(Closed) First time homebuyers … am I being too picky?

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I think part of the issue here may be that you are looking to purchase a colonial style home, but many of the features of what mark the colonial style are items that you said you dislike (such as smaller rooms, lack of storage, etc).  I do not know the age of this home, but that is something to keep in mind, that the charming older style homes also come with a few drawbacks of not having the modern styles and features that are easy to get accustomed to.

From what you describe, I think the house sounds great!  It sounds that you are very firm in your decisions which is a good thing.  This will be your home for years and in time you can customize it and optimize your space.  Architecturally though, you may want to look into different style homes if this is an immediate drawback for you.

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Busy bee

TacoriBrideDanielle:  I know how you feel. We are househunting too, and I have to keep reminding myself. It’s so easy to watch HGTV and think that’s how it is *supposed* to be! Hah! Good luck 🙂

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Bumble bee

Honestly, unless you build a truly custom home, you will rarely, if ever, find a home that has everything you want at a palatable price.  So the suggestions of putting together a “must have” and “would like to have” list is very helpful.  I looked for over a year and finally found a new build tract house that I really like.  Is it exactly what I wanted or pictured in my head?  No.  But it had almost everything on my “must have” list and it was a home that I could afford.  I got to pick out all the options and finishes so I think that made up for some of the “would like to have” items.  Good luck!

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Sugar bee
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I agree that a dream home in your 20s is not realistic.  Speaking as someone who recently bought their first home, I think it is important to invision what you can you do with the home over the years.  Is the neighborhood desirable?  Would it be easy to resell?  Would it be possible to add an addition down the road?  Look for a house with a great location first- that is the only thing you can never change about a house.  Then good bones- cosmetic stuff is much easier and less expensive to change and then you can change to your exact taste.  

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Bumble Beekeeper

peanuthead:  I don’t think that’s really fair to say it’s *only* another $115/month and if she can’t find that money she shouldn’t be buying a house at all. Everyone has to have a price cap! And many people aren’t interested in being house poor even if they could find the money somewhere else in the budget. 

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Being realistic with how long you intend to be in this home will determine whether or not you’re being too picky. If you want to be in this house forever, then go buy the one that’s a little more expensive, but perfect to both of you. Why? If you’re both working in career you’re stable in and things such as raises are accounted for, and you can afford the house now, there isn’t much reason to not buy the house of your dreams.

If you’re looking at this as a first house and doing this more for financial gain or it’s a “smart” money move to own rather than rent, maybe you scale back the must haves because you may only want to be in this house for a few years. 

Other things to consider is area of purchase (is this a good resale value, close to necessities, things other buyers deem important), how are the school districts (it could be a perfect home with not so perfect schools), do you genuinely like the area it’s in? 

These are just things I was told to consider when buying and it was extremely helpful. Good luck!

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Sugar bee

I don’t think you’re being too picky. With any house you buy, there will always always be some sort of compromise made. Maybe you didn’t get that extra bedroom, or there was no front porch, the yard was smaller than you wanted, whatever. What I have found is super important is that you’ve got to decide what you can live with. We just moved into our new home under 2 months ago and we looked at a lot of houses. We made compromises, but they were ones I could live with, and the pros far outweighed the cons.

Coming from a much smaller place with almost zero storage, I’ve got to tell you for me this would be a huge concern. Im not sure if you have children or not, but if you’re planning to have them at some point, it may be something to take into account. I would also be concerned about the layout, because that is a very costly thing to change. Plus, kitchen renos are $$$$. So altogether, you need to figure out if these are things you can live with or not. If not, I think you should keep looking. We were very anxious to get out of our rental but I’m glad we took the time we did.

Don’t let anyone tell you you’re being too picky. It’s your $. But also ask yourself if you’re being REASONABLE, and if your expectations are in line with your budget.

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Busy bee

We’ve bought 4 homes during the course of our marriage and I think it is important for you to seriously consider the stuff you don’t like in the home. The real question is, can you live with it? Also, keep in mind that things that you think you must have in a home might end up being something you dislike, and things you thought wouldn’t matter might become something you love. For instance, I really thought I wanted an open concept living room with a kitchen, but as it turns out, I hated it. We have a kitchen in a different room, it’s even down a short set of steps with a door, and I love that I can close the door on a messy kitchen on the days I don’t feel well and walk away. In the open concept, it would make the entire room look messy. I also never thought that having a closed off entryway was a good idea, but now I love it! Sometimes the living room is a mess, and I don’t like everyone who comes to the door looking in at it.

OK, we sound like we live in a pig stye, but actually my house is very clean almost all the time. It just bothers me a lot that 5% of the time when the house happens to be messy. For some reason, that’s the day people drop by or I have to anwer the door for a package or something.

The cramped hallway would bother me, to tell the truth. However, I could also live with it if the rest of the house was perfect. But can you?

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It’s all about compromise!! Unless you have your dream home budget already (most first time buyers do not) then there will be some sacrifices.

We just bought our first house. I love the floor plan. It was in our budget but we are having to do a lot of work to it like redo the ceilings, paint everything and redo all flooring. Our other sacrifice was a smaller yard. Our yard is great though, not small at all. But we wanted over a quarter acre. We also wanted a corner lot. But didn’t get that either. Our master is a decent size but not huge. We have 2 bathrooms that are decent size as well.

So, while I wish some things were different, I know we will be happy there for a while (we could live there for 10 years if we wanted or even more). The thing that I think will lead us to another house is my fiances desire for more outside space. He has a boat, wants a camper, snowmobiles in the future so I’m sure there will be a point where will go bigger.

But for now, we are so excited! The house is perfect for us right now. 

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