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I dont think my fiance and I ever really went on a first date. We have know each other forever because we are from the same town and went to school together. One year in high school we both had a free period right before lunch. So we started going out to lunch together at the mall. Nothing real special. But the first time I went to his house, we were going in the hot tub, and this was when strapless bikinis were first really cool. I had a towel wrapped around me on the way out, his mom didnt even say hi or introduce herself, she just asked if I was wearing anything under the towel. Great first impression! When we first started hanging out were we adament telling everyone we werent going out, about a month after the bot tubing, I was at his house and his mom asked us if we were ever going to start going out or if we were just going to be ‘FTF’… he decided right then we had to be going out, haha.

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We went to eat Mexican and I was so nervous I talked about a mile a minute.  And I’m originally from up north, so I can talk fast anyways…Then, after dinner we went to the movies and I said since he got dinner I would pay for the tickets.  I expected him to be like, no, I got it (I just wanted to look polite) but he was like, okay!  So I shelled out 20 bucks I wasn’t expecting, lol  All in all it was a good date, until he took me home.  He drove up to my apartment and just dropped me off without parking, turning off the car, giving a hug or ANYTHING!  I thought he had an awful time because of how he dropped me off, but turns out he had such a good time he got really nervous and had no idea what to do! Tongue out

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We kissed before we ever had a first date. (We’ve been friends for years.) I think after that I kind of freaked out. The Boy made it very clear he had romantic feelings for me, and eventually asked me on a date to the movies. He is so not the “dinner & movie” kind of guy, so at first I turned him down and said I couldn’t find a babysitter. (Awful, I know.)

 An hour or so after that, I called him and said, “why don’t we just go to a bar instead?” He met me near the bar and was so nervous. It was funny. I mean, we’ve know each other for YEARS and already kissed. He was so excited I kept telling him to calm down because he was making me uncomfortable.

 After that, we went to another bar, and then met up with my friend and boyfriend and went with them to a gay club, where the female bouncer told him if I was her girlfriend she would buy me presents everyday.


It was an interesting first date to say the least. Lol…

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Our first date was at his house. He “made” (I found out a little later it was takeout) a delicious meal. I had just worked a very long day and was exhausted but still went over anyways. Right after supper, he put a movie on.

And I was sound asleep before the previews even finished. I woke up 5 hours later, sprawled on him. Awkward.

I made sure the second date was out at a restaurant…and on a weekend.

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we never really had an official first date. we met online, became exclusive then met and just went from there. he was my date to my friends’ wedding so that could be our first date? lol

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Our first date, we went to a hole-in-the-wall BBQ place with some awesome food. So the boy is a huuuuuuuge sports fan, so to keep the conversation going, I made the mistake of asking him if he could explain football to me. Yay *sarcasm* jk! So he gets the salt and pepper shakers, sugar holders, Ketchup, all of the little advertisements that they put in the middle of the table saying what drink & dessert specials they’re having that week, silverware, napkins, our straw trash, and our drinks to show how football plays are run-pretty much everything on the table was being used. My mind started wandering after he grabbed the pepper. No, not really, but I did start cracking up at how serious he was about teaching me all there is to know about football.  Thanks to him I probably know more about sports than a lot of guys do. That was 3 years ago, and I still don’t ever get tired of hearing him talk about sports. I love my baby very much!

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Our first date was at the county fair.  I was 16 and he was 17.  He bought me a soda and we hung out with his friends and went to a concert with the guy who sings cat scratch fever (it was awful).  I got up halfway through and said I needed to water my goats (I was in FFA and 4H and bred, raised and showed Boer goats).  My friends happened to be there, and I almost didn’t go back to the concert.  I am so glad that I did ๐Ÿ™‚

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Ah I love first date stories!

Here’s mine, such as it is…

My sweetheart and I had found each other on an internet dating site called Plenty of Fish. He had viewed my profile but not contacted me so I clicked on his profile and as odd as this sounds, I all of a sudden had this feeling of “so there you are!” What was weird about that was the fact that I was single and I was LOVING it. I was dating a few different men (they all knew about each other) and told every one of them that I had absolutely no intention of ever getting serious with anyone again. My marriage had pretty much done me in for actually liking men beyond a friendship. So, I saw his profile and then sent him a sassy email asking him why he didn’t get in touch. He told me that he was just trying to get the courage to do it. We ended up talking online and eventually decided to meet.

We set up the date and one night as we were talking, he asked: “what would you think if I walked in the door and just walked up and kissed you without even saying hello first?” I told him that was fine – not really believing that he would do it but secretly kind of hoping he would since how a man can kiss makes or breaks things for me. ๐Ÿ˜‰

The day of our date arrived and when I went to the door and opened it, he swooped in, grabbed me in his arms and kissed me thoroughly and it was makes my knees weak good! I was a little surprised because he was/is a total geek. A little shorter than me, balding (now has a totally shaved head) and despite that kiss, absolutely unsure of himself. I didn’t fall in love right away – in fact, I fought it every step of the way but eventually he placed himself squarely and wonderfully into my life and the lives of my daughters who love him just as much as I do. I couldn’t ask for a better man, geek or not and the best part is that he told me that when he saw me, he knew that he was looking at the woman that he would spend the rest his life with. It took me several more months before I told him about my own experience when I saw HIS picture. Honestly though, I had no idea that someone could love someone like I love him… I am so grateful that I have him in my life! ๐Ÿ™‚

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Our first date (first meeting since he didn’t want to call it a date for fear of putting pressure one itFoot in mouth) was at the drive in. We went to see Tropic Thunder. Not too romantic.lol Then we went to eat at IHOP where he asked me how I want to get engaged. Yes, on his OWN.LOL


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I met my FH from craigslist as well.  Being a single mother it was REALLY hard for me to get out and date.. and I was getting sick and tired of local guys.  I happened to be working in Rhode Island *I live in southern MA* at the time at a hospital *I’m a nurse*.  I posted an ad just looking for someone to have fun with and spend time with, never mentioned I had a son *crazy people look for that* and after a day I was pelted by 30-50 emails.  It made me anxious, so I thought I would deter more responses.  I didn’t know how to take the ad down so I went in, edited it and wrote “Thank you for all your responses, I have found one guy I am interested in outside of craigslist so please no more responses”.

