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Sugar bee
  • Wedding: May 2014

First date lasted 12 hours, second date lasted three days! The rest is history. We were in love by the end of the weekend. 

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Sugar bee
  • Wedding: November 2016

First date we simply met up for a coffee. We didn’t really have any plans beyond that but…we ended up walking around shops from there…and later on grabbing sushi for lunch before ultimately ending the day. We texted nonstop and had arranged to meet the following weekend to play videogames lol (something we both enjoy). Third date was 4th of july and we went to see the fireworks. We had already talked about not really seeing dating anyone else at that point because neither of us saw a point. He asked to be “official” two days later (he ordered a cheese pizza and had “will you be my girlfriend or is that too cheesy?” written on the box) and, like PP said, the rest is history.

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Busy bee
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First time we met in person we grabbed coffee to discuss a project of mine he was modelling for, he thought it was a sort of date but I was going on a date with someone else after it! So when he asked me out for dinner I had to decline and make up an excuse. Second meeting was again not a date we were working on the project then ended up going for dinner and drinks and the rest was history! I moved in with him after three months, we were engaged by 4.5 months and married after two and a half years. So it worked out pretty well!

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Bumble bee

Our first date was at his and when it came to leave at night the weather had turned so bad (without being forecast) that everyone in the area was housebound. I had to stay over until 2pm the next day with no spare clothes/ makeup remover/ toothbrush or anything! Our date after that lasted 3 days and then we were a couple. 

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Bee Keeper

Love these stories.

Fiance drove two hours to my town and booked a hotel for himself so he made an effort!

we went for drinks at a gorgeous bar in a big fancy hotel in my city, then pizza, then ran in the rain to find a shop open so we could buy chocolate buttons (I just wanted some). We ate them on my sofa. And yes bees I did kick him out and he did stay at his hotel!  Well that night anyway 😉

we have our private civil service in June at the council building a short walk away from that big fancy hotel. We will be going to our 1st date bar for drinks for two afterwards. Also, as a surprise engagement gift our friends have booked us a room in that hotel too for the night of our wedding  day/party. So turns out 1st venue was pretty special. 

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Honey bee
  • Wedding: August 2012

We were set up on a blind date, and our second or third time hanging out we went bowling with a group of friends. We decided to play boys vs girls, winner buys ice cream.  My sister was with us, and pulled him aside to say I was a totally poor student, and couldn’t afford to buy ice cream for everyone.  So DH purposely lost to me.

Of course I had no clue,  and literally for years would tease him about how bowling was the only game I could beat him at. Eventually he told me the truth….and added in that I’m a horrible bowler, and it actually took a lot of effort to lose to me, lol.

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Busy bee
  • Wedding: July 2015

Our first date happened a bit backwards…we had met back in college, fell out of touch, and reconnected several years later and began an LDR. When I finally flew to see him in New Orleans after months of nightly four-hour phone calls, he picked me up from the airport and took me to my hotel…and I jumped his bones. After trying to make up for months of sexual starvation in three hours, we realized it was dinner time, so he took me out on our “first date” in the French Quarter. Not a story we’ll likely be telling the kids when they’re little, but oh well.

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Busy bee
  • Wedding: August 2016

Our first date we went to chick fil a and laughed at craigslists ads for people seeking people. Then he got pulled over on the way home. 

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Helper bee
  • Wedding: October 2016

So my fiance and I met on a dating website. He met me at my work a few days after talking and texting. We went out to dinner and talked for a few hours. We both ordered salads & his looked kinda nasty and I enjoyed mine.. He told me I out ate him!!! I was like um yeah because you’re salad looks nasty… we laughed it off and now we are madly in love & getting married!

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Helper bee
  • Wedding: December 2017

We met online so our first date I actually rescheduled because I got 30 minutes of sleep the night before. Anyways about two weeks later we went on our date and again I got little sleep the night before. I texted him before the date, let him know that that date may be short because I didn’t sleep.

We went on our date and it was really short like 45 minutes short. I was struggling to stay awake but I really liked him and was so attracted to him. I felt so bad but I was so tired! I was like a zombie and I didn’t reschedule again because I already did so and didn’t want him to think I was avoiding the date. I called it a night and went home, texted him 15 minutes later to tell him lets do it again. 

He later tells me that he thought I made up the sleep deprive thing to get out of the date early. He said when I left early he literally thought to himself ‘brilliant, I’m never seeing her again’ and was so shocked I asked to see him again lol! Now he knows I really was sleep deprived, I was having major insomnia issues (turns out it was GAD) during that time. But I thought our first date story was funny especially when he tells it because he’s so shocked that I actually liked him!

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Honey bee
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saratiara2:  this is HILARIOUS!… Lol oh and btw you’re a terrible bowler, haha so mean!! 😉

my Fiance and I knew each other since elementary school and were good friends in high school, keeping in touch randomly when we came home for breaks while I was in college and he was in tech school…

one night at a local bar we reconnected and hung out together all night. Some weird creepy guy was trying to hit on me so my now Fiance told the guy I was his girlfriend so the guy would leave me alone. Well we got drunker and drunker and kept up the facade of being together.. we took a cab back to his place where we sat on a love seat together and confessed our love for each other. I guess we both had crushes since high school and neither of us ever admitted it… We’ve been together ever since.

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Buzzing bee

So the first time I hung out with my fi was at sgroup luncheon to say good bye to a couple of peps that were leaving. We all decided that we were going to go to the movies after but there was some time between the movies and lunch so we all said we would met up there. Well my fi and I realized that we lived really close to each other so we hung out during that time and drove together to the movies and everyone ditched us! It was just us and they planned it, because they thouhht we would be good together. He dropped me off and was telling me his plans later ( a party) and I invited myself to the party.  We all got drunk, I fell alseep on his couch and he brought another girl to his bedroom (claims nothing happened but whatevs). So I stopped pursuing thinking he was into that girl. Well we worked together so we eventually started texting and everything and then I went away to college. 

Our first date he came to visit me and brought me stuff so he could cook me dinner. Before he got there I had a friend in my room who I was hanging out with but told him about my date later. Well once my fi got there this friend didn’t leave us alone. He cooked us dinner and sat there while we ate it, and then we went for a walk and he went with us!!!! So awkward. Eventually we shook him lol and had alone time to ourselves, where he got  hickeys all over his neck. He went home the next day, and his mom saw him and made a comment about it…. so that’s the first impression his mom had of me..  lol luckily, his mom loves me and it hasn’t been a problem but I was very nervous and embarrassed to meet her. 

Now, we are planning our wedding and it turns out all of our old coworkers were right! Lol

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Helper bee
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We started as …FWB! 

The first time we meet was in a huge group of people so we didn’t get much time to talk. We messaged each other numerous times and he invited me over the next week. We had a FWB type deal going on for about a month before we became official so I wouldn’t say we had a real first date. 

Similar to pp, not a story we share very often. 

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summerbride2016:  When I first met my Fiance at a concert, I didn’t think anything of our exchange. We had some mutual friends, so a few months later he found me on facebook and friend requested me. We messaged back and forth a little bit, then he asked if I’d like to meet him on campus for coffee (we attended the same university at the time). I agreed, since it wouldn’t really be out of my way to meet him on campus. We ended up talking for hours, and he asked me out on a dinner date. He took me to a wonderful restaurant then we went to a lounge for drinks afterward… And the night didn’t end until about 8am! lol Needless to say, we hit it off rather quickly. I’ve never had such an instant connection with someone, and I’m so happy to be spending the rest of my life with him 🙂

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