First outdoor run while pregnant: horrible. Anyone else?

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Blushing bee
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I had to stop running in my 1st trimester, I found the same thing, I was just so uncomfortable and things were painful that normally never bothered me. The pelvic pressure really bothered me, even just going for walks.

I took up swimming instead for cardio and it was better. Got my heartrate up, and the weightlessness felt really nice on my joints. I did/have kept up weights and body weight exercises the whole time. 

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Buzzing Beekeeper
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Yes I quit running with both pregnancies around 25-30 weeks.  Funny enough, with my first I was about 7 weeks along (didn’t know it yet) and I normally could run 6miles without any issue but by the first mile I was DYING and had to stop.  It was August and hot so I just figured it was the heat but it was definitely pregnancy (and the heat).  It wasn’t the cardio part that bothered me when I was farther along (although I definitely was way slower and had to mix in walking while pregnant), I just would get too achy and get sharp ligament pains. Not going to run in pain.  So I just did elliptical instead.  Or walking.  With my second I just pretty much quit completely after 30-32weeks.  Most women can’t run up to 40 weeks from what I have seen.  It’s silly to expect to.  My second is 6mo (and a clinger) and I just got back to being able to do a full 3miles (started a little less than 2mo ago).  Luckily muscle memory will help you out when you get back into it.

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Buzzing Beekeeper
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i gave up running and biking when i was pregnant the first time.  but stuck with swimming.  many times i would have to stop and break from laps bc i felt the baby pushing on my bladder or pelvis.  once i was upright in the pool, i would wait for the baby to change positions and then continue on. 

i swam at least 1 mile 3x/week until i was 32 weeks when the acid reflux got too bad from being face down.  it was great exercise.

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Bee Keeper

lula0508 :  I was an active runner before my first, but had to stop after my first trimester due to the sheer pain and exhaustation I had from it.

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Helper bee

I gave up running at about 14 weeks (currently 21) for the same reason – I felt like there was a rock in my pelvis and I felt like I had to pee constantly, even if I went right before I left. Also too many things bouncing at once. I currently do an occasional HIIT class in the pool at my gym, 1-2 days of weights, and prenatal yoga as well as walking 2 miles or so a few days per week.  Definitely a big step back from my pre-pregnancy workout routine, but I was too uncomfortable. 

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Bee Keeper

If you’re used to treadmill running, then running outside will feel harder anyway. And we all know you get random rubbishy training days so bear that in mind. 

I do know of ladies who ran later into their pregnancies but personally I found by 12 weeks I just felt puffy in my tum and jiggly and felt it hurt my lower back. 

So I went to speed walking and kept up with spin classes but at a lower intensity. 

That saw me through trimester 2. Now I’m near the end of pregnancy I feel very lumpy and unagile!  Swimming and water aerobics along with just normal walking and a bit of yoga is lovely and relaxing and enough to get me out of breath. 

What I really miss is riding my lovely horse! I stopped that as a safety precaution after 12 weeks or so. 

So keep on with what you can. Your outdoor run might just have been a bad day but do what you love and enjoy doing and if that means adapting a bit or trying some other activity then so be it. 

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Busy bee
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If you’re not having problems running inside/treadmill, I would keep up with that. Just listen to your body and do what you can!

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Bumble bee
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lula0508 :  I normally run 25-30 miles a week and stopped running completely while pregnant. I didn’t find it enjoyable at all. It sounds like you were experincing some round ligament pain at the end of your run. Your body also releases a horomone when you’re pregnant that loosens your muscles, I think this is what you may be feeling in general.

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Busy bee
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As you advance in your preganancy your blood volume expands by up to 50% in order to meet the metabolic demands of the developing fetus. While the increased volume does not normally negatively impact heart function, it can make it harder to do more strenous activities such as running. The growing uterus pushes on the diaphragm which makes taking deep breaths a bit more difficult. Couple this with loosening ligaments and changes in posture and it’s easy to see why running may not be that comfortable during this time. In short, even seasoned, elite or professional level athletes can experience increased discomfort due to increased weight, increased size of the uterus and pelvic instability during pregnancy.

The best course of action is to check with your health care provider, listen to your body and adapt accordingly.

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Bumble bee
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lula0508 :  Look for a prenatal swim class.  It is usually in about 4 feet of water so you don’t need to know how to swim.  I LOVE IT!!

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Helper bee
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I was an avid trail runner pre pregnancy but my dr told me to stop running until 13weeks (she didnt give me a reason…) 13 weeks I went for a short 30min run and had terrible pelvic pain for the rest of the day and next. Brushed it off as deconditioning and did it again a few days later with the same results. Gave it a 3rd try and gave up as the pain had me limping for almost 2 full days after. I am 26weeks now and walking or sitting for longer than 30mins at a time results in the same pains/ache and has since 13 weeks. Its really unfortunate and I actually cried when I packed away my running clothes. I wish I had a better story for you.

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Bumble bee
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OK, I’m going to go out on a limb and say give it one more try before you give up. Definitely don’t do something that doesn’t feel good, but I think the leg and ankle cramps are just you getting used to new shoes and reacquainting yourself with running on pavement.  At around 18-20 weeks, I was getting a lot of pelvic pressure/pain when running. It actually eventually went away on its own a few weeks later, but I also found that a maternity support belt helped a lot once I actually got big and the pain returned (around 32 weeks).  I’m currently 36 weeks and still running (also spinning and doing barre) so there is hope if it’s something you’re looking to continue throughout pregnancy.

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