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  • poll: Was your first cycle off BC shorter or longer



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    Mine was the same (28 days).  Stayed the same for several months, and about 8 cycles off BC is when it got a few days longer (now 30-31 days).

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    I’m on CD 39 of Cycle 1 off BC and there’s no end in sight! I HATE not knowing exactly when i’m going to get my period. I’ve been wearing liners since CD 30 but it’s a no-show for now. I can’t wait until it regulates!!

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    Pre-BC, I had 30-32ish day cycles. I was on BC for 9 years, with the standard 28 day cycle. I just stopped BC a little over a month ago, and my first cycle was 25 days. I’m currently on my 2nd cycle post-BC, and I think I will ovulate tomorrow based on my +OPK, so this cycle will likely be 30 days.

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    My first cycle after going off BC was 84 days. So not kidding! I have a feeling I’m not the norm though!

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    Mine was pretty much the same. Maybe 2 or 3 days longer. 

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    Mine was about the same. First cycle off BCP was 30 days.

    When is your honeymoon and when are you taking out the NuvaRing? You’ll still likely have breakthrough bleeding after you take out the NuvaRing, which could come into play if your honeymoon is right after the wedding.

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    I’ve gone off BC twice– the first time my cycle was at least 45 days, when I just started back up on the pill (with Dr’s ok). This time, it was 39 days. 

    It helped me that I started temping the first month. My chart was a little wonky, but you could see the clear shift around ovulation so I knew within a day of when I would get my period. Otherwise, like 

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    @ExcitedScaredBee:  I go crazy not knowing when it will start. 

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    @Future MrsB:  Do you remember the length of your cycle from before you were on BC?  *IF* your cycle regulates immediately, it should be about the same as it was before, but – like many PPs have said – it can take a few months to regulate.  If anything, however, I think you are safe to assume that it will be longer than 28 days. 

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    Ugh, I just went off the pill a few months ago after being on it for about 6 years (I just start adidn’t  new pack after my period). It took 6 weeks to get it again, and it’s been 5-6 weeks again without one. And I’ve been moody, hormonal, and breaking out all along like perpetual PMS. The one cycle I did have was actually about average length for me, roughly 4 days.

    I too went off the pill to see if I would notice a change in my sex drive (I got a copper IUD before going off it). So far, no real change, just a lot of hormones. I’m going to give it another month or so to see if my hormones buoy back to normal, then think about going on the pill again.

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    The first time I went off BCPs, I had been on for almost 12 years.  My first AF came just 5 days after going off of it.  I started having some issues…almost passed out at work twice.  My GYN really thought it was a miscarriage for some reason and ran tests. I wound up in the ER TWICE from it.  Turns out my body wasn’t used to having its “own” hormones.

    The last time, I took it 2 months back to back b/c AF was supposed to arrive the day before our wedding.  I went off of it after that pack and my first cycle was 31 days…actually started on New Year’s Eve which was a buzzkill.

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    @Future MrsB:  Hey: I haven’t had my first “real” period yet but I am due to come on this Sunday (assuming everything turns back to normal)…. However, I can say that my last pill was on 26 April (after being on it for 15+ years). I had my withdrawal bleed 29-3 May (2-3 May was me pretty much just spotting), and I am now waiting for my first cycle off of BCP.

    So far, there have been no breakouts or moodswings…. sex drive HAS increased.

    I feel GREAT so far!!!! But ask me how I am once I get my first REAL period, lol!

    CONGRATS to you!!!!


    EDIT: I forgot to mention that I did have an ovarian cyst recently which was VERY painful but I got thru it….. so I guess I should say… OTHER THAN THAT, I feel great, lol….

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    my first cycle after BC was 85 days with literally one day of spotting in the middle :/ after that first cycle, it took 5 45 day (average) cycles until i returned to my normal 30-35 day cycles just a few months ago! BC did not agree with me lol

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