(Closed) First prenatal appointment- what did doc tell you?

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That’s too bad. It may be because you are so early, but I’m not sure. I had a pre-conception visit that lasted about an hour and was so informative, but at my first (and only so far) prenatal visit, my doctor was having a tough day (and looked like she’d been up all night) so I was also disappointed. She reviewed a document with me that went over things like my nutritional needs, goals for weight gain, etc, and then gave me some reading to do on my own about travel, diet, and exercise. I didn’t really get to ask many questions either though if I’d thought of them all I could have snuck them in, I guess. I got distracted by hearing the heartbeat- which I agree, is amazing. I’m hoping for maybe more info or question time at my next appointment. 

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This wasn’t my first child but they did give me a booklet with basic information and have always answered any questions I had. But I work with midwives at my practice so maybe that is the difference.

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I’d say yes.  I’d expect more than that, considering this is your first time.  I go to a group practice and they do things a lil differently.  They schedule an appointment as soon as you find out you’re pregnant.  The appointment is meant soley as a time for questions & answers.  I loved it.  Then came an appointment for my ultrasound and shortly after that I met with the doctor.  At that appointment, I believe I was around 10wks by then, the doctor did an exam followed by a meeting in his office to ask any additional questions we might have. 

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First of all, congrats on hearing the heartbeat!  I can’t wait for that part.  It must be amazing, and also a big relief to see everything is progressing on schedule. 

I haven’t had my first appt yet, but that doesn’t sound right.  Can you switch to a different doctor for future appts?  It’s really important that you be comfortable with the doctor who will ultimately deliver your baby.  I’m kind of looking at my first appt. at an audition for my doctor, and will probably switch right away if I feel like we don’t see eye to eye.

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Congratulations on hearing the heart beat. That is really exciting. I would give it one more appointment to see how things go and make sure to try to ask questions. My OB doesn’t even see you until at least 9 weeks so it could have just been because you are so early.

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I received little information at my first appointment (8 weeks), but my doctor did go over the major dos/don’ts with me. At my 2nd appointment (12 weeks) I sat down for an hour with a nurse who went over all of my medical history and in depth on everything else, giving me tons of fliers,pamphlets etc. I thought this was kinda silly since I’d already had enough time to research everything I was wondering about. Maybe they do that since they don’t want to overwhelm you earlier but it would be good to have more info up front! Congrats on the <3 beat- I still enjoy that more than the actual sonograms 🙂

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My first OB apt was just hearing the heartbeat but also he answered questions I had and did a reccomendation to a nutritionist which made an apt for and met.  A lot of the stuff, I knew not because I have had any children yet, because I went to college for Early childhood.

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I didn’t receive a whole lot more than that from my 6 week appointment. Although I didn’t really feel rushed by him either, if we had questions he would have answered them but at the time we weren’t sure of the due date so he did the pap and just explained prenatal vitamins and said we’d meet up the following month after I had my ultrasound. So I had my ultrasound and got my date confirmation, then actually had another appointment with a nurse for about an hour going over medical history and she gave me a big packet on things from weight gain to eating correctly and healthy development patterns of the baby. She also went over things like what the labor and delivery center is like, gave me a pamphlet with different classes available to me and tours of the delivery unit. Again though, this was with the nurse and not the doctor. I go for my 10 week appt at the end of this month so I’m hoping I’ll be able to hear the heart beat with the doctor then 🙂

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My assumption is two-fold.  One, they were swamped.  And forgot to give you the bag with all the info.  Two, you’ve had 2 miscarraiges and they may have taken that to mean you know more than the average woman coming in for the very first time.  Fair?  No.  


Glad there is another doc that you like better for next time!

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We had a meeting with a nurse first who went over a lot of the information in the baby handouts.  My first Drs visit was a bit weird though.  I went to a big practice and some of the Drs were great and some of them not really.  I loved seeing the ultrasound but she told me to stop taking fish pills because they have high levels of mercury  (not really true, at least for the fish pills I was taking) and not to worry about additional DHA and that I was too early in pregnancy (10 weeks) to really have exercise be impacted (not sure why she thought that) so I just avoided her for appointments after that since the info she gave just seemed to be pulled out of her bum instead of medical journals.

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My 8 wk appt (1st prenatal) was just a visit with the midwife to discuss nutrition, major dos and don’ts, controlling nausea, weight gain goals for the pregnancy, and what medications I can take for common illnesses (colds, allergies, etc.).  She really let me take my time, (and I’ve never felt rushed– most of my appts are 15 mins exam, 15 mins of me asking questions). They sent me home with a booklet with all the information she went over, and then another booklet on my options for prenatal care (OB, family practice doc, midwife) and options for where I can deliver (home birth, hospital, birth center, etc.).

I didn’t have an exam or ultrasound until 9.5 wks. They started checking my weight & blood pressure at that point too.

Overall– I’d say you were gipped (sp?). If the next appt or 2 doesn’t go well, I’d seek out another practice. One bad visit I’d chalk up to a bad day for the doc… but multiple times within your first few appts? Not ok and I’d call it a red flag.. that it’s time to move on.

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i went to a fairly large practice, so most of my visits were pretty to the point. but my first visit was definitely more involved than it sounds like yours was (i was 8 weeks). i also had an u/s, urine test, and internal exam, but my ob took some time to answer my questions and let me know what to generally expect from my future visits. i chose one specific ob from the practice, who was recommended to me though, and some of the other ob’s (who i saw over my next few visits) were much briefer and impersonal. maybe you can look into seeing another ob at that practice next time?

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