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  • Wedding: December 2010

We went to see legally blond 2 on our first date. I kept asking him if he wanted to see something else, but he was trying to impress me so we went there. I waited until after the movie to agree to be his gf. He was the perfect gentelman, and when he got to my house I put on some lipgloss and asked him if he wanted to taste it. I gave him a kiss. LOL (That was rated R for me lol) We have been together ever since.

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Our first date was long boarding on the boardwalk, eating a delicious greasy breakfast from a surf shack, and sailing on the bay. A few things went wrong

-He almost threw my off the skateboard when he put his feet right in my trucks!

-I didn’t realize that when you go sailing with a catamaran you have to actually get into the water.  I was in the water up to my waste in WHITE PANTS!  They become completely see through of course.

-Turns out he has no idea how to sail.  He was taking a class but apparently he’d missed a few sessions!  We ended up rowing back to shore with our feet – which was actually really fun.

But the worst part of our first date was that he didn’t think there were any sparks between us!  ๐Ÿ™  Anyway, we continued our friendly relationship and the sparks came later ๐Ÿ˜€

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  • Wedding: February 2011

i met my bf through a mutual friend of ours and we talked online for hours before our first date. it was the end of the year and my boyfriend had just finished his classes, but i was still taking exams. i asked him if he would come up to my school and meet me for a date. he came and parked in a lot that was across the street from my dorm. i went out to meet him and neither of us had any idea how to greet each other. i was going in for a handshake and then we kind of ended up hugging. it was so awkward. we went out for lunch and had sushi, but the lunch special gives miso soup and i didn’t like the taste of it at the time, so i told him that i didn’t eat miso and he was like, “oh thank god, i don’t like it either and i thought i was going to have to eat it to be polite!” after lunch, we went to an ice cream place and sat down in a booth and this (apparently local legend) guy comes up to us and starts asking us geography questions. i had never seen that guy before and here on my first date he starts talking to us. so my boyfriend and i are humoring him and answering his questions and he finally leaves after like 15 min or so. after we finished our ice cream we decided to walk around town and ended up seeing the geography guy again and he asks us some more questions and then we say we have to go. it was such a bizarre first date, but we always have that funny story to tell. we’ve been around town hundreds of times now and we have never seen that geography guy again.

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i met my current Boyfriend or Best Friend on craigslist – crazy, i know. but welcome to the NYC dating scene. he responded to my ad, which was requesting to meet someone cool and into music and theater to hang out with. out of all the bajillion bogus crazy responses i got, his was eerily normal, polite and cute. we exchanged emails for a week and decided to meet up in person the saturday after Thanksgiving. first he suggested drinks, but the place he suggested meeting happened to be someplace i loved and frequented, so he made reservations for dinner (i knew he was special when he said he actually called and made a reservation for dinner a week in advance!! boys NEVER do this in NYC, at least in my experience). i was super nervous, and was running 1/2 an hour late and forgotten to put his number in my phone. we also never exchanged photos, but i figured how many 6’5″ blond boys could be in an NYC restaurant on this particular night? fortunately, despite my lateness, he was waiting patiently for me at the bar. we got to our table, talked the whole way through dinner, and as we were leaving the restaurant, i had planned to head back home. then suddenly he says, “so do you have anything planned for the rest of the evening?” and I said no, so he suggested going to a nearby jazz club to hear some music. we ended up at one of my favorite spots and stayed out till 1AM! I had a really great time and we hugged good-bye, but i was still thinking – he’s never going to call me again! it was fun, but not sure if we clicked?? he totally played by the boy rules and waited three days to contact me again (an agonizing 3 days!!), but the rest, as they say, is history!

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11pm at a hookah bar in georgetown…

extremely awkward.  i caught him staring at my boobs and he goes “i like your shirt.” glad we didn’t give up on it ๐Ÿ™‚

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Our first date was a double date with my sister and Brother-In-Law (coworker of MinMan’s). We went to this sushi place; I had never eaten sushi before, was completely intimidated by his age, and had no idea what to expect. I ended up loving sushi, he did some of the cutest flirty things, and afterwards we walked around talking in the cold. Beautiful.

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Ohhh my gosh sour cream!?  I would have died!!!  There are some great stories here!  I love to hear how people met and what happened!

