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If you go to sharing and then view and copy paste the link from there, it should show up.

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@SparkyFulff:  Sorry I’m non-charter but I’m sure some of the ladies on here can help you out.  Good Luck!

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@SparkyFulff:  You can also save the chart as an image on your computer and then upload it by clicking the “insert image” icon. 

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I know that it can take several cycles after you stop hormonal BC for your body to settle into its natural pattern as it works everything out of your system. The best thing to do is to just get into the habit of charting every day, and not worry too much about minor day-to-day fluctuations (i.e. waking up late, etc.) It can be overwhelming when you first read TCOYF and have all that information swirling around you (“I drank alcohol last night! I woke up 20 min. late!” etc.). And there are a lot of spaces on the chart to worry about.

For starters, focus mainly on tracking the temps as consistently as possible, and use these first couple of months to practice getting the hang of everything. We were kind of confused by what we saw our first month, then we found it really interesting to compare what we saw during month 2 with month 1 … by now, it’s gotten easier to spot patterns. Hang in there!

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Without looking at the chart (I’m no good at deciphering others’ charts, anyway!), I have a few things to say:

1. The pill works by suppressing ovulation, so you shouldn’t have been feeling like you were ovulating while you were on it. That’s neither here nor there, but I still wanted to mention it. 🙂

2. Since it’s only your first month off the pill, there’s no telling how regular your cycles are going to be, but if your temp spike was on CD20, you probably did ovulate around CD19. If you were having sex up until that point, you may be pregnant. It’s hard to say for sure because your wake up times were kind of all over the place so FF might be a little off.

If I were you, I’d get on prenatal vitamins if you’re not already. Whether you’re charting to conceive or avoid, there’s always a chance you’ll end up pregnant so you might as well get your body ready! 🙂

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If you would prefer to not get pregnant right now, I would recommend using condoms until you are SURE (as in your chart says it) that you ovulated.  I would not rely on feeling ovulatey because even having sex up to that day will possibly get you pregnant, also you wouldn’t have been ovulating while on birth control so what you are feeling may not be actual ovulation. You would only have to do this until you know for sure what your monthly pattern is.


Other than that, you don’t have to be as much of a stickler with taking your temperature as much as it says in the book. (At least in my experience I haven’t) I simply take my temperature whenever I wake up (no matter the time), and pay attention to how dry I am down there and my chart does the rest. Try not to stress about it too much.

I would also like to add that if you had another spike that stays up at 6DPO you may be pregnant. If your period doesn’t come in about a week then you may want to take a pregnancy test.

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Charting is a wonderful tool, and worked for several years for us avoiding pregnancy. That said, it’s usually advisable to continue to use a barrier method until you have figured out the ins and outs of charting– it CAN be very confusing at first. Many people do ovulate their first cycle off of hormonal bc, and I know several people who got pregnant that same cycle. Based on what you are saying, since I can’t view your chart, it sounds like you likely ovulated. It is also possible that the spike is related to illness, since you said you’re experiencing swollen nodes. Since this is your first cycle charting and you don’t know how long your luteal phase (LP) is yet, you can assume it should be between 13 and 16 days. If you make it two weeks out without a period, I would go ahead and test.

The most important aspects of charting to avoid are to temp consistently (same time every day) as often as possible, and to follow the rules for avoiding. I believe TCOYF calls them the 5 Rules. Any day that isn’t covered by one of those 5 rules you should abstain or use a barrier. With regards to temping, this is different for everyone. As long as I temp within a half hour of my temp time my temp doesn’t seem to fluctuate. Some people’s temps are affected much more significantly. You will have to figure out what works for you.

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To share your chart I think you first have to set up your home page in FF.  At the top of the page there are a few pull down menus.. go to Sharing and under Charting Home Page click Setup to set it up.  I think there is a help menu in FF too.   

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@SparkyFulff:  I still can’t see your chart. I’ve never tried to upload one directly from FF, so I don’t know how it works. I always just save the image to my computer and then insert it. It takes a couple of cycles to get the hang of charting, and your charts are likely to be inconsistent since you just came off BCP, so you might not be able to pinpoint your usual date of ovulation yet. Like PPs have recommended, if your TTA right now, it’s best to use a barrier method until you get the hang of things. When you get that temp shift, O has already happened, so if you had unprotected sex up to five days before that, then you could get pregnant. That’s why TCOYF recommends using condoms or abstaining during your fertile window until you’ve confirmed O.

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