first sugaring experience… OUCH !

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I’ve never done sugaring but am definitely curious and wanna try to see the difference. But I have been Brazilian waxing for 10+ years. The first few times definitely suck. I used to go quite reluctantly (but didn’t really have an option as shaving and hair removal creams caused severe ingrown hairs. And I hated having hair down there).

If your area has a groupon for Brazilian laser, I’d highly recommend it. Even if it doesn’t get rid of all your hair, it makes future waxes nearly pain free as it’ll result in significant reduction at the very least. Before laser, my Brazilians would take 15 minutes. Now they take 5!!! 

And yeah, you’re most tender on and near your period. They suggest coming in either a week before or a week after your period. If you decide to continue, definitely make it a routine. I do every 40 days though I can push it to 50 recently. You will hate yourself everytime you wait too long and end up with a crazy bush lol

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Ugh, this sounds awful. I can’t imagine paying good money to have someone torture me! Haha 

I’ll stick to my trimmers on level 1. 

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I wax. It’s way more painful the first time, especially if you have been shaving prior. After the first few times, it does get easier and the hair grows less.

Things that help are avoiding the time near your period, being hydrated, no caffeine, and eating before. I sometimes take an advil before my appointment if I remember.

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Did you not trim your hair down beforehand? That could’ve added some extra pain! I tried sugaring last year for the first time and cut my hair down to about 1/4 or 1/2″ beforehand. I only had it done twice – it’s not worth it to me to keep it up during the winter, but I’ll probably have it done again soon and through my wedding/honeymoon. I had never been waxed so I had nothing to compare it to. It definitely hurt, but I wasn’t sensitive the next day.

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I tried it once for a Brazilian, I was regularly getting waxed but found a good deal and thought I’d try it. I went to a well reviewed place, but it was such a terrible experience. So so painful. I almost didn’t want to finish. Waxing hurts but I feel like the pain goes away almost immediately, sugaring was just the worst. But I do know a few people who like it so who knows. 

missmollybee :  

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Maybe try regular waxing to compare? 

I think Brazilians just suck in general. Especially the first few times. 

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You should get it lasered off. Way less time/expense in the long run. I got Brazilians for years before getting laser done. I regret not doing it sooner.

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I do sugaring and I think it really depends on the person doing it. Now it still doesn’t feel great, but the woman I go to is fast and the pain is gone as soon as she’s done with that area. When it’s all done there is no lingering pain or discomfort. It also helps to make sure you’re skin isn’t totally dry. Like I’ll put lotion on 6-8 hours before my appointment to ensure that the sugar doesn’t stick to my skin as much. 

I had a horrible waxing experience with traditional waxing strips and I would never do that again. 

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missmollybee :  I did sugaring for the first time a couple weeks ago but I’m also pregnant so it was pretty painful. I used to do brazilian waxes quite frequently and kept it up during my first pregnancy, but definitely slacked after having our first babe. For sugaring I thought that they were supposed to pull in the direction that the hair grows though and waxing is opposite. I was also told that it’ll be much less painful next time so I’m going to keep it up and see how it goes. One thing I did notice is that I had much less for ingrown hairs with sugaring vs. wax!

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Never have done sugaring, probably won’t now, lol.

Prior to my wedding (about a year ago), I was a shave girl and switched to Brazilians for the wedding and honeymoon and it was a freaking game changer. It hurt but I told my husband it was honestly worth it for how long the hair stayed away until I was due for my next, plus the pain got easier.

Although I have had a few times where I was desperate, couldn’t get an appointment and ended up shaving and really miss my waxing. I’m in that awkward shaving phase now until I can find time to go get it done again and I hate it.

I appreciate your feedback, honestly I don’t have a place close to me (I’d prob have to drive 45 mins or more) that even does sugaring so just based on what you said it wouldn’t be worth the pain to me, lol.  

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I have been doing Brazilian waxing every 4 weekend since December and I actually just got back from an appointment a few minutes ago and honestly it was the first time I didn’t absolutely hate it hahaha. The pain has definitely gotten much better since the first time so I imagine that would be the case with sugaring, too? The first time I was telling myself the entire time how I would never do it again and then, like you, I loved the results so much I have kept it up. I do like the idea of sugaring lasting longer. I’ll have to look into that. Thanks for the info!

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