I met my Boyfriend or Best Friend at one of his competitions.  He is a professional athlete so a friend called me up and asked if I wanted to check out this strongman competition at the casino.  I said sure whatever.  My friend went to the police academy with my BF’s best buddy so that’s where the connection was.  I first laid eyes on him while he was competing and turned to my BF’s buddy and said oh my gosh is he single I have to meet him!  And his buddy said absolutely.  I was able to meet my Boyfriend or Best Friend briefly after the comp but that was it, he was busy signing autographs and stuff.  The next night I was out to dinner with my mom and I got a text message from my girlfriend saying she got me a date with the BF!  I almost fell off my bar stool!  3 days later a bunch of us met up in my BF’s town and met for a few drinks.  Let’s just say we automatically clicked and I ended up calling out of work the next day.  We have been inseparable since!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Wedding: August 2010

Our UNOFFICIAL first date (there’s no way we’ll ever consider this our first date because it went so terribly) was going to see a client in the hospital after he got his hip replaced. So the boy and I go to see him, meet each other there, and find out that our client has been discharged. So we decide to get dinner, even though I’m supposed to have a coffee date with my ex-boyfriend at 7. I spent the WHOLE MEAL texting the ex trying to get out of coffee, totally ignoring the current boy, and was pretty sure I blew it. Well, thankfully, he’s patient enough to give me a second change so he comes over and I made dinner. Game over from then on!

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  • Wedding: June 2010

We met in a restaurant/bar spent the whole night talking by a bonfire. I dropped him of at his hotel at 4 am thinking that he would never call me back. He called me at 8am to have breakfast with him. We walked around Quebec City and had a delicious meal at a crepes place and have been together ever since. Our first kiss was at thr same place where he proposed to me.

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i didn’t know i was on a date! we had been talking on facebook for a month and i asked him if he wanted to hang out. we went to dinner and walked around the beach, and i just didn’t get the date vibe. i was in love! i wanted it to be a date, but i just didn’t know what he was thinking. i called my sister after and went over every detail to see what she thought. she told me that because he paid, he gave me a kiss on the cheek after, and we had a second date set up (we were going to go to an art thing over the weekend), it was a date.

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Ummmm ours was less than perfect, at least at first!  He wanted to take me to a movie, and he was like “What about Hostel?  It’s a suspense/thriller” and of course, just being happy to go on a date, I said sure!!  Ummm had no idea that it was a horror/slasher movie with nudity and everything else awkward for a first date!!  oh and I hate scary movies. Big, big, baby.  He was so embarassed that he picked that though…  it was funny ๐Ÿ™‚  Then we went to a bar/resturant to hang out and talk.  That part was fun, of course.

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Our first date, awww.  Let’s see.  We were set up, talked on the phone for a few days beforehand (for hours).  I met him at a Starbucks downtown wearing a stabilizer boot paired with a gorgeous sundress and immediately went for the bathroom, I had to pee!  I was also about an hour late, locked my keys in my apartment, and my cell phone was dead.

Anyways, after the bathroom we took a cab to a Persian restaurant.  We had a long dinner and I noticed I was incredibly shy, which was a first.  His card got declined, which I thought was hilarious.  It eventually went through.

He dropped me off at home and made sure that the building management got me into my apartment, and our first kiss sealed the deal.  I felt like I was meeting an old friend.  I called my dad that night and told him I found the one.

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Our was pretty bad.  He took awhile to ask me out because he was very shy.  When he did, he asked me to meet him on campus to watch The Last Samurai.  Two problems: One, I totally had no desire to watch this movie, but I thought I could get over it and just watch it with him.  Two, there was a serial attacked roaming campus and women were not advised to walk campus at night alone.  So ultimately I told him I would watch the movie with him, but he needed to pick me up.  He agreed that he would.  The date itself was really weird.  We watched a terrible, violent movie and were both so nervous that it was very awkward. 

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Our first “date” was to go see Anchorman, and get this, he didn’t pay for my ticket!! And he was the one who asked me to go see the movie!! He walked up ordered his 1 ticket and I was standing there in shock. So I walked up & ordered my ticket, but I was pissed!! As we sat down I just flat out asked why he didn’t buy mine & he told me that he wasn’t sure if this was a technical date so thats why he wasn’t sure if he should buy my ticket, b/c he didn’t want to weird me out by making it a “date” vs. a friendly hang out at the movies.

I knew at that moment that this guy was too silly & way too much of an over-thinker to pass up! ๐Ÿ™‚  

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