My FH read the second post and was intrigued and responded “If this one man doesn’t work out, please… message me”.  There was no man so I did.

Our first date was the most beautiful ghetto thing I ever saw. He worked Friday night to Sunday morning *straight shift* as a dispatcher at a courier company and I worked M-F as a nurse, so we decided I would meet him at his job Friday night and we would get a cup of coffee since he could technically leave the office as long as he had his phone.  When I got to the warehouse, he had brought cantalope, honey dew melons and a bottle of wine and had fresh baked bread before his shift.  We grabbed a cup of coffee and sat on the loading dock and talked about everything, then started eating the delicious treats he made and brought me. Before I knew it it was 1 am.

The next night I went to see him and he played the saxaphone for me in the quiet warehouse… the next day I visited him at his house in Newport RI… the next night we went to waterfire… and we have been together every day since… for 3 years now…

A perfect 1st date.

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Ummmm…boyfriend broke my car on our first date.

Seriously!  We had known each other for about eight months (we met at work) and we decided to “hang out” one Sunday afternoon and watch our mutual favorite TV show.  Neither of us knew if it was a “date” or not – we both wanted it to be!  We watched for a while and then decided to go get something to eat.  We took my car and he rolled the window down on the shotgun side (I have power windows in the front) and the window got stuck halfway open and wouldn’t close.  (It had been kinda broken for a while but always went back up…but not this time.) 

Dinner was nice, really good conversation.  And then we went back to his place, stayed outside and looked at the stars for a while.  And then we kissed.  And that was REALLY nice.

We’ve been together for a year and a half.  And the car is fine, too.  ๐Ÿ™‚

P.S.  I had to go get it fixed.  I told him on date #2 that it just fixed itself…it wasn’t until a long time later that I told him that the dealer and a couple hundred bucks fixed it. 

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We shared a class together and decided to study together for the final.  During the study session, I could hear his stomach rumbling from across the room, but he refused to eat if I wasn’t going to (I was smart & ate dinner before our 8pm meeting).  The next day I made fun of him for it, and he said “I guess I’ll have to take you to dinner to prove that I do eat.” 

So we went to dinner together (he claims I tricked him into it), and then he tried to teach me to play darts.  I was so bad at it!  The dartboard was set up in the hallway of his apartment and somehow I managed to impale a bottle of laundry detergent with my dart.  The Tide started leaking everywhere, and I just wanted to run home and bury my head in the sand, but he thought the whole thing was hilarious.  It really made me feel comfortable, and the rest is history I guess!

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The Fiance and i met online on a website called OkCupid. I’d been single for months and quite happy in that state. in fact, one of the very first things i told him via messages was that I was poly and had NO interest in a monogamous relationship. I liked his personality but his picture was off putting as it looked odd. I almost canceled our first date because I was an emotional mess over other things, but one of my best friends forced me to meet him! Love her!

Anyhow, our first date we met to see the movie Shaun of the Dead, which was playing for free at our university theater. We met outside the theater. My first thought was something like,”This guy is drop dead gorgeous! Enjoy it while it lasts Rabbit because he’ll never want to go on a second date with someone as plain as you again.” And seconds later 2 uber skinny punk chics walk up to him, hug him, and begin to flirt. it was super awkward for me because- what do you say to him or them? Umm…we’re on a date? He wasn’t flirting back but they did chat for a moment. They eventually left. We saw the movie and after went for sandwiches. He turned out to have a whole ton of intellect behind his scrumptious exterior so we ended up in this conversation which took us from the movies to sandwiches at Jimmy John’s to my livingroom futon. At around 4a when I began to think “if he’s not given any indication of attraction in 7 hours of your presence, he’s not interested in you like that”- he leaned in and gave me a sweet kiss! We talked and kissed until dawn when he had to leave for work.

We have been inseperable ever since (our second date was that night when he came over for movies and popcorn with my friends!). While it was not love at first sight, lust led to love very quickly for us both. I hate to think what I would have missed had my friend not forced me on our first date!

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My boy and I had been friends for years, but I was in another relationship so we never saw each other – just caught up over email and facebook. Well, coincidentally, just after I broke up with the ex, he sent me a text asking how I was doing. I told him what had happened and we ended up chatting over the phone for ages, before going out for a drink a few days later.

The second I opened the door, I knew he was the one – I thought to myself “oooh Im in trouble here!” We went and grabbed a drink at a nearby bar, chatted, then walked to the beach and chatted some more. When it was time to say goodbye neither of us wanted to – so we kept inventing excuses to stay a little longer!

Our “official” first date happened a week later – we went to a spanish tapas restaurant, ate lots of food, drank some wine and I discovered that he really didnt like dessert! He tried a churro just for me anyway, and despite that discovery, I decided to keep him around anyway!

We didnt really “make it official” at any stage, because from that first date onwards, we both kind of just knew!

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