(Closed) first pedicure! help!

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Busy bee
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Relax and enjoy it!  Make sure you shave your legs, because they will likely roll you pants up etc and rub lotion on your shins/calves. Doesnt hurt at all and might tickle some.  They will cut or file toenails as needed and buff heels and callaused areas  on your feet, trim your cuticles and polish. Nothing to worry about. What color are you doing?

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Busy bee
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Can I ask them not to cut my toenails? Yes you can ask them not to cut them
Is this going to tickle or what? Are you ticklish?
What if they think my feet are gross? they wont – this is their job.

Is there any additional ettiquette I should be aware of? Um, make sure your legs aren’t hairy LOL And I’d suggest flip flops and shorts/capris, or pants that roll up easily.


Seriously, relax and enjoy yourself!

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Buzzing bee

  • Yes, you can ask them not to cut your toenails. They usually ask before they cut mine.

  • My feet are super ticklish, so I always laugh when they scrub the bottom.

  • If they think your feet are gross, they’re not going to say anything so don’t worry.

And you didn’t have to take your polish off! They do that for you!

And I can’t think of any etiquette things. Just make sure you pick out your color when you get there and sit down and enjoy! I always read, but some people like to talk to the pedicurist. Definitely have some flip flops and pants that can roll up easily so they don’t get wet.


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I’ve never had them cut my nails without asking me first.  So if you don’t want them to, just decline that part.

My feet are SUPER ticklish and I don’t find pedicures to be too bad.  Scrubing the callouses off is a bit ticklish to me but not too bad.

They won’t think your feet are gross.  This is their job and they’ve seen more feet than you could imagine.

I agree with the PPs to wear flip-flops, shave your legs, and be friendly.  Tipping is also the norm.

Other than that – relax and enjoy it!  I LOVE pedicures!

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Blushing bee
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I put off having a pedicure foy WAY too long because of the same issues. After the first time, I was kicking myself for not doing it sooner. I LOVE getting pedicures!!!

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Buzzing Beekeeper
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More than likely you will LOVE this pampering, and be back again in the future.

Shaving your legs, and wearing shorts, capris or pants that roll up easily are good tips.  As is wearing a pair of flip flops to the appointment.

Arrive earlier than your appointment… by at least 10 or 15 minutes. Being late is very rude to other Guests. Coming early and you are being respectful to the Salon / Spa and the Esthetician & Staff.

If it is a Spa, they’ll usually take the time before your appointment to make you comfy. Take your coat, offer you Tea, Coffee, Bottled Water (sometimes even a glass of wine).

Once you are in the Pedicure chair (some of which are amazing and give a massage) you’ll be quite relaxed. The Estheticians I’ve dealt with in the past have always been people persons… so they don’t mind chatting if that is what makes you comfortable.

If you are doing a Pedicure Party… with your GFs and several chairs & Estheticians present at the same time, it can be a real party atmosphere.

BUT it is also ok to not chat at all… high end Spas where the lighting is dimmed, and decor subtle, many times clients just tend to “zone out”… and relax. As I said, you might encounter a Massage Chair, or be given Magazines, Beverages etc (Wine & Cheese?) The ONLY big decisions you’ll have to make is the colour of the polish you want… lol, not usually an easy task, as they’ll typically give you polish sample cards with TONS of choices.

I don’t find a pedicure very uncomfortable… but my feet do tend to ticklish… especially so when they are working off the calluses with either a pumice stone or a foot file.  Estheticians are used to some customers having this quirk tho.

As to the state of your feet, I wouldn’t worry too much.  A lot of times when in training these folks had to do hours or volunteer at Senior’s Residences… where footcare is very common (a health need as we age)… and trust me many seniors have some pretty gnarly feet !!

Pedicures typically include soaking your feet, removing polish, soaking some more, a foot scrub, calluse removal, a foot & leg massage, and then the tub is drained / cleaned… and new polish is applied to your toe nails.  (In between there you can get a paraffin wax treatment if you like… an extra cost, but makes for amazingly soft feet if you are someone who suffers from rough spots… such as myself who is over 50… as I said before, our feet get worse as we age)

After the polish goes on (undercoat – colour – top coat)… you’ll more than likely have some complimentary THIN flip flops placed on your feet, and you’ll be off to a lounge to wait for your toes to dry.  Most often, there will be more offers of beverages and magazines.  Your feet may have to sit under a machine that speeds up the process.  Someone will tell you how long you’ll need to enjoy the lounge before leaving for the best results.

After that, you are free to go and pay your bill.  As others have said you’ll want to tip the Esthetician who provided the service.  The norm is 15 to 20% on the PRETAX cost.  You can ask the Desk Staff / Cashier for a Tip Envelope for the Esthetician (write her name and yours on the front), as she may have moved onto another appointment while you were sitting in the lounge.

Your thin spa flip flops can be turned back in at the Desk (they throw them out) or worn home.  The choice is yours (I usually slip on my own that I brought… because the spa ones are pretty flimsy)


Hope this helps… like I said, chances are you’ll LOVE it and be making another appointment soon.

PS… The advantage to getting an Esthetician to cut your toenails is they are professionals and TRAINED to correct any potential problems that might be ongoing or starting to be an issue.

EDIT TO ADD – A good Salon / Spa will also take additional steps.  The Esthetician will ask you health Questions (such as the very important one, “Are you a Diabetic”).  The non-disposable tools will be sanitized well… (such as in an Autoclave).  And for other items they’ll use disposable items.  The footsinks will also be spotless !


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Buzzing bee
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RELAX!!!. You can tell them not to cut your toenails. And yes it will tickle if you have tickleish feet(it killssss me). REMEMBER to shave your legs before you go… i forgot once… and it was winter time…(you get my drift..Sealed) well they would massage up your leg to your knee.. i was soo embarassed!!!

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I was also super anxious about getting pedicures before I got my first one…I just hate situations where I’m not sure exactly what is going to happen! I am super ticklish, and i always get startled when they start buffing the bottom of my feet, but they are definitely used to it. No matter what, just remember that you can always stop them if you feel uncomfortable, and feel free to warn them beforehand that you are ticklish so they know to be careful. Have fun!

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I’m not sure about ALL salons, but there might be different packages to purchase at the one you go too that feature different treatments. My aunt took me on my wedding day to get my nails and toes done and she told them to give me the super delux package and that included some crazy hot wax in bags that they put over my hands and feet. I was NOT expecting it and it kind of freaked me out because I didn’t know what was happening lol. So you might want to ask them what all comes in the package you’re paying for so you know what to expect, that way there are no crazy suprises 🙂

Otherwise just relax and enjoy! You’re going to love it 🙂  

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This is a requirement for Darling Husband and I every few weeks.  There is nothing better than a mani/pedi to lift your spirits….well, except for free money.  😉

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wear flip flops!

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Pedicures are kinda like going to the doctor, in that no matter how gross what you’ve got going on is, they’ve seen grosser.  You’ll be fine, just enjoy it!  And they won’t cut your nails to the quick, if that’s what you’re worried about- when I get mine done they always tend to leave them a smidge long.

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