drink a day?
  • Should I leave the house when home improvements occur? We’ve got two big ones that need to happen soon. Wondering if I should go away the weekend that they occur
  • Dentist appointment. Is it safe to go to the dentist while pregnant?

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Bumble bee
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@Mrs Sarah McK: There are so many things on there I never even thought of! Thank you for posting that!

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Busy bee

@Mrs Sarah McK:  I love you for posting this list!!!!  I already had to reserve a spot in the maternity ward at the hospital of my choice (in Paris there are very few spots so you have to reserve as soon as you get a BFP).  And unfortunately it will not be the hospital where my OBGYN practices since she works in a private hospital where it costs upwards of 7K€ to give birth…The one I will be going to is free.  Anyway, I’ve had OBGYN appointments since she’ll still follow me until about 6months, but tomorrow is my first appointment at the hospital.  You’ve just done all the prep work for me, thank you!!!

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Buzzing bee
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@Mrs Sarah McK: I love your list. 🙂 They had all the questions I asked. And a lot of them FYI depends on the hospital’s policy.

So that was one of my questions which hospitals do they deliver at. Even though mine is affiliated with 3 hospitals they deliver primarily at one. And another was only for high risk pregnancies.

If you’re a med taking kinda person it would be beneficial to ask what meds are OK as well. Like tylenol is OK but Aleve is not.

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Busy bee
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I’ve barely thought about this to be honest, but I know I want to ask:

  • We have a puppy (Golden Retriever) and two older cats. Are there any interactions, aside from changing the litterbox, I should refrain from having with them? Will the “Old Dog, New Baby” classes at the Humane Society be beneficial to a younger dog?
  • To what degree is spotting normal throughout pregnancy? When is it abnormal? Who can I contact with questions about this?
  • Is there any additional out of pocket cost associated with water-birthing in a birthing centre (this has been a topic of some debate between two of my co-workers)?
  • Are you comfortable with a home-birthing in our neighbourhood? (We live in an old part of the city with a bad reputation, and we’ve had one midwife so far tell us she will NOT service that part of the city for home birth because it’s too “dangerous” to go there with any kind of medical gear)

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Honey bee
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I will also add that I didn’t end up needing to ask a lot these questions…the OB nurse we met with during out first appointment gave us A LOT of information and answered a lot of my questions without me needing to ask. 

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Buzzing Beekeeper

I asked about delaying cord cutting too!

I emphasized that I’d like time to bond with skin to skin contact and not have the baby taken right away.

I do not want baby getting any vaccines or shots right after birth other than the vitamin K shot

I’m blanking out on the other things I asked about, but I have questions about my chances for a water birth given that I carry Group B strep and will need continuous antibiotics via IV during labor and delivery.

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Bumble bee
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We really only asked what hospital was associated with our practice, and then what the “higher risk/NICU” hospital would be.  If I wasn’t having twins, I would definitely have inquired about my options for having a midwife and/or homebirth rather than defaulting to an OB, and how my care would be different with different providers.  I did discuss the different OB’s in the practice with the nurse, and who would be the best fit for me…and also how to go about changing if I didn’t like the one I chose.

The biggest piece of important information I got from my first appointment is when and how to contact their office if I have any concerns, and when and how I can expect them to respond.  They gave me laminated cards with a list of symptoms to report immediately, and also phone numbers for concerns during business hours, and then off hours, and then for complete emergencies.  They also stress at every appointment that I should always call, rather than email, with any concerns.

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