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Well, I definitely won’t be having Darling Husband go with me to my first appt because it will also be my first appt with an OB ever. So, I kind of want to do the first appt by myself, and then he can come along to the next one. 

Besides, my first appt is going to be nothing but blood tests, a phyiscal, and Q&A with the OB asst. I won’t be getting an U/S or anything fun like that, I don’t see the need to have him there…

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My husband has been at every appointment so far, including the first.  (Although I am only 10 weeks I have been to the doctor about 3-4 times).  Our next appointment is in about 1 1/2 weeks and he will be there.  The reasons he has been at all (and is planning to go to all):

  1. He was part of the creation of this life and plans to be involved all the way.
  2. All of our appointments have included u/s and he wants to see what’s going on.
  3. We had a miscarriage scare and was there to support me…I can’t imagine finding out I had lost the baby and not have him there by my side!

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If you are an existing paitient then I would say have him go because usually they will do an u/s.  You might want to check though.


If you are a new paitient, it could be really boring and really long.  I know that my husband won’t be coming to many more unless there’s something huge going on.  And by huge it’s either finding out the sex or birthing the kid.

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Nah he didn’t come for the first appt. mostly it was just “pee to make sure you’re still pregnant. blood pressure? good. weight? good.” followed by a gyno poking my bits and me filling out a butt whack of paperwork and getting some blood taken, so yeah, nothing too eventful.

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I went to the first one alone, it’s hard for my husband to get off work. He’s been to one, and unfortunately it was the most boring one ever, when I just met with the doc for a minute and then went on my merry way. I wouldn’t bring friends or other family, just because I don’t really like discussing intimate medical details in front of them, like cervical mucus, or uterine cramping, or anything else that has to do with girly things. I think it’s totally fine to go alone! Let your hsuband come to a later one when you get to do exciting things like hear the heartbeat or get an ultrasound.

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my husband went with me to the first appointment with the midwife. It was my first apt with this office. There wasn’t an u/s but she did try to find the heartbeat. We were surprised to find out she wanted to do a full internal exam. Darling Husband studied the floor closely during that part. Since then he’s only come to a couple apts – 2 u/s apts, 1 reg apt that was the same day as our mtg with the pediatrician, and he’ll be at the next u/s apt. My regular apts are pretty basic – height, weight, Bridal Party, belly measurement and baby’s heartbeat on the fetal doppler. Darling Husband is trying to save his time for when the baby comes.

I would find out what is happening at the first dr apt.

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My husband did. So far he’s gone to every apt. with me (I’m 17 weeks). It’s not hard for him to get off of work, and he likes to be there.

Do you know what your first apt. consists of? For ours, they have a whole orientation which was good for him to hear since this is our first. The second apt. was the one that you actual see your doctor and like others said, it’s really just blood tests, feeling around your uterus, etc.

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Darling Husband pretty much comes when there’s an ultrasound involved. I had one at the first appointment around 8 weeks, at 12 weeks for the first trimester screen, at 16 weeks for the amnio, then the 20 week ultrasound, and I get my last (planned) one at 34 weeks, so he’ll be there too. (Also, if for some reason there wasn’t an u/s invovled, but I was having a procedure of some sort, he’d come to that too).

Although for a first pregnancy, even if I wasn’t having an ultrasound, I’d still probably want Darling Husband there for the first visit, at least with my OB- that’s when they go over some of the basic pregnancy stuff like what you can/can’t do, they kind of tell you what to expect in terms of your obstetric care, and give you more time to ask questions. I think it’s good for dads (especially first-timers) to hear that kind of stuff.

However, I get the impression that some OBs will have you come in for a super quick visit early on to confirm the pregnancy and do some bloodwork, but wait till a later visit to do an u/s and more of the patient education stuff. I’d check with your OB in advance to see what to expect- mine let me know when I scheduled the appt. that my first one would be a long one.

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I think he would want to be at every one of them. ๐Ÿ™‚

And I would schedule them so that it works with his schedule as well.

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I have been very lucky that my husband has been able to come to all of them.  Even this last one, he had to leave in the middle of work but he made it there. 

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My Darling Husband went to the first three appointments and then the anatomy scans only there after.  He only goes if there is an ultrasound performed because otherwise he is bored.

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Mine didn’t go to the first one (but I had to have my annual exam then too) but I’m glad he didn’t because he would have just been waiting around for me to get blood drawn, etc.

He’s been to every one since – he has to miss my next one because of a meeting he can’t get out of – but it’s the glucose test – so not a big deal beause he’d be bored just sitting around (hell, I’M going to be bored).

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My first appointment is Wednesday (8w1d), and my husband will come with me then as I believe my doctor wants to ask some of his medical history, too.  My doctor wanted an ultrasound in advance of that appointment, and that was today.  My husband didn’t come today, as I figured I want to minimize his time away from work, plus I think Wednesday’s appointment will be more important. Plus, she’ll do another ultrasound then, for him to see.

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My first appt is this Friday, and I am going alone. It’s not even going to be a physical exam, so there really is no reason for him to come. I work about 30 miles away from where we live, and I have my appts close to work, so I won’t have to miss much work, so him coming down would be a hassle. I imagine for the big appts he’ll want to come, but I can’t see him making every one.

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