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My understanding is that getting a manicure if you are a nail biter is a great decision. Reach up to bite, see that pretty nail and back off. Gel will destroy your nails in the long term if it’s not removed properly. If you let it start peeling and help it out you will lose layers of your nail, weakening it and likely start gnawing again.  I got my first and last manicure for my wedding. The gel was nice as it held together a nail I’d broken and it looked good. I hated the consequences of not maintaining it but am far too cheap to pay for that myself. It took a few months to grow solid nails again.  They only lasted about a week, but I was pretty active with my hands.

In summary: will probably temporarily stop the biting but you’ll be on the hook for manicures forever if you want to maintain, and that kinda sucks.

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regular manicures don’t last too long, a week tops.  they chip.

gel lasts a little longer.  2-3 weeks.  i find it starts peeling, from the bottom.  also as your nail grows, it leaves the gap of no color on the bottom.

there is also a powder that you dip.  i have no experience with this.

i also don’t have experience with acrylics.

i was a nail biter.  still pick occassionally, especially when stressed.  manicures always helped me for a little bit.  but as soon as a chip would occur, it went downhill from there.


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I seriously recommend pop-on nails that you glue on. They don’t damage your nails, you’ll just have to deal with glue residue when the glue weakens and you need to take them off or re-apply.

I love Static Nails. I’ve been in them for 4 months solid and still need to regularly trim my nails when I re-apply nails. They’re pretty, easy to cut and shape, and their glue lasts such a long time. Just make sure you swab your nails with polish remover/acetone first to make sure their completely clean of oils and dirt.

I was a super nail biter as a kid, I only stopped because I now bite up the insides of my cheeks and lips. I don’t know which is worse. -_- 

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You can look into jamberry wraps also (no, im not a consultant but I do have some sheets). Get the manicure with no polish and then do the wraps at home. It’s pretty quick once you get the hang of it, cheaper than gel and won’t wreck your nails. And there are tons of fun and cute designs!

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I hate fake nails, personally.  I was a chronic nail biter until I started painting my nails.  I tend to fall back into it when i’m under a lot of stress and don’t have time to do my nails.  I only get a pro manicure about twice a year (just had one to get my nails and cuticles back in order after about 6 months of not doing my nails at all).  Otherwise, I just take one evening a week and do my nails myself.  Bought a lap desk and I sit down and enjoy some tv while I do it.

Gel lasts longer (2+ weeks), but requires a UV light usually, and can be a pain to get off though they are making some commercially available gel that don’t require lights and nothing special to get it off.  I’ve been going one week strong on my current manicure that isn’t gel.

Treat yourself to some pretty polish, a nice glass file, a good base and top coat, and good polish remover (Zoya is probably the best I’ve used, especially for glitter or textured polishes) so you want to keep up your nails and not bite them.  Zoya.com is actually having a 70% off sale though midnight tonight (eastern).  You pay $10 shipping.  If you buy the gift sets it’s even cheaper (a bottle is $10, the gift sets have full size bottles and are either 4 bottles for $15 – the price of 1.5 bottles, or 3 bottles and a lipstick for $20 and then you get 70% off which makes it a little over $1/bottle with the gift sets).  Click on the sale link on their site for the code.

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I’m an obsessive nail biter and have extremely thin weak nails as well, so if I want pretty nails, I pretty much have to get acrylics.  Most of the time I just have stubby crappy nails, but if there’s a special occassion, I’ll get the acrylics/gel.  (I just got some so my hands look nice showing off my engagement ring.)

They do kinda wreck your nails, but as long as you don’t get them very often and don’t keep them on very long when you do (longest I’ve had them is under a month – initial application and one fill in), it shouldn’t be too bad.

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I can relate! I have bitten my nails for ~23 years and had the same problem. After I got engaged, I wanted to have nice nails to go with my very beautiful ring. My solution was several weeks of acrylic nails so I literally was not able to bite them. I got my original set for engagement photos and got one round of fill-ins. The set lasts 2-3 weeks if you don’t mind pushing it, so I had mine on about a month and a half. Once I could tell my natural nails were the length I liked, I got the acrylics taken off and immediately got SNS which I have on now. It’s extremely durable and hasn’t chipped once (and I’m really rough on them/type all day). It is my complete natural nail and it’s grown out a TON since having it done. I would definitely recommend over gel because it actually helps strengthen your nails after having acrylics on. I’m in desperate need of a fill-in, so I’m between doing that or taking the polish off myself and doing a DIY manicure. It definitely takes some money to keep up with, but I think it’s worth it as now I have nice, presentable nails – plus I feel more mature! It takes time as well, but if it’s something you’re committed to, a few months of not biting to break the habit is nothing if it’s gone on a few years!

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I’ve been doing gels/acrylics for 4 years now, and am patiently waiting for them to grow out. I so love the look of having pretty hands, but man, the long term damage it has done to my nails sucks. I’m hoping that by June my nails will be grown back out and look normal again – right now on the acrylics that have chipped off naturally, you can see the ridging where they were getting constantly filled, and filed down.They are so sensitive and feel so weird without their unbendable layer “protecting” them.

If I ever go back down the crazy path of getting either gels or acrylics again, I would stay away from the tips. They are incredibly painful to have put on, because they don’t naturally conform to your nailbed, your nail bed conforms to it. 

If I were you, I’d just get a mani and normal polish, as a fellow nail biter, I never did get out of the habit of picking, I guess I don’t have the willpower to do it!

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I have been doing gel polish for almost 2 years. Getting manicures is a nice thing to do if you want to stop a bad habit of biting or pulling at nails and cuticles. 

Gel polish will last for 2-3 weeks when applied properly, regular nail polish will usually chip off within a week. If you go with typical nail polish I would make sure you have a high quality remover at home to take it off once it starts chipping so the temptation to pick at it isn’t there 😀 

Every couple months I take a break from the gel polish and just leave my nails bare to prevent damage. Also important is getting the polish removed properly rather than picking it off. If you pick it off it will take off layers of your nail with it. So far I have not experienced any thinning/breaking/cracking as a result of the gel. My manicurist uses OPI Gel Polish and I have tried Shellac before that. Personally I have never tried fake nails so I am not sure about the logistics of those. 

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