First time together!! (sorry if this is tmi)

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1. Did sex make you feel closer to your partner? (Since we’ve done it, I feel like our relationship has tightened and we are closer than ever)

Yes and no. While it does make you feel more physically intimate, in that you accept to be vulnerable, I think that sex is pretty much a physical act.

2. How many times did it take before it felt really good for you?

I was 23 the first time I had sex. I was masturbating prior to that for a couple of years. The first time was pleasurable (with a FWB) but I did not orgasm. I believe I orgasmed from the second or third time. I almost always orgasm when I have sex, sometimes 2-3 times. Sometimes I don’t at all though, and that’s fine because this happens.

3. Do you have tips for us beginners? How can we get me to the big O?

Masturbate, try different positions, different angles. Try being on top, not thinking too much (no self consciousness). The guy has to do some research too obviously.

4. How often did it happen for you when you first started sleeping together (we’ve done it about 3 times a week)

Everytime, sometimes 2-3 times, sometimes none. Averaging at least one per ‘session’. I’m 25 now.

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futuremrspepper :  

1. Definitely

2. Probably 3 times, from when I lost my virginity. After that it always felt good.

3. Use lube and a clitoral vibrator while you’re doing it. Trust me

4. When we first started, probably 3-4 times a week, now down to maybe 1-2 after a year and a half. But the sex is even better now I feel.

I’m glad it was such a good experience for you 🙂

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