(Closed) First “I”m Fat” hormonal breakdown…

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Sugar bee

Sorry lady.  I’m not sure what it is either, probably bloating and things starting to shift around, but I was the same way at 11 weeks.  Especially after I had eaten.  Even at like 6 weeks if I had a big lunch I had a gut I could not suck in and I looked ridiculous, I was so worried people were going to see my food belly and guess I was pregnant.  It’s good you’re getting some exercise, that’s one thing that’s helped me is knowing I’m doing what I can by still moving around but weight gain is going to happen to grow this little one.  I also never usually wear makeup but between winter dry skin and feeling kinda gross I have started, on my gross feeling days, to put a little make up on.  I know it sounds silly but I’m much more likely to think I look like a sexy pregnant lady if my skin makes a good impression in the mirror.

Also at the end of the first trimester I was baking myself goodies for snacks in the middle of the night, they were relatively healthy but still I’d wake up at 3 am every night and feel like there was no way I could sleep if I didn’t eat.  It stopped during the beginning of the second trimester.  Sorry don’t know if any of that helps but what you’re feeling is normal, it’s OK to need some time to adjust to all these crazy changes.

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Honey bee
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I feel like I wrote this post.  I’m 12 weeks now.  I have experienced the same emotions and physical limitations.  It really is torture to be so hungry and not want to eat anything.  I had my meltdown when I went for my last check up.  I got on the scale and was like, WHAT?  I called my mother to talk me off a ledge.  I’m hoping it evens out when I’m not forced to eat to avoid nausea.  I’ve also had a bunch of other debilitating symptoms (first off, the nausea is all day, and now I have the worst headaches- awesome) that have kept me from working out.  I’m jealous that you’re able to!  It’s so great for your pregnancy and after. 

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Busy bee
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Can I join in on this vent party as well! 

I think I overdid it on Saturday (raking leaves out of the yard) and Sunday I woke up with a bad headache.  I thought some fresh air might help so I went on a 2 mile walk with my friend.  I spent the rest of the day on the couch with a headache and not really eating. 

Today, I woke up feeling much better but I am STARVING! 

It is really just a constant struggle.  I am already wearing maternity pants but am hoping that I don’t “let go” too soon. 

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Busy bee
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Its probably bloat- I was so bloated for like a month.  I packed up all my clothes and resigned to the fact I wouldn’t be seeing them for a year.  I looked 5 months along at 10 weeks. Now I’m almost 14 weeks, and I have back on my regular pants with a BE Band from Target.  I figure I can wear these for another couple of weeks.

I’m having a hard time with tops- there’s so much “roll” now around my waist- I really don’t like seeing it.  I’m still showing, so the flowy maternity tops look ridic on me.  But I’m nervous to buy regular tops that just wont fit in a few weeks.

Welcome to the crazy emotional ride. 

I also had my first blow up at my husband…..we hardly ever argue.  he just took it.  I felt so bad afterwards.  i’m just not 100% myself.

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Honey bee
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@shelbifox15–  I havne’t been weighing myself, I guess I should.  It will be a good way of keeping myself in check.  I’m sorry to hear that you’re getting the headaches too.  I hope they pass soon for you.  They really do make you want to do nothing but lay in bed.  Horrible!  My doc also reminded me to be sure that I’m drinking enough water, not doing so could contribute to the headaches.  My husband is sooo having the next child, lol.

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Helper bee
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Hahahaha.  Dude, I am so there.  100%, though I’m in week 14, and wtf, I thought gagging was supposed to miraculously go away?  Ahem, nope.

So my shirts stick to my tummy in an awkward and not-attractive way, and because I work from home and wouldn’t normally comb my hair or put on make-up, when added to the weight gain, I just feel dumpy and chubby.


Totally right there with you.  Also with the crying jag.

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Busy bee
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WOW…i am totally with you! I, too, am 11 weeks and don’t feel like my tummy should be this big already. Sometimes it seems like it’s bloat/gas…but it’s getting hard and I can’t suck it in if I try so…I guess that’s exciting but if I’m this big already I’m gonna be HUGE in a few months! My pants can barely button but I don’t feel like it should be time for maternity clothes yet. gah!

Also, the food thing. I’m experiencing something slightly different in that I am super hungry all the time and have LOTS of crazy cravings…like I will want pizza loaded with meat and fresh fruit simultaneously. After weeks of morning sickness, I generally let myself have what I want without going wild or mixing totally random crap, but then I go overboard with whatever I’m eating cause I feel SO hungry and feel sick soon after. BLAH. my body just won’t wake up it’s mind!

I think we’re just at an odd in-between stage…the first trimester queasiness/food aversion stage is coming to an end (hopefully!) and the “time to get legitimately and happily fat” stage is about to begin. ps. i just made up those stages.

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Buzzing bee
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I hated the first trimester because I looked like I had a beer pooch-not pregnant. They have t-shirts that say ” WITH BUMP, NOT PLUMP”. you shoudl get one! Also, you are eating everything in sight so you probably feel bigger.

I’m 34 weeks today. I look at pics of me at 13 weeks and I’m like WTF I thought I was fat then? LOL!

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