(Closed) First Christmas for baby! Stay home?

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I think it’d be easier to just go to each house. That way you can leave when you want instead of tons of people being over all day and not really being able to tell them when to leave. The grandparents are understandably very excited to celebrate with their grandson and although it may be a hassle I don’t think you should keep them from that. It’s just one day. I’d make the rounds, try not to stay too long at each place (if that’s possible), everyone can see the baby, etc then move on. Or another option would be to do half the visits on Christmas Eve or set up the celebration the following weekend, etc if you really think it’d be too much. I’d just return toys they’ve already gotten. Wal-mart takes back basically everything for store credit without a receipt. 

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Bee Keeper

I’d do the visiting with him this year, as next year will be more exciting for him to actually be interested in opening gifts and playing with them. At 7 months? Not so much.

Most people will ask what you want for him so keep a list. It also isn’t that big a deal to return things, especially from family members.

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Sugar bee
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It looks like your normal rounds are 4 places?  I agree that is too much in one day with a 7 month old.  Staying home is fine, cutting down to a more reasonable number of celbrations is another idea.  Two would be max. 

Also, would any grandparent be willing to celbrate the weekend before or after Christmas?  We did that with my family/grandparents often during Christmas.  

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I would make the rounds as long as they all live close. I think it’s actually harder when they’re a bit older. Try giving a toddler a bunch of new stuff, then prying him/her away from it for a boring car ride! Maybe take the morning for just the three of you and visit later? Or visit on Christmas Eve rather than Christmas?

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I would just visit others. You’re either traveling or hosting and hosting is more stressful I think. Plus you can leave if you need to

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I would do each house/place.  My son was 3 months old at his first Christmas. (by the way we live in Minnesota so most def cold at that time of year)  We traveled to my parents place which is an hour and half away.  My Inlaws are 4 hours away and were coming down for Xmas that year and then headed south for seeing their son in a different state.  It wasn’t a huge deal for us. 

I agree with the others the following xmas will be much more fun for your baby. 

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eecuadrado:  Ick. You have a lot of places to go. I would do two houses one day and two the next.

We do Christmas Eve with my family (they only live 20 minutes away) and Christmas Day with DH’s, so it has always worked out thankfully. For his we have to travel 3 1/2 hours there and 3 1/2 hours back to celebrate because his mom refuses to miss Christmas with her family, and that’s ok although it would be a shorter drive for us (hour and a half). I have already told them that if the roads are as icy as they were last year, I will not be taking a 9 month old on them. This didn’t sit well with Mother-In-Law, but if she wants to be selfish rather than consider the safety of her first and only grandchild, she’s the one that’s going to look like an ass, not me. Winters in ND are extremely brutal.

Edited to add that I would really make an effort to visit everyone and not hole yourself up in the house. MJ will be fine out in the cold for the short amount of time (get a fleece car seat cover from Amazon. They are amazing). Also, as far as toys, my mom is worse than my Mother-In-Law as far as buying toys we already have. We honestly tell her to keep it at her house. Same with my Mother-In-Law. We are resorting to not buying our son toys this year except for one, which we’ve already told both grandma’s not to buy. If they end up, we will just tell them to keep it at their house or gift it to the less fortunate.

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eecuadrado:  Haha yeah he was born in a blizzard (well, not in it, but you get the idea). ND winters are usually very windy, cold (like 0 or below), and icy. You’re lucky you don’t have to deal with all of that mess.

Yes, the fleece car seat covers are awesome. http://www.amazon.com/Cozy-Cover-Pink-Zebra/dp/B00AR2B5X2/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1408987955&sr=8-1&keywords=baby+car+seat+covers

That is the one I have (the blue plaid), and it is dirt cheap right now (6 bucks!!!). They have others on Amazon, but this will do just fine. I just wrapped a blanket around our son and zipped it up. Works great.

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It gets to the point where we had to divide up holidays. So now, the sunday before is Father-In-Law, Christmas eve is my parents, Christmas Day we go have breakfast with Mother-In-Law and then go back to our own house to relax for the rest of the day and let our girls play with their toys. 

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eecuadrado:  hmmmm thats a toughy….. I see merits to both sides however I know going to a house is a pain, but it may be easier to come and leave as you please because your deciding when to show etc… if people come to you then they may try to make themselves comfortable and “overstay” even when the next round of people show :s

Your Mother-In-Law may try to stay longer to piss off the stepMIL……if they are like that lol. “well I was here first so they’re just going ot have to wait”. I wouldnt want to have to host people either with a 7mo.

Could you possibly do half and half?

Your mom and Father-In-Law …..do you think you could have THEM over to your house to visit (Im sure your own mom would understand and help out of there was stuff to do/food etc) and that way you can go TO your Mother-In-Law for a nice “quick visit” in the morning and hit up your grans…. then head home and have your Father-In-Law and moms side visit. Since theres no conflict (like Mother-In-Law and Father-In-Law in same room) then that could work? unless your mom and Father-In-Law dont get along? This way you can “keep your Mother-In-Law happy” by still going, but not subjecting the baby to inside/outside ALL DAY. You dont need to inform her of your plans with everyone else….just make sure she knows you have 4 people to visit with so “your xmas day time will be from___to ____!”

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