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  • poll: First sign of pregnancy...


    sore breasts

    pelvic cramping

    implantation dip on TTC chart

    significant rise in BBT after ovulation

    mood swings/ irritated

    feeling tired/fatigue/headaches

    only light bleeding (implantation)

    + pregnancy test

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    The day before my BFP, I was cramping so much and so intensely that I popped a Vicodin (expecting the motherload of periods) and that didn’t work, so I popped another one. I was doubled over in pain. Looking back, it must have been when my little sweetheart was implanting.  I was upset with myself that I took those pills (once I found out I was pregnant), but I didn’t think I was pregnant at the time. I expected my period to come that night or the next day. So just for fun the next day I took a pregnancy test, and it was positive. I am now 29 weeks 5 days pregnant. 🙂

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    I got a clear positive at 14dpo when I was expecting my period.  The week after that, my boobs started to get sore, so that would have been my first sign if I wasn’t testing early.  

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    I chose nausea altho with my first pregnancy I had no clue til I went to the ER with a whole array of symptoms including shortness of breath and they told me I was pregnant.my second pregnancy I was extremely nauseas and i knew it from that. My third pregnancy I knew it the night I conceived as crazy as that sounds. I just had this crazy ‘off’ feeling in my body from that night forward. I tested a few days later even though I had no real symptoms besides the off feeling and it was negative but I was convinced I was pregnant so I tested again a week later and it was a solid positive.

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    I felt a few sharp twinges in my abdomen around 7 days after ovulation, which I believe was implantation.  Then I had mild cramping on and off up to my missed period and beyond.  Much milder than usual.  I was also extremely thirsty all the time.  They were subtle signs, and I don’t think I would have noticed them if I hadn’t been charting.

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    Cramps and not wanting anything sweet. The cramps I thought were premenstrual, so it was the fact that there was a box of doughnuts on the table and I didn’t want a single one that made me take the test. (I love doughnuts, truly, madly, deeply – but while pregnant I didn’t want anything sugary at all).

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    DH and I DTD the day of and day after the estimated ovulation date.  About 1-2 days after that, I knew something was up because I had funny cramping in my pelvic area…. different from period cramps.  The next sign was sore/tender/tingling nippes, followed by implantation bleeding (just litterally a few drops).  Then fatigue by week 5ish, and then….. by week 6…. horrid nausea.  

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    I chose sore breasts but it wasn’t just sore breasts it was a horrible heavy feeling, tight, growing tingling, aching feeling in my breaat which I could say made them sore. It was and is the most pain I have ever felt so to me it wasn’t another period symptom. 

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    Sore boobs, but not like pre-AF sore, heavier. Stuffy nose, but not like sickness (hard to describe). Very vivid dreams. And my CM didn’t dry up like it usually did before AF. 

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    For me it was sore boobs. I never have sore boobs before AF so this is the only symptom that made me think I could be pregnant. All other symptoms (increased CM, cramping, breakout, bloating) were all typical pre-AF for me. 

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    A bit of cramping, sore boobs, and moodiness.

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    I didn’t know I was pregnant until my husband MADE me take a pregnancy test. lol. He was soooo convinced I was pregnant because apparently, I had been “more moody than usual” Lol… Plus, we were going to an all-inclusive vacation, so he wanted me to take a test to make sure, since I would’ve been drinking alcohol. So I took the test… and bam, it was positive. I had to take another one to make sure, and the 2nd test was still positive.

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    I had sore boobs, but i did otheer months too before my period so wouldn’t be a sign of early pregnancy for me (it did continue for a few weeks). I voted for + pregnancy test, but retrospectively, i had indigestion too for a couple of days before my + test.

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    I didn’t have any symptoms until 6-8 weeks and then it was nausea.

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    I am only 5 weeks and 3d per online calculator (just tested positive today) and haven’t really had any telling symptoms. Makes me wonder if I’m really pregnant actually!!! I missed work last Monday morning due to a severe headache, but I didn’t think it was a pregnancy sign at the time. I have felt kind of gassy recently, but I had attributed that to the fact that I added a lot of veggies/fiber to my diet in an attempt to be healther in 2015!! All in all, I had more “pregnancy” symptoms in the TWW of months I wasn’t pregnant…

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    I am 6 weeks and quite bloated and bresats a bit swollen but really don’t feel mich different.  No increased CM, no sickness, tiredness etc. A few stabbing pains which I hope means bubs is clinging on but booked an early scan to reassure myself at 8 weeks.